EXCLUSIVE! All the Details of ‘The Challenge’ Star CT Tamburello’s Upcoming Wedding: When It Is, Who’s Coming & Why There’s Drama

“Come to my wedding…except you, Bananas!”

Back in July, The Ashley revealed that The Challenge vet CT Tamburello is getting married and that his upcoming wedding would be the subject of an MTV special. Now, The Ashley can exclusively reveal all the behind-the-scenes details of CT’s big day, as well as the drama that the special is causing among his ‘The Challenge’ cast mates!

The Ashley can reveal that CT will marry his baby mama, Lilianet Solares, this Saturday, September 8, in South Florida. (Lilianet is the mother of CT’s two-year-old son Chris Jr.) 

The Ashley has also learned some details of CT’s MTV wedding special, which, according to The Ashley’s sources, will not include as many familiar faces from ‘The Challenge’ as MTV originally hoped.

“[MTV] interviewed and sent emails to the cast members that they wanted to attend the wedding and appear on the special,” one source tells The Ashley. “But later, [the network reps] came back and told the cast members that they would not be paid to appear on the special, and that MTV wouldn’t be covering the cost of [the attendees’] travel and accommodations in Miami, so a bunch of people bailed.

“People were not down with filming without pay, which is understandable,” the source added. “Only a select few cast members are getting paid to appear, and that pissed a lot of people off that only certain people were offered money.”

According to a second source, MTV was pushing for CT’s current partner on ‘The Challenge,’ Veronica Portillo, to go to the wedding (despite the tension between them).

POOR MEEEEEEE!!!! (not poor ct) #TheChallenge32 #MTV

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“Veronica told them no way, especially because they weren’t going to cover her expenses to fly in and attend the wedding,” the second source said. “She has a real-life friend’s wedding this weekend, so she is going to that event instead.”

There’s another ‘Challenge’ vet who will not be there to see CT and Lilianet say “I do” this weekend.

Johnny Bananas is not going because he was not invited,” the first source tells The Ashley. “CT was upset about some of the things Bananas said about Lilianet publicly. That’s one of the reasons he wasn’t invited. That’s not the only reason, though.”

(The Ashley believes her source is talking about a recent interview that former ‘Challenge’ star Kenny Santucci did on Derick Kosinski‘s Challenge Mania podcast in which Kenny claimed that that Johnny told him that CT had “knocked up a stripper” and that he was fat.)

One person who is likely attending the wedding is Camilia Nakagawa. As The Ashley previously told you, Camilia will no longer appear on ‘The Challenge’ due to this little incident. However, she is expected to attend CT’s wedding and be shown on the special.

“Derick and Cara Maria [Sorbello] are also attending,” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her.

CT has yet to mention the special. However, in a July interview with Rolling Stone, CT alluded to the fact that his fans may be getting a look at his closely guarded personal life.

The Cabernet Couple and The Denim Duo spotted at Tao last night! #twinsies #vegas ???

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“My private life? Stay tuned,” CT told Rolling Stone. “I’m sure you guys are going to get an in-depth look at what my life is like outside the show. You’ll see…stay tuned.”

MTV has yet to confirm the special, or announce when it will air.

UPDATE! MTV has confirmed that CT and Lilianet did get married yesterday. However, the network has yet to confirm CT’s wedding special.

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  1. Ok, if you’re not friends with him, I get why some are pissed they aren’t getting paid but those who are………WTF, at least CT knows who his real friends are now!

    Johnny was always bad mouthing other cast mates (not to mention screwed Sarah over on the show) so I’m not surprised CT is pissed.

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