Bristol Palin Answers Questions About Her Mysterious Marital Status, Politics, Joining ‘Teen Mom OG’ & More

“You’ve got the questions, I’ve got the answers!”

Bristol Palin opened up about a variety of topics on Tuesday–answering questions about her just-announced role on Teen Mom OG and the status of her marriage to Baby Daddy No. 2, Dakota Meyer, in an impromptu Instagram Q&A session!

As The Ashley previously told you, Bristol has joined the cast of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and will be appearing on the upcoming season. She hasn’t said much about her new gig yet, but she did answer a few questions about the show on her Instagram story. She also confirmed that her marriage to Dakota (who is the father of her kids Sailor and Atlee) is officially over, ending speculation that the Palin offspring had reconnected with her estranged husband.

The Ashley has broken down a few of the topics Bristol discussed on Instagram on Tuesday:

On her marital status:

“[I’m] freshly divorced & single forever lezzbereal,” Bristol wrote. “I am not ready to date.”

When a follower asked Bristol how she deals with being divorced and responsible for paying bills, Bristol replied that she has anxiety about the whole thing.

“I think you’d have to be just sooo hooked financially not to worry,” Bristol told the follower. “It’s an intimidating thing…going to be a humbling experience.”

(Of course that rumored $250,000 Bristol is scoring for doing ‘Teen Mom’ is certainly going to help her handle the stress!)

Bristol said that she plans to remain unmarried for a long time.

“Honestly (right this second) no,” Bristol responded to a question asking if she can ever picture herself getting married again. “My focus is on God and my kids…a relationship/guy isn’t even close on my radar.”

When a fan expressed her condolences over Bristol’s divorce, Bristol told her, “Nothing to be sorry about a divorce– it’s life! God cleans our slates, forgives our sins and covers us with His grace! Life is good! My kids are happy and healthy and that’s all I can ask for!”

On joining the cast of ‘Teen Mom OG’:

“[I’m] nervous but excited!” Bristol said about joining the MTV show.

The girls of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise are known for their frequent pregnancies, but Bristol said that the show’s fans will probably not see any more kids shooting from her loins.

“I love babies, and I love kids but I think I’m done having my own,” Bristol said. “I’d adopt if I was in the right place for sure.”

On what she will name any future kids:

Should Bristol find herself knocked up again (and, let’s be fair, she will be on ‘Teen Mom’ so it could happen), she told a follower what she plans to name her future youngins.

“[My son Tripp] was almost [named] Blaise (Blaze)…still obsessed [with that name],” Bristol said. “I love [the names] Jet and Crew. For girls I love Keeley and Tatum.”

On getting into politics like her mother, Sarah Palin:

“[I wouldn’t] unless I thought I could make a difference,” Bristol said. “I don’t know enough about politics to truly get involved.”

On why she no longer lives in Alaska:

‘Teen Mom OG’ fans who were hoping to get glimpses of the Alaskan wilderness while watching Bristol’s segments will be disappointed, as Bristol revealed that she now lives in Texas.

“Dakota travels for work and Alaska was too hard to constantly commute down to the lower 48,” Bristol told someone who asked why she lives in Texas.

“I have been in Texas a little over a year. I miss home so much but I do love Texas!” Bristol wrote. “Incredible school for my son, it feels safe, so much for the kids to do.”

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(Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, Instagram)

18 Responses

  1. I’m glad she’s joining the crew,ill be watching! ? and down vote me all you you’ll be watching too! ?

  2. Who the hell posts pics of a child with balloons for his bd and the grass is a foot long? The answer Jenelle. The pool looks nasty. David looks like a psycho with that beard. How’s Jace still there? SMDH!!! How’s Kaiser still there?

    1. Haven’t watched in years (I think even before Jenelle had Kaiser roll) just keep by by checking on the Ashley. The show seemed to have run it’s course when the brought on Brianna and the Coven. But atleast B was a TM3, but not whoever the other girl is and Bristol Palin who certainly has NEVER lived the life most teen moms have. Like many have commented, the show is doing the exact opposite as it seemed to be trying to do in the beginning – promote safe/responsible sex. Now they reward instability, drama, and hired a Palin – a hypocritical spoke person for abstinence only (clearly worked for her!) education. Quit rewarding bad behavior and idiots

    1. You can relate to the daughter of a former state governor, who got knocked up twice out of wedlock while hawking Abstinence Only Sex Ed, and was divorced twice before the age of 30?

      1. I was thinking more along the lines of a a mother who is a Christian, isn’t addicted to drugs, doesn’t abuse and neglect her children, and doesn’t hop from one man to another week to week. She is miles ahead most of the teen moms. I’m going to assume that you dislike her because you’re an intolerant liberal. Am I right? Try to be a little more tolerant. It might make you feel happier

        1. If this is your idea of a Christian you need to read your Bible some more. This is a hypocrit trying to please mommy with no intention whatsoever of living a Biblical life. Grace covers us yes. But sinning (premarital sex) and not trying your best to honour the marriage covenant is not something you take lightly simply under the cover of grace.
          Grace is not an excuse to sin nonchalant.

          1. Thank you, K-S! Bristol Palin isn’t a good representation of Christians whatsoever!

        2. You think I dislike her because she’s a Christian? Because she’s sober? Because she doesn’t abuse her kids? Because she doesn’t have more than two baby daddies before age 30?

          Hey, you’re the one who apparently has to look to reality TV to see such people. To me that’s just normal. Way to set a high bar.

          1. Saying we don’t like her, because we’re liberals, would be like me saying you only like her, because her mother is a famous republican. That has nothing to do with it. She went around making enormous amounts of money preaching abstinence while continuing to have children out of wedlock. I don’t hate Bristol. I actually felt really disgusted when that kathie whatever her name is, referred to Bristol as “ugly.” It’s bullying and kathie is a liberal.

        3. You’re the only one making this about politics. Regardless of political affiliations, Bristol hawked abstinence only (and made money off it) despite have two children out of wedlock. She has said some really nasty things about people and doesn’t seem to care one bit. She’s a hypocrite.

          Chelsea’s mom seems to be a Christian and Chelsea isn’t a drug addict (neither is Kail…or Bri for that matter). Chelsea also doesn’t abuse or neglect her kids or hop from man to man. But, you relate more to Bristol? Ok…

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