Duggar Family Bingo: Play Along While Watching ‘Counting On!’

“Yeah, like I really have time to play games! I’ve got kids to raise, bathrooms to clean and kitchens to re-tile!”

It’s time for some good-time Fundie Fun!

In an effort to make watching the Duggar Family’s reality TV show, Counting On, a bit more exciting, The Ashley has concocted this special Bingo card for viewers to play along while watching those wacky Duggars!

Since it’s more fun to watch paint (that Jana probably applied) dry than to watch ‘Counting On,’ having a Bingo card will help you stay focused on the show, whether you’re watching solo or with your pals! (Are Duggar viewing parties a thing? Yikes…) A rousing game of Duggar Bingo may be just the thing you need to get your Monday night swingin’ (in the most modest, Godly way possible, of course!) 

Print out these cards and cover the squares as one of the Dugs (or Dugs-in-law) do the things on the card! And, of course, don’t forget to catch up on the latest Duggar happenings by reading The Ashley’s ‘Counting On’ episode recaps!

Let’s play Bingo!

(Photo: TLC)



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  1. Absolutely love this! If you make a second addition, here are my top picks:

    – Anytime someone says ‘Season of Life’ (someone says this literally every episode)
    – A disgusting looking food dish is made.
    – One of the ‘gals stares into her husband’s soul while he is talking.
    – A sentence similar to “A Duggar Family Favorite” is used (ie: talking about pickles, tatertot casserole, etc)
    – Ben’s eyes are glazed over.
    – Some type of home renovation is being done / someone subtly complains about the size of their home
    – Someone says “Blessing”
    – Someone has “a surprise to share” which requires Jim Bob to yell “Hey Guys” & gather the family together in the living room.
    – Improper supervision results in one of the younger kids doing something dangerous (ex; Josie climbing barefoot on countertops to grab heavy bowl from a cabinet)
    – Mention of how big Duggar heads are / size of Duggar babies.

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