Jenelle Evans Rants That Upcoming Season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Will Be “Boring”: Here’s Why She’s Upset About Filming Season 9 (EXCLUSIVE!)

“It’s NO fair!”

Earlier this week Jenelle Evans told her Instagram followers that her scenes during the next season of Teen Mom 2 will be “boring,” ranting that she is now just a “prop in the background” during filming. The Ashley‘s behind-the-scenes sources tell her there’s a reason Jenelle is so upset.

“Simply put, MTV is taking no crap from Jenelle this season,” The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes source says. “They have finally laid down the law and are enforcing all of the terms of Jenelle’s contract. They basically told her they don’t care what she’s filming, but she needs to film. This has never happened before. They’ve always worked around her tantrums, but not anymore.” 

“Let’s continue boring ass lunches and hardly speaking on camera!” Jenelle wrote on Instagram stories this week. “I love it. Bet everyone else will love this season too. #BORING #TeenMom2 #Distant #NotMe

“I’m just a prop in the background #TeenMom2,” Jenelle added.

The Ashley’s sources discussed how the filming of Season 9 has been very different for Jenelle than the filming of the previous eight seasons were.

“For years, Jenelle wasted everyone’s time, throwing tantrums, refusing to film during scheduled film dates, and going over her filming day budget every season,” another source told The Ashley. “This season, MTV is not accepting any excuses from Jenelle and making her film [on scheduled film dates], no matter what. And Jenelle’s pissed.

“It got so bad,” the source added, remembering a previous incident. “Once, Jenelle got angry, refused to film and threw and broke her phone. She wouldn’t film until [MTV] went out and bought her a new phone. They did buy her the phone, too, anything to get her to film. So this is the sort of treatment she’s used to… up until this point at least.”

Plus, the sources say, Jenelle is unhappy about who she has to film with for Season 9.

“Jenelle is still mad that [her husband] David [Eason] isn’t allowed to film or be around while Jenelle is filming,” another source tells The Ashley. “She is actually shocked that, for once, she did not get her way.”

“Juh-nelle’s mad that she didn’t get her way? That’s a shocka!”

“She’s also mad that she only has a few people she can film with now, since David is no longer allowed on set. She has little to no parts of her life that David isn’t involved in so it’s very hard for everyone to figure out what to film,” the source added. “She basically has one or two random ‘friends’ and [her mother] Barbara to film scenes with now.”

(The Ashley hears that Jenelle and Barbara are getting along splendidly these days, by the way.)

The first source tells The Ashley that, over the past few weeks, Jenelle has “been on her best behavior,” showing up to film, leaving David at home and being relatively quiet (at least compared to previous seasons).

This is likely because, last month, when she tried to get out of filming, the producers immediately put a stop to it.

“She tried to get out of filming by texting the crew at the last minute, saying she wasn’t going to film that day, just like she used to,” the source said. “The producers have all been told to tell Jenelle that if she doesn’t want to film on a scheduled day they have to get the lawyers involved.”

(By the way, “the lawyers” refers to MTV legal, as well as Jenelle’s lawyer who helped her negotiate her Season 9 contract.)

Um…actually…you are….

“Her crew told her that they would have to get legal involved and Jenelle showed up 10 minutes later to film,” the source said. “She’s not happy about it, so ranting about how ‘boring’ the season will be is kind of her way of rebelling. Because she can’t rebel like she used to because she knows MTV is not playing anymore.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle caused a huge headache for MTV legal and the show’s producers by refusing to sign on for Season 9, hoping that MTV would agree to a list of her demands. (Many of these demands involved David and/or having weapons while filming, naturally…)

“Since then, MTV has been enforcing the rules,” one of the sources tells The Ashley. “She kind of did it to herself by trying to play hardball and always getting her lawyer involved.”

The Ashley hears that MTV is also cracking down on Jenelle in order to keep the filming schedule on-track and the expenses down.

“[In past seasons], Jenelle always went over filming budget,” the behind-the-scenes source says. “Each girl is allotted a certain number of days to film for each season. Once you hit that number of shoot days for a girl, it causes problems for the producers and network.

When you realize your boss isn’t putting up with your old hijinks anymore…

“There were times in past seasons that a crew would be flown to North Carolina to film with Jenelle and she would refuse to film, or make them wait hours before filming,” the source said. “MTV still has to pay the crew, pay for their travel, etc, even if the girl doesn’t film. MTV is done with that.”

Both sources tell The Ashley that MTV is not just cracking down when it comes to Jenelle.

“Everyone is done taking crap from the girls. It’s gone on too long and gotten way out of control,” one source said. “The producers have made it clear to everyone that if you step out of line too often, you’re done. It has been such a relief to the crew.”

The Ashley will update this story when she has more info…

(Photos: MTV)

41 Responses

  1. They should have had a penalty in their contracts

    You want to cancel fine you wont be in that episode (which means no payment for that episode) then deduct Any financial losses from their check

  2. These girls make around $500,000.00 per season. Jenelle Evans – Eason knew she wasn’t going to walk away from that (at least her dead beat husband wasn’t going to let her) About time they stood up to the entitlement some of these girls bring!!! NO JOB WOULD ALLOW THE CRAP they’ve pulled!!! Fire her!!

    1. I’ve heard they make that too. They are going to be in for a rude awakening when real life salary kicks VS. their $500,000– thousand reality salary!! Just think, Jenelle has nothing to really show for it but flipping the bill for her new husbands toys & mind altering substances.

  3. I wish they would do a new series of 16 And Pregnant, start again with new girls, 16 and Pregnant was much more interesting than TM2 and TMOG are now. And it would be cheaper for MTV!

  4. How about we just cut the gravy train off for ALL of them? It’s ALL the same, rehashed, reheated, leftovers with ALL the girls. ???

  5. Still not impressed! Fire her ass. That’ll be “putting their foot down.” Keeping her on proves nothing. They were idiots for buying her a new phone that she broke. Smh….. pushovers

  6. Shut the hell up, Janelle! If it’s that damn boring without him around, then why sign up for another season?? Oh… that’s right. You need the money. Just fulfill the contract you DIDN’T have to sign and shut your stupid ass up.

  7. Good morning everyone.

    After the gun episode I’m still so confused why MTV even has Janelle on it. And I do believe the season is going to be extremely boring look who we have Bristol Palin and Cheyenne really? I’m so over this show. It’s boring it’s ridiculous and believe it or not I kind of miss Farrah Abraham and I thought I would never say that. LOL at least she would bring it to the table. I’m over it MTV…. bye-bye bye.

    And I’m not sure why they had taken MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas off the air. That reality show really did get me hooked. At least the girls on that show had a lot more class than Teen Mom OG. What happened to MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas? I follow the girls on Twitter and MTV is keeping it hush-hush why they pulled it off the AIR. So I wonder what’s up with that? You had a hit show on your hands and you let it slip right through your fingers.

    This is just my opinion of course. But MTV you might want to think about bringing Farrah Abraham back getting rid of Jenelle and bring back MTV’s Pretty Little Mama’s. Just a viewer’s opinion. Well X viewer. I guarantee you with who you have on this season the show is going to go down real fast. Good luck with that MTV. I’m out.

  8. Nobody twist her arm to be on the show. Let her go try to get a real job. The way she has acted nobody is going to give her a job. MTV should have taken a stance years ago.

    1. but, but, but … she’s got a “medical school degree” she don’t need no stinking teen mom job/income!

      ok, yeah I couldn’t even type that without laughing hysterically!

  9. Does anybody actually give a sh*t about these girls anymore? Bring on a new batch of bad decisions- this is so ?.

  10. It’s about time! Teen mom started out as as great idea, too bad it’s become ridiculous. These women are not teens. When you are making 150,000 a year you’re not struggling. Have babie from different men is not a good role model. Driving RangeRovers is not a teen mom struggle. Start over with real teen moms.

  11. I’m glad they don’t come running to her every demand! She became such an entitled b*tch, it’s not even funny anymore! One day they will have enough and fire her and hopefully that comes soon!

  12. Jenelle only has a few people she can film with…meaning Jenelle has no friends LOL. Funny the tables have turned and now Barb and the kids, the ones Jenelle treats like total shit, are the ones shes forced to rely on.

  13. The show needs to go off the air. These girls are no longer young and need to go on with their lives in a normal fashion not because they had a child out of wedlock. I no longer watch. I feel it is bad to continue their lives on tv.

  14. I just hope someone is around to film the s**t-storm on The Land when cold, hard reality hits this dope in the face in the form of the cancellation of the franchise. Mtv has coddled her (and all the other “talent” for that matter) into truly thinking she is a star so much so that her view of reality is completely distorted and her hubris is off the charts. It must be absolute hell to be on The Land as it is, but can you imagine what living in that isolation with Lurch is going to be like when the money dries up, the bills are due and even the “fit tea” folks aren’t calling anymore.

    1. Kail is gonna be in a world of hurt with all her chirrens and bad attitude when teen mom stops. Her degree may help her get a $45,000 a yr job but she will have to work 40 hours a week and that’s not enough to maintain her lofestyle. She will be begging Joe and Javi to watch the boys while she works.

  15. Well, Juh-nelle, maybe they could film you doing some actual parenting. Feeding your kids more than hot dogs, cuddling and reading to them instead of just tossing them into cribs, keeping dangerous things like holiday decorations and medications away from them so they will be safe, stuff like that. Maybe you could even play with them or take them to the zoo or something.

    I know. It sounds crazy. It was just a thought.

  16. now maybe mtv could come down on lazy self entitled cait who thought the show owed her a call to tell her the new moms were joining. The best thing mtv could do is fire them they think they are stars nope losers gravy train is done

  17. she has no one to film with because of herself she is lucky barabara will I wouldn’t if I were here. If she doesn’t like it quit do us all a favor

  18. Good be a prop I really don’t want to hear ur nasty mouth anyway. I had rather them have extra filming time on ur mom Barbra. #teambarbra #notteamjennel ?

  19. I’m still not happy that MTV still wanted her on. MTV cutting her for good would have been impressive. I’m not congratulating MTV for “trying” to grow some balls.

  20. Jenelle and Barb are only getting along because Jenelle needs her for filming so she’s playing nice. This won’t last long.

  21. These heifers watched Farrah treat the crew like crap and make crazy demands so they all decided to do the same. Hopefully they will all follow Farrah to the unemployment line to. Its about damn time MTV go a spine.

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