Former ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Will Train For Upcoming Boxing Match in Skimpy Lingerie…And Then Auction Her Sweaty Garments Off On Adult Site

Raise your hand if your shamelessness knows no boundaries…

A boxing-themed version of the Backdoor Teen Mom is coming to an Internet p0rn site near you!

Just when we thought former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham couldn’t get any more shameless…she proved us wrong by announcing on Wednesday that she has partnered with her old p0rn-camming siteCam Soda, to broadcast her Wednesday night boxing training session. And, of course, since this is Farrah, she will be boxing in extra-skimpy workout gear, as well as a see-through “Cam Soda” bodysuit, according to TMZ.

And, again, because this is Farrah, things will get even more shameless after the boxing training session, when Farrah will reportedly auction off one of her sweat-drenched outfits to her highest “tipper.”


As The Ashley previously told you, Farrah is training to compete in a “celebrity” boxing match on November 10 in Atlantic City. She will be fighting Flavor of Love star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander.

This is not Farrah’s first time appearing on Cam Soda. Back in September 2017, she performed for the site’s viewers, getting completely naked, licking sex toys (shaped like her own private parts, as you do), and doing a lot of, um, “SheBopping” while on-camera.

However, things went sour between Farrah and the sexy-time site in October, when Farrah allegedly bailed on a planned live Halloween “backdoor” performance. That was, of course, right after MTV fired Farrah from ‘Teen Mom OG’ and, apparently, she wasn’t up for having “backdoor” fun for the Interwebs. (As you’ll remember, Farrah’s earlier Cam Soda performances were viewed by MTV as her reentry into the adult industry, and were the tipping point for her to get the boot from MTV.)

After Farrah failed to fulfill the “booty fun” she promised Cam Soda viewers, the site had to refund viewers, which started a rift between Farrah and the site. In November 2017, Radar Online reported that Farrah was planning to sue Cam Soda for the $5,000 she claimed they owed her for the “performance.” (She stated that the site withheld her compensation because she failed to wear Cam Soda apparel while on-camera.)

Cam Soda was also upset that Farrah allegedly spoke poorly about the site on her social media accounts. (Imagine that!) In a letter sent to the site, Farrah’s legal team stated that Farrah “has a right to voice her opinions” about her employer. (As we know, that has worked out swell for Farrah in the past!)

Apparently, Farrah and Cam Soda have since kissed and made up, though, because Farrah’s sexy time workout sesh will be held tonight live on the site.

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(Photos: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images; Instagram)


  1. Seriously, not even trying to be funny… it won’t shock me in the least to see her father start the bidding.Also,won’t surprise me to see Sophia there.
    I see so much on her about cps and Jenelle, I get the concern and what people see from the outside looking in, but what about Farrah? This Woman is over the edge or self destruction and her little girl is the number one victim in all of it! Farrah is so mentally abusive and neglectful as mother. Her Selfishness is so harmful to her daughter sadly, these are repercussions that will follow Sophia for a life time.
    If what we watched was true, Farrah had a choice to stay on teen mom, she chose to go the nasty route. I’m not certain but would say in that contract is a college trust fund for the children , apparently Farrah didn’t care. Sophia is only 8. Of course ( as far as tight now) you need a high school degree to attended college .. this girl is auctioning off dirty clothes and selling hand shakes! My so. Is in his second year , with no exaggeration it’s 60k a year!
    Sophia is really got to be a menace to society as things look now, so sad .

    1. I haven’t seen “triflin” used to describe someone in a few years. And I’ve never seen it used more perfectly! That’s exactly what Farrah is!

  2. To me this isn’t that big of a deal, it’s gross, but not a big deal, what gets me is the way she’s so self-righteous about it and tries to act like she’s so above it all you’re a pornographer girl, deal with it. She’s a complete garbage bag, but talks about how she’s always being bullied, what a great mom she is (her poor daughter is a nightmare now and a major train wreck waiting to happen) and how all the other teen moms are jealous of her, this chick is an absolute joke, with what I suspect might be a personality/mental disorder on top of it. Her life is a farce, but Jenelle-level tragic it is not.

  3. Even in the cheesiest and most desperate showcases, it always has to be about Farrah and her yeasty-ness.

    I hope her opponent knocks her out cold BEFORE she can even break a sweat.

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