‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Dakota Meyer Says Ex Bristol Palin Lied in Recount of Daughter’s Birth: “Bristol Kept Our Daughter From Having a Father Present”

“Let’s get a few things straight here… “

Dakota Meyer may be one of the newest dads on the Teen Mom OG block, but he sure knows how to spill the tea on social media like a pro.

The father of two took to Instagram this week to slam comments made in a social media video by his ex-wife, Bristol Palin, in which Bristol recounted events including the birth of the couple’s oldest daughter, Sailor, whom Bristol said was without a dad after her 2015 birth.

“Yes, we got pregnant right after our engagement. We planned a wedding with out families and friends and Bristol decided to leave me a week prior,” Dakota wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

Despite the unexpected split, Dakota said he spoke with the Palin family every month and made it clear that he planned to be a father to his then-unborn daughter. Dakota said he also reached out to Bristol before the baby’s birth in order to establish a co-parenting plan, to no avail.

“She told me to go through the courts to establish paternity,” he continued. “I wasn’t invited to the birth and found out my child was being born on Twitter—can you imagine being a dad and not being allowed to be at your child’s birth?”

Dakota said his absence from his daughter’s birth was the result of Bristol denying his paternity until it could be proven, “at which point Sailor was born.”

“For Bristol to state that Sailor didn’t have a dad is laughable—what really happened is Bristol kept our daughter from having a father present at birth and until the courts ruled that I was her father,” he explained. “I can promise you this, Sailor and Atlee always had a dad, and always will have a dad.”

“You didn’t even bother tagging me in the Twitter announcement!”

Though Dakota and Bristol ultimately ended up tying the knot in June 2016 (and welcoming their second daughter, Atlee a year later), their reconciliation was short-lived. The couple announced their separation in February of this year and their divorce was finalized in August.

The pair’s deteriorating marriage has been a main storyline in the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ with fans getting a seemingly intrusive look into the couple’s relationship issues as well as Dakota’s struggles with PTSD—something Dakota doesn’t enjoy having to watch play-out on screen. In response to a follower asking how it feels to see himself on TV, Dakota kept the honesty rolling.

“I hate it but I had to in order to get my kids,” he said.

After another person shamed him for putting his baby mama drama on social media, Dakota explained that he’s just playing fair.

“If she’s gonna say s**t my kids will read later on, they’re gonna read the truth.”

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25 Responses

  1. They both were playing dirty . He said not to contact him then served her with papers . She admitted he had contact with her dad. When she got served she did what would then take time to prove which was paternity . She admitted it was wrong and petty . Sounds like they both have a lot to learn

  2. Wait-if she asked for a paternity test that means she was sleeping with multiple men at the same time and didn’t know who the father was. So glad we Mtv put more trash on the show. Just what we needed. Not!

    1. She didn’t ask for a paternity test. He’s basically saying that she refused to acknowledge that he was the dad/had rights and forced him to go to court. They weren’t married so he wasn’t the presumed father and had no rights. To get rights, he would have to establish paternity legally.

  3. Anyway The Ashley can confirm if it’s true that Bristol is supposedly already trying to get her own show?

    1. Oh yeah, for surrrrre. She’s already had her own show. I’m 1000000% sure this whole thing happened because she was pitching Viacom and they were like “We’re already casting replacements for Teen Mom. Let’s put her on that and see how it goes.”

  4. It’s a case now of he said/she said. Who’s to say Dakota isn’t the one lying? He says he wants the girls to see his version online but it’s not the girls he wants to convince but the viewers. Otherwise he could have just spoken to the girls. It worked! Ppl have added this to their reasons to dislike Bristol and view Dakota as the wronged, innocent victim of Bristol/the Palin clan.

  5. They both seem horribly unprepared for adulthood, let alone marriage. If this is true, Bristol is incredibly vindictive and immature while he apparently has no self-respect. Who marries someone after this?

    On the show, it’s clear that he struggles quite a bit and he acknowledged being mean to Bristol on several occasions (but it’s ok because he always apologizes ?). He also tried to make it seem like Bristol wanted him to kill himself when it was pretty obvious that she told their therapist that she was worried that he would kill himself. So, he may not be the most reliable narrator here. He all but said “I use Bristol as an emotional punching bag.” His behavior throw up several red flags. Needless to say, it’s a good thing they got divorced. They jumped right in without giving it much thought. I just feel bad for those kids. Poor Tripp is old enough to know what’s going on and I’m sure that’s taken a toll.

    1. You were typing what I was thinking though I didn’t see yours before submitting mine. I too question whether the Dakota narrative is the true one.

  6. Omg, I didn’t know that! Who does that to an ex even if they are broken up (or on a break or whatever) and yet he still married her?! Dude, have some self respect and find a woman who will WANT you to be present at the birth of your child! (regardless of your relationship with her) (If you ever want more with someone else, your call)

    Although I do know a lot of stories when women do this out of revenge for being broken up……still f*cked up if you ask me……..(btw, I am leaving abused wives/girlfriends out of this, they have all the right in the world to not let him be there)

    1. AND IT WAS HIS FIRST CHILD. But why did he marry her after that and then go on to have another child with her…I feel like there is more to this story.

  7. Ohhhhh boy. This is gonna get really really ugly, and I don’t think it’s going to be the entertaining type of ugly. I really don’t think that he should be on Teen Mom OG right now. He’s one of the most fragile people I think I’ve seen on TV, and reliving all of this and putting all of that out there CANNOT be good for his anxiety and PTSD.

  8. From my vague knowledge of Bristol she sounds like a good ole fashioned liar. “I’m a virgin! Oops! Pregnant. I am a reborn virgin! Oops! I did it again.” One lie after the next doesn’t make you a good mom or human. I’m inclined to believe him.

  9. You Need to leave Bristol Paiiln Alone, She has did nothing wrong. She is a good mom and a wonderful person and l am very proud of her. I am a huge fan of Bristol Paiiln. God bless you Bristol

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