‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You’ve Missed So Far This Week

“Dude! Why won’t everyone leave me alooooone! I’m trying to catch up on my ‘Teen Mom’ news!”

From dodging national disasters to dodging lawyers’ bills, the stars (and future stars) of the Teen Mom franchise have been busy this week! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all of the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened so far this week…

Jenelle Evans Defends Herself After Getting Skewered For Posting An “Insensitive” Hurricane Pic

Former “atheist” Jenelle took to social media earlier this week to ask her fans for prayers for those in the Carolinas preparing for Hurricane Florence. While the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star, who lives in North Carolina, had the right sentiment, she still got ripped apart by her followers for the post…due to the fact that Jenelle posted the message with a photo of herself…in a bikini…

“Pray for the Carolinas…Our Linemen…First Responders,” Jenelle wrote underneath a pic of herself (naturally) standing in a bikini in the rain.

“Pray for The Land!”

One day before, she specifically asked people to pray that her house on The Land would make it through the hurricane. (She has stated that she, David and their assortment of children are not evacuating, and that she has nothing to worry about, given where The Land is located.)

Naturally, fans had a lot to say about Jenelle’s swimsuit pic.

“If by worrying you mean getting in a bikini to pray for first responders instead of evacuating you’re killin it!!!” one person wrote.

“Really, Jenelle? How do you manage to make a HURRICANE all about you?” another person commented. “It’s so insensitive.”

“You made the post about you. Not the individuals sacrificing their lives,” someone else wrote on Twitter.

Jenelle attempted to defend her post (which has since been deleted), by taking to Twitter on Thursday.

“Don’t get why everyone’s offended by my profile pic I posted yesterday… I’m in the path of the hurricane, that picture is from months ago while fishing, asking for prayers…. what SO bad or disrespectful about that?” she wrote. “FYI that profile pic I posted… that’s a special frame someone else made on the Facebook app. I didn’t make it. Didn’t know that would offend anyone. But it’s funny cuz everyone bitchin aren’t even from NC or SC.”

Jenelle’s nemesis, Kail Lowry, reposted Jenelle’s post to her own Instagram, along with the caption, “[Pray] for Jenelle. I think she’s crazy…”

Kail has since deleted the post from her Instagram.

The OG’s Met the New ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars For The First Time

The original ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars— Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell— finally met up with their new co-stars Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd earlier this week in New York City. The girls, who all posed for Instagram photos together before going for drinks to celebrate Bristol and Cheyenne’s new gig, appeared to be getting along, despite the fact that the original OG’ers have been very outspoken about not wanting Bristol and Cheyenne on their show.

“Awesome day working with these beauties,” Maci captioned a photo of the five girls.

“Had a great night with these beautiful girls! Welcome New G’s to the the OG sending all my love,” Amber captioned another photo of the group.

“Nice meeting you ladies,” Catelynn wrote in the caption of the same group shot. “Welcome to the #TeenMomOG side.”

Just a few weeks ago, Tyler Baltierra, as well as Maci and Catelynn, expressed that they were unhappy that MTV had chosen to add girls to the show’s cast without even telling them first. In fact, Catelynn and Tyler called it downright “disrespectful” during an interview on Kail Lowry’s Coffee Convos podcast.

The first season featuring all five girls premieres October 1 on MTV.

Bristol Palin’s (First) Baby Daddy Levi Johnston Got Sued

The man that made Bristol a teen mom– Levi Johnston– is reportedly on the hook for nearly $13,000 in alleged unpaid legal fees to the lawyer that represented him in his bitter custody battle with Bristol over their son Tripp.

The Blast broke the news that Levi (who was once engaged to but never married Bristol) was hit with a lawsuit by Alaskan lawyer Darryl Thompson.

“In total, Thompson claims the former Palin fiancé owes $12,892.50 for all his services, and the attorney claims Johnston continues to ‘refuse to pay,'” the site reports.

Levi’s custody battle with Bristol was not only bitter, but expensive. Back in 2016, Levi stated that he had spent approximately $100,000 in lawyer fees for the case.

Bristol and Levi have since repaired their co-parenting relationship. In fact, last month, Bristol posted a photo to Instagram showing Levi and Tripp hunting together, along with a nice message to her ex.

“So proud of my son, and super thankful for his dad and step mom for providing him with such incredible life learning experiences at such a young age!” Bristol captioned the photo.

The site also reports that Levi, along with his wife Sunny, are both set to appear on ‘Teen Mom OG’ alongside Bristol. Obviously they will both be paid for appearing, so the lawyer is hoping that Levi will use some of his new MTV money to pay his outstanding bill.

To catch up on the other ‘Teen Mom’ news from this week, click here!

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

20 Responses

  1. Hypocrites. “Welcome ladies even though we were pissed you were chosen!” Again, money doesn’t stink I see.

    Jenelle……I mean, did ANYONE expect her not to do this about herself? I mean even if her kids (hopefully not) end up in a hospital one day, she will still be “Pray for ME because my baby is in a hospital!” Yes, even Jace who she doesn’t even see so much anymore. These kids will need therapy from early age just like Jace does already.

    Bristol sure got a winner there, lol, I’m also positive this will be a theme on the show (and her divorce with her second man, she really is a trainwreck)

  2. Jenelle chose to post that pic as a response to all the people who called her fat in her “KEKE challenge” dance video. Jenelles easier to understand of your a completely vain and shallow person which I must be.

  3. Jenelle’s underboob looks… odd. Why choose that picture to post? That is odd she used to claim to be an atheist and is now asking for prayers…

    1. Well, her current soulmate claims to be a Christian, so……… Either way, there is nothing wholesome or spiritual about this chick at all, it’s just not in her.

    1. She’s in the voluntary area not the mandatory evacuation area so I kinda understand why she stayed. I know people there is hat stayed because it was voluntary for them.

  4. As for Jenelle….LMAO. That’s really all I can muster, she’s just a narcissistic shit show, everything she does and says, just makes her more of one.

    The rest..
    Do people expect the OG girls to just throw shade all the time, or accept the new girls? Of course none of them were happy about it, adding new girls changes the entire dynamic, purpose of the show, and, most importantly, the NAME of the damn show, lol. Most of the viewers think it’s stupid as hell too. But what’s done is done, so now they’re doing what they’re supposed to, accepting them, spending time with them, etc., as MTV has directed them to. It’s neither surprising, nor interesting.

    1. There is no dynamic between these airheads unless you mean the reunion show. Maybe the dynamic will improve and these idiots will be more civilized. And who the hell cares about the show name, OG, please, you are making it sound like it is some social institution. The name should be changed to “What not to in HS so your life doesn’t end as a sideshow on cable TV”

      1. I didn’t mean the dynamic between individual girls, but rather the entire show itself. It changed when it became OG, too, it’s nothing new to the franchise. Any major changes would change that dynamic, it wouldn’t really matter which element changed.

        I’m not making it sound like anything, lmao. I think you’re mistaking me for someone that thinks the show should continue, or should be considered anything other than pure entertainment. 😉
        It’s long past it’s best by date, and the name should’ve changed ages ago anyway, lol.

  5. “[Pray] for Jenelle. I think she’s crazy…”

    i think she is just stupid, not long time ago, after Florida shooting, was the same story

  6. Kail’s tweet was unnecessary – it just stirs the drama pot.

    Also, not sure that going for drinks was the best move when there are girls in the group who struggle with substance addiction….

    1. True, but where it doesn’t necessarily mean that alcohol was involved. There are tons of drinks to chose from. Also seeing as Cait is pregnant I’m sure she made a better choice.

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