‘Unexpected’ Star Max Schenzel Ordered By Judge To Only Contact Baby Mama Chloe Mendoza To Discuss Their Child

“Way to go, Max…”

Unexpected dad Max Schenzel is on a strict text-only communication basis with baby mama Chloe Mendoza and Chloe’s family… and only if said texts involve the couple’s daughter, Ava.

Starcasm broke the news that Max’s new communication guidelines are the result of a Injunction Against Harassment filed in August. According to the site, a specific cause for the injunction is unclear, though it was confirmed that a police report was made right before the injunction’s August 6 filing. 

While the reasons for the injection may be unclear, Chloe’s mom, Jessica, recently commented on Facebook that it was filed because “Max did put hands on Chloe.” 

Jessica’s comments were in response to viewers criticizing her treatment of Max on the TLC show, which she blamed on her past abusive relationship with Chloe’s dad and not wanting her “kids to grow up in that environment.” 

Good thing Max got in some solid texting practice while Chloe was in labor.

Jessica also claimed that she sees the same things in Max as she did in Chloe’s dad and hates that 17-year-old Chloe is following in her footsteps. 

“I’m sorry but I do not stand for domestic abuse, and yes Max did put hands on Chloe which is why there is an order of protection,” she added. 

Though the injunction was filed by Jessica, it reportedly includes Chloe, Chloe’s step-dad Nathan, her sister Brooklyn and her daughter Ava. The terms of the injunction states that Max cannot have contact with Chloe’s family and may only contact Chloe through text message so long as it is regarding Ava. 

Max is also prohibited from going near Chloe’s home or any schools that her family members attend. 

Despite the Injunction from Harassment he’s now facing, 19-year-old Max seems to have a positive outlook on things judging from a selfie he posted earlier this week with the caption “Life’s been getting a lot better lately.” 

“Life’s been getting a lot better lately…except for that protective order against me…and my impending jail sentence..but other than that…”

This is, of course, an optimistic claim from someone who is also awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty earlier this year to stealing money and a credit card from a friend’s sleeping grandmother. 

As Starcasm reported last month, the sentencing was delayed to allow Max to undergo mental evaluation to determine whether or not he is mentally competent to stand trial. 

(Photos: TLC, Instagram)

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  1. Until I read more details of Max’s triubled past I hated the way Jessica treated Max. The show leaves out a lot of details about all his drug problems. I now totally agree with their decision to limit contact.

    1. Jessica was horrible to him. As well as incredibly un Christ like and rude to he and his father at the baptism. ..did everything she could to keep him from her daughter and granddaughters life and it appears it’s working for now as Chloe acts like a child rather than a young independent mother.

  2. Max seems like a good person, he truly loves Chloe and his baby. He stands by his family and wants to make the best of it. But, had so many issues that were stacked against him, including his everlasting interfering girlfriends mother jessica, I believe jessica should inspire max instead of always tearing him down and pushing him out of there lives. Max wanted to be a family man. And most guys his age typically want to run away from that type of responsibilities. Jessica is only been damaging to her daughter’s relationship because she can’t let go!
    There is still a chance for jessica to build up max, he is determined to do good by Chloe and his daughter, max just needs to feel accepted and pointed in the right direction. You can see it in his eyes. Jessica needs to stop rolling her eye and stop being so controlling and look in the mirror.
    Sincerely believe Max is more promising to be a good daddy then any of those other guys on the show!

  3. Jessica was not hard enough on Max. Any good parent could see he is not a good person/Citizen. Poor Chloe is being a typical female just like I was at that age in that situation. I support the parents and will react the same if my 14 yr old daughter brings home a loser when she’s allowed to date!

  4. I felt really bad for Max – he is only 2 years older than Chloe and her parents baby her so much but expected for Max to have all the answers. Which it is clear that he is barely more together than Chloe and she did chose him. They never once gave him any consideration of just being a young human being that happens to be the father of their daughters baby. And yes the baby is Chloes and Maxs responsibility and child NOT Jessicas and her husbands.

    I couldn’t help but get the vibe from Jessica that she wanted to make sure that Max turned out to be just like Chloes father because she wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that the order of whatever it is they got is in Jessicas name.

    I didn’t blame Max for his behavior at the hospital – hes basically a kid and didn’t know what to do. (he isn’t expected to) By the time of the delivery Im sure he was afraid to get to involved as this only made things worse with Jessica every time he did in the past in front of Jessica. Look at her total flip out about him driving Chloe to the hospital- I mean god forbid.

    I thought that Max and his father handled Jessica and her total slaughtering of Max pretty good – I would not have been so nice to her if I was the mother or father of Max. Did she really expect his father to come to meet them with a positive attitude happy and eager to make her acquaintance? Bitch – please. When you act a certain way you should own up to it. So she didn’t like Max at all – just quit your phony act and say it. Period. Take ownership for your own behavior.

    I don’t see how Max will be able to ever have a relationship with Ava – BUT I think she will not be a happy person when she sees the footage from this show. There will not be any way to spin it other than Jessica hating her father and trying to drive him off.

    Also I hope that Max is able to move from all this – hes young and made a few mistakes that’s how we learn as people. Mistakes.

  5. All I can picture is his demeanor during her labor.. when he was acting as if she wasn’t “trying” hard enough and started yelling 1 2 3 4 … while she was pushing!? It was crazy. I wanted to reach thru the TV and slap him myself!

  6. Jessica and Chloe remind me so much of an older version of Farrah and Sophia. Jessica even looks like Farrah. They are so annoying!

  7. Max is definitely shady and a crook. He is up to no good and will be a terrible influence on Ava. His father was not any better. You could tell where Max got his values and morals from. Chloe better wake up and get her poop in a group before Max brings anymore pain to her life. She’s a spolied brat who has a baby who needs to come first now. Get it together and make big girl choices for a better future.

  8. I don’t like Jessica, but Max left Chloe while she was going through a very difficult labor. That was awful of him. Not to mention, very disrespectful. He also said that he thought yelling at Chloe through her labor was a good idea.

    1. I agree! If I was Chloe’s mom, I would have waited for my daughter to give birth, check to make sure my daughter and grandchild was healthy and not in any pain, and then promptly shove my fist down Max’s throat!?

  9. I enjoy this show so much more than watching the diva lifestyles of teen mom OG. It’s still very true to reality.

    1. It’s a show on TLC (The learning channel) It’s similar to Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, Young and pregnant. If you like those kinds of shows, you would probably like this

    2. I recommend watching season one. Last season was far better than this one. Last season had three girls and actually featured the struggles of being a pregnant teen, birth, and caring for an infant at a young age. This season, there are five girls, half the hour long block is commercials (literally, for every seven minutes of footage, there are seven minutes of commercials), they focus more on stupid drama, like one of the girls deciding if she wants to date girls or boys, and the births themselves take up a whole three minutes at the end of an episode. We’ve literally seen absolutely no parenting happening (there were three babies born and I think we saw one of the babies, one time, and it was because he was sitting on someones lap during a pointless drama scene), as they are focusing this season on irrelevant drama. Imagine teen mom if all the parents up and refused to allow their children to film all at once, because that’s what season two is like. All TLC has accomplished this season is to get the general public to hate strangers they’ve never met before because of how unbearable they come off as on television (like Chloe’s mom, who btw, is a complete narcissist). Check out season one, and give season two a chance if you have the ability to fast forward through commercials and Laura/Tylor scenes (you’ll thank me for letting you know to skip those two idiots).

  10. Max is most definitely a stone cold idiot. I have to say though Chloe annoyed me just as much if not more than Max! She was fanning the flames between her family and Max. Because when she was mad at her mom, she wanted Max to be “on her side” as she stated in prior episode. Same thing with Max, if she was irrated at Max she would get her parents to “be on her side”. Then she would sit there with a dumb look on her face with question marks above her head wondering why no one got along with anyone.

  11. This guy is shady af. But my God, Chloe’s mom is soo annoying. She’s so high and mighty like she wasn’t knocked up as a teen. She tries to treat Chloe as a baby who has no will or thoughts of her own. Newsflash, she’s not only not a baby, she’s a mom now. Let her grow up to that.

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