Former ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Is Charging Bell County Comic Con Attendees $10 To Shake Her Hand

“Some of my amazing-ness may rub off on you if you touch me…so you need to pay for it.”

You can touch the hand of Farrah Abraham…but it’s going to cost you a 10 spot!

The former Teen Mom OG star is appearing at the Bell County Comic Con in Texas this weekend (for some reason), meeting and greeting fans at a booth where she is selling cast-off stuffed animals from her shuttered Froco yogurt shop, autographs, pictures and more. However, fans who only want to shake the hand or hug the Backdoor Teen Mom will still have to shell out some cash!

Farrah’s booth features a price list, letting her “fans” know how that they will have to pay $10 just to hug her or shake her hand. Bargain bin shoppers will be allowed to “chit chat” with Farrah…for only $5.

No, seriously…

For the big spenders, Farrah will sign her name for you…for $40. For the same price, you can purchase a non-autographed photo of the fired ‘Teen Mom’ star. If you want your Farrah photo signed, however, you’ll have to shell out $70. For $80, Farrah will star in a personal video message for you and your trainwreck-TV-loving pals.

Farrah’s actual price list at the convention…

Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, and father Michael were seen in Farrah’s booth at the convention, helping to hawk items and “experiences” with Farrah. (Sadly, Farrah’s line of plastic butt sex toys were not on sale at the convention.)

Judging from the comments left on social media by Comic Con attendees, Farrah’s price list was not going over well.

“We go to several cons a year and I have never seen anyone charge for a hug, handshake, or to freaking chit chat!,” one person wrote on Twitter. “And I’ve met people from Ron Perlman to Norman Reedus to Chazz Palminteri! Farrah Abraham is gross and desperate!”

“Selling hugs…desperate much!?” another person wrote. “Who does that?!”

Farrah somehow managed to get a place at the expo, which features celebrity guests from the comic, pop culture, sports, movies and gaming worlds. Actual celebs appearing at the event include actor Danny Trejo and former baseball star Jose Conseco. While Farrah had no problem charging people $5 to talk to her, other celebrities were mingling with fans and even giving them things…for FREE!

(Photos: Maury Phillips/Getty Images, Instagram, Twitter)

34 Responses

  1. SERIOUSLY? Maybe there is something to those rumors about her having money problems!

    Lol, Roland W with the shade….

  2. There isn’t enough hand sanitizing gel in the world for me to touch hands with that classless trash monkey.

  3. I don’t know what annoys me more, the fact that she’s charging people of that there will be people who pay it?!

  4. By the way, what is with the stick arms? If she’s that thin, she has to look ridiculous with her basketball boobs and beachball butt popping out from her stick_figure body?

  5. I actually have some insight into this. First, if you’ve published a book/been on tv/anything that can promise a ticket sale or two, you can get your name on a con, especially if you volunteer to do a few panels. Most of the people are not paid, only the really, really big people are. It looks like she’s shilling her hugs through social media. That’s a HUGE no-no. They do paid photo ops, through the con and the con gets a cut. You buy it on their website and are given a designated time to show up. I promise you she’s gotten herself blacklisted on the CC circut didn’t get their cut. She’s such a moron.

  6. I’m shocked Sophia and even Mykol didn’t have their own lists. The only reason Mykol was there was to be her roadie.

    1. Oh i assumed with the lack of friends & relevance she was paying people those prices to take her crap.

      How great would it have been if someone actually went up to her & then demanded to be paid for taking her autograph to shake their hand.

  7. Maybe Jenelle can get a gig there next year since she’s also sure she’s doing TM a favor if she sticks around instead of striking out on her own.

  8. No doubt she’s charging $10 to shake the same hand she used to flash her “fur garden” on the fashion runway in Cannes, France earlier this year.

    Sorry, Farrah.

    No stank you.


  9. But..but..she’s worth millions, she “doesn’t need the money”!

    Yeah, ok Farrah

  10. I always wanted to go to Fan Fair. I think it’s CMA music fest now. Anyway, if I had been able to go, I wouldn’t have cared to be around anyone who acted like Farrah. I think charging someone to be around you is stupid. I agree with the person who made the tetanus shot comment.

  11. What a dummy! This is how she tried to make a few fast bucks? She should have got a dunken booth ,let people throw pies in her face.. hugs , autographes,hand shakes.. those are for famous people that are admired. Farrah just doesn’t get it, she’s an infamous whore that’s not liked. As far as Michael goes.. Farrah needs one of those shirts with a pointing hand that reads “ I’m with my asshole “.

    1. And while I’m in a good mood.. you can get all the surgery you want Farrah but, your face will still look like your asshole .

    2. That’s a good point. She could possibly turn her image around if she could get a sense of humor about it. Too bad there isn’t a plastic surgery injection for one of those.

  12. I hope the people who hugged her or shook their hand received a free tetanus shot and a complimentary bottle of hand sanitizer.

  13. Need to raise funds for legal fees? Selling nasty old toys from her failed Froco shop? Sounds like she’s having a garage sale!

    1. What is even more strange is people actually bought them because they were sold out. Who is a fan of this woman? I want to meet them.

  14. *laughs maniacally* Chit chat, this bitch is 100% non-coherent! If I wanna hear ridiculous babbling, I can boot up ‘The Sims’ for free. Further, you’d have to pay me to touch that walking STD. ?

  15. I would pay her to NOT touch me or talk to me…
    Don’t think anyone paid that price actually. And btw , why was she there anyway? Froco is a yogurt store, has nothing to do with comics…?

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