Mackenzie McKee Says She Once “Wished Bad Things Would Happen” to Her Mom Angie Douthit: Watch a Sneak Peek of Mackenzie’s ‘Teen Mom’ Special

Get your Kleenex ready for this special…

During her Teen Mom special, which airs tonight, Mackenzie McKee will open up about a painful period in her life where she was battling postpartum depression– and her mother, Angie Douthit.

“I just started sending her horrible messages telling her I can’t stand her, and I hate her and I wished bad things would happen to her,” Mackenzie says of her mom in a sneak peek of the special.

Mackenzie says that her postpartum depression followed the birth of her third child, Broncs, in August 2016. Mackenzie was angry because Angie had threatened to remove Broncs (as well as Mackenzie’s older son Gannon and daughter Jaxie) from Mackenzie’s care if her mental state didn’t improve.

“I had horrible postpartum, worse than I even knew existed,” Mackenzie says. “When I was depressed with Broncs, my mom was [like], ‘You’re a mom, you need to get over it for these kids. And if you’re not gonna get over it, I’m gonna take the kids.’

“I wanted her to feel the pain I was feeling,” Mackenzie says, explaining why she sent Angie the horrible text messages. “It was like she didn’t care!”

Mackenzie said that therapy helped her pull through her postpartum depression.

“But I never got the courage to address the horrible things I said [to my mom],” she said.

Unfortunately, Mackenzie’s “wish” for horrible things to happen to her mother came true. In January, Angie was diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 cancer.

“The cancer started in her lungs and spread to her brain and now it’s terminal,” Mackenzie said. (The cancer has since spread to Angie’s bones as well.)

“Our time together is precious,” Mackenzie said. “I just hope we can make things right between us.”

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I pretty much hopped on a plane with my parents this weekend over to Colorado Springs ?. Sorry mom and dad. (They are my two favorite people) my husband was a rockstar and told me he would take care of the 3 kids and I could go. It was such an amazing weekend. It wasn’t the first time I watched my Dad cry listening to his wife speak, and it also wasn’t the first time I watched my mom make an entire church cry. 2018 has thrown us some major curve balls. It started out perfect and then hit us like a brick wall when finding out the healthiest person I know has stage 4 cancer and over 100 tumors in her body. And through all the chemo and radiation she decided to live like never before and become a motivational speaker. My mind is blown ?. @angiedouthit

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Over this year, Mackenzie and Angie have obviously repaired their relationship. However, Mackenzie has faced her share of heartbreak. In addition to dealing with her mom’s cancer diagnosis and battle, she was also passed up for a spot on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 this year. MTV had been considering Mackenzie to take Jenelle Evans‘ spot on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ but Jenelle eventually signed on to appear on the show’s next season.

Mackenzie was also being considered for Farrah Abraham‘s open spot on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ However, MTV chose Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd to fill that spot, leaving Mackenzie, once again, screwed out of a spot on a ‘Teen Mom’ show.

“This year has been a bad year,” Mackenzie said in an Instagram Live video posted after MTV announced Cheyenne as a cast member. “I have been screwed over in every way possible. I have let people walk all over me. I’ve been promised stuff and people didn’t keep [those promises]. It’s just been a bad year, and I’m not just talking about one specific thing…”

Mackenzie’s “Teen Mom: Where Are They Now?” special airs tonight on MTV.

Watch the sneak peek clip below!

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19 Responses

  1. The sad thing about this was during this time her husband told her he was done with her but if she planned to kill her self not to do it in front of him or the kids. Her mother basically said if you can’t get this together she was taking the kids. Are you telling me she said awful crap to her mom but still was begging for Josh to be with her as he’s encouraging her suicide? Her mom was being worse than her husband? I feel bad for her mom completely not only had she had years watching her daughter continuously get pregnant by a guy who didn’t show her daughter care but then to get such terminal cancer. I do have prayers for her.

    1. Here’s the thing though… I remember the first episodes when Angie was/is super Christian, upset with her daughter she got pregnant early and her diabetes. I think Mack felt/believed even if she effed up and had a baby with Josh that reneged her giving her viginity/having a kid if in fact Josh married her – so Mack and Angie kept stalking and harrassing Josh (freaking bump on a log personality) to “do right by Mack”… hence 3 kids/marriage and tons of drama later. Then when Angie wrote this bizarre/I’d say even ugly/mean post to Mack on her bday.. I think MTV was already baiting Mack & Co for TM2 and maybe a special since her mother was dying and found Angie to be an unsympathetic character.
      I’m sorry Mack had PPD, I did too, and if you don’t have a good support system at home (ie, husband who didn’t even want you, muchless more kids, and a mom who blames YOU for getting knocked up) it’s gonna get ugly.

  2. I feel genuinely bad for her, but the false medical information she spreads is enough for me to want her to go away. She said don’t get your tubes tied it messes with your hormones. False. Being postpartum messes with your hormones the tubal litigation has nothing to do with it! And don’t get me started on her diabetes, her youngest was in the hospital for a month because of it

  3. She was always fighting with her mom. She never listened to her advice about Josh, not having sex after her pregnancy, about her lifestyle while having diabetes..

  4. Is she really putting her mom dying of cancer and not being on teen frickin mom in the same category! Jesus, when is this girl gonna go away!

  5. Can we stop saying people have “postpartum?” That’s like saying you have “pregnancy”. Postpartum is simply the time period following a birth. Postpartum depression is depression during the postpartum period. Everyone that has a baby has “postpartum” just like the have “pregnancy.” Occasionally, some of these women will also have “postpartum depression.” Drives me bonkers.

      1. I didn’t say only pregnant people can get postpartum DEPRESSION…. I said anyone who’s been pregnant can get postpartum DEPRESSION and EVERYONE who has been pregnant will get “postpartum.” 100 % of pregnant people will also be postpartum people. Science.
        Also- I’m a childbirth educator, breastfeeding educator and a POSTPARTUM doula. So I’ve done the reading. It’s literally my job.

  6. Nope, won’t be watching. I feel just awful for anyone that has to watch their loved one whither away (I’ve done it), but the entitlement in this chick if off the rails. I remember her original 16&P episode, where it could not be more obvious the baby-daddy had absolutely no interest in being with her at all, yet she ended up having two more kids with him. Then there was the whole begging for money for implants debacle. Mtv creates these monsters, but if they don’t have enough sense to mitigate the hardships the are and will face in their lives by getting an education, learning a trade and getting of the damn social media pages, rather than having child on top of child, I have a hard time feeling sorry for you.

    1. Not that I’m a huge Mackenzie fan, but let’s be real. If her husband doesn’t want to be with her, then he would man up and leave her. She’s not holding a gun to his head, so he obviously likes something about her. Mtv did do her dirty and strung her along, but it’s probably for the best. I don’t think her mental health could fend of the teen Mom fandom haha

      1. She basically pushed him into a corner from day one. She is a selfish bratt that even risked her life to get pregnant again so little loser Josh is stuck for life.

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