“90 Day Fiance” Couple Russ & Paola Mayfield Are Expecting Their First Child: Find Out How Paola’s Best Friend Juan Reacted To The News!

“We have spawned!”

There will soon be a new member of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever? cast!

Russ and Paola Mayfield, who are starring on the current season of the reality TV spin-off, announced on Wednesday that they are expecting their first child.

“This is the most amazing feeling ever! We can’t believe we are going to be parents — we are already so in love with our baby,” the couple told Us Weekly. “We are ready for this new adventure and we know it will bring us closer together. God has blessed us again, and this time, we are going as strong as our baby’s heartbeat!”

On a recent episode of ‘Happily Ever After?’ Paola revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage. Her doctor explained that the miscarriage was likely due to her having Type O-negative blood that was also Rh-negative. The rare combination can often lead to miscarriage, but Paola was told her Rh incompatibility can be treated to help prevent future losses.

The loss of the baby created some trouble in the Mayfield marriage, but the couple seems to have worked through it. (Russ even defended his marriage earlier this month in an Instagram post.)

In a photo posted to Paola’s Instagram account, Russ and Paola are shown surrounded by fruit and diapers, as Paola holds the positive pregnancy test.

In the photo posted to Russ’ Instagram account, Russ is seen reading Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy for Dummies, as Paola beams beside him.

“We are thrilled to announce that we have a little one on the way! So much to prepare for and the cravings have started for the both of us,” Russ wrote in the photo’s caption. “I cannot express the amount of joy I have in my heart for our expecting baby. I believe this new chapter will bring more hopes and dreams that we will ever imagine. So much happiness is on the way!”

Russ and Paola will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in October.  Their marriage has been full of ups and downs, with many of those “downs” being related, in part, to Paola’s “best friend” from Colombia, Juan Munoz Palacio, who has made it no secret that he opposes Paola’s marriage to Russ.

However, Juan left a sweet message to Paola and Russ in the comment section of Paola’s pregnancy announcement post. (His message has been loosely translated from Spanish by Roundup writer Holly):

“Many people have asked me if you are pregnant and I was dying to tell them. For all of those who are interested in what I think, even though they may not believe it, it is an infinite joy to  know you are going to have a baby and I am going to have a nephew or niece,” Juan wrote. “God knows how he does things and if he put this baby in your life, it is for something. Congrats Paola and Russ. I am very happy for the baby and I hope to see you soon to celebrate, ha ha, obviously in the calmest manner. I love you with all my heart.”

Paola replied to Juan’s message on Instagram, telling him (basically), “I hope that now you understand how important my husband is to me and that this time he can have peace and tranquility in our relationship. I love you so much!”

In a video made for TLC, Paola and Russ said they are so happy to be expecting their first child.

“We are so ready for this now,” Russ says. “At first we did have some reservations.”

“We were really scared in the beginning after what happened to us [with the miscarriage],” Paola added.

Russ said he’s hoping they have a boy, but Paola is hoping for a girl.

“I want a pink room!” she said. “I want a little girl!”

“I want my baby to be as kind, smart, loving and supportive as my husband is,” Paola added.

“And I want our baby to be strong, self-motivated and driven the way you are too,” Russ told his wife.

Watch Paola and Russ talk about what they hope this pregnancy will do for their relationship:

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(Photos: TLC, Instagram)

11 Responses

  1. I just watched the reunion show and at that time neither one of them seemed to be ready to be a parent, he admitted it and her behavior spoke volumes. I fear that this might just be a storyline for them to keep them relevant on the show, I hope I’m wrong. Pao doesn’t like to share the spotlight with anyone so I worry about her abilities to put someone else before her. I can see her going off and living life as usual while Russ is home taking care of the child alone. The way she speaks to Russ makes my skin crawl and the way he just sits there and takes it turns my stomach. There doesn’t seem to be any real love, respect or communication between them.

  2. I feel sorry for this baby as there is absolutely not a chance this narcissistic woman can be a good loving mother.
    Wonder if she had a little girl how she would like it if someone does to her what she did to Anfisa? And how she will feel when said child watches her on this show? Hope she gets some major counseling – she needs it.

  3. Cash grab baby, hoping for their own reality show. Blech, I’m so over these 3 (Ross, Pao, and Juan).

  4. Hoping for the best for them. They’re the only couple on this dumpster fire of a show that I root for.

    1. I actually kind of like Pao. I just wish that she would let Juan know once and for all, that she’s with Russ for good. Gender doesn’t really matter. All that matters is this child is born healthy ,and that Paula is safe health-wise.

  5. I don’t know if I’m the only one but it actually annoys me when people say they either wishing for a boy or girl. I honestly couldn’t care want the gender is once the baby is healthy. Especially for them after suffering a miscarriage their comments are ridiculous.

  6. Congratulations to Russ and Pao! Hope all goes well for them and their baby. SO GLAD Pao is back to being a brunette, and Russ has a reasonable haircut, too! (He was looking like my mother-in-law!) Even evil old Juan had nice things to say!

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