‘The Challenge’ Star Cory Wharton Explains Why He Body-Slammed Tony Raines Over Pasta & Brags That He Was Still Given Spot on ‘Teen Mom OG’

“We’ll talk…crap on each other…on Twitter…”

In the wake of this week’s ridiculously drama-filled episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning, Tony Raines and Cory Wharton are breaking down all things body-slamming, pasta and Bananas.

File that under “words I never thought I’d use in the same sentence.” See also: potential ’Challenge’ MadLibs.

On Tuesday’s episode, viewers saw Tony hit the concrete after Cory body-slammed him for throwing out Cory’s leftover pasta. While Cory’s over-the-top reaction appeared to be fueled purely by his extreme love of carbs, Tony told Us Weekly that there was more to the story.

“That pasta is all I had that night,” Cory said on Instagram Live after the episode aired. “Everyone knows on ‘The Challenge,’ when we all go out and drink we all order food because the food at the house is sh**ty. So, we take our food serious. It was more than just the pasta … ”

Buckle up kids… there’s a lot to unpack here!

All this over some cold fettuccine…

Tony told his version of events to Us Weekly.

“What people don’t realize is the night we went out was the day that a challenge got canceled. We were all hype and were really cranking it up. On the way back [to ‘The Challenge’ house], everyone took their food to go if they had leftovers,” he told the magazine.

Tony said Cory’s precious package of pasta became damaged en route to the house. So, “without hesitation” Tony reacted to the doggie-bag dilemma by throwing both caution and pasta to the wind.

“[Cory’s] like, ‘Someone just destroyed my pasta, someone sat on my pasta and f**ked it up.’ I look over and without hesitation, think to myself, ‘Well f**k that pasta,’ grabbed it out of his hand and chucked it out the window.”

Maybe Tony should just stay off ‘The Challenge’ busses going forward…

Although Tony and fellow ‘Challenge’ competitor Hunter Barfield found the situation to be humorous, the now-pasta-less Cory did not. Tony said he was initially “oblivious” to the fact that Cory “took that the wrong way,” though he was brought up to speed once they all got off the bus.

“It was, like, a sucker punch but it was a body slam, so a sucker slam over a plate of pasta,” he said, adding that he and Cory started doing ‘The Challenge’ at the same time and while they’re not best friends, they never had any issues with one another.

Before Cory and (by default) his partner Devin were sent home during Tuesday’s episode, he and Tony had a chance to make nice. Unfortunately, their truce (much like Cory’s leftovers) didn’t last long.

When you miss out on a chance to win a million dollars because someone ruined your partner’s cheat meal.

Cory took to Instagram Live to “apologize” to Tony (and his family) for what happened, claiming he didn’t mean to hurt him and had simply misread the situation once they got off the bus.

Although he maintains that “physical violence is never the answer,” Cory just wants fans to understand how much that pasta meant to him.

“[I] didn’t mean to hurt him,” Cory said. “Didn’t want to hurt him, wanted to kind of check him a little bit. I felt very disrespected. I didn’t think Tony was coming over to say sorry. I felt like Tony was coming over still being a smart ass to me and in that moment I was emotionally hurt so I handled it the wrong way. Physical violence is never the answer.

“Man,  don’t touch my food!” he added. “I tell people that ‘The Challenge’ house is like jail. We don’t get our phones, we don’t get music, so my possessions are my possessions. It’s like when you’re locked up and that’s your commissary that you buy with your little money that you get.”

Cory changed his apologetic tone and went on to call Tony out for referring to the body-slam as a “cowardly move” on social media.

“I see Tony’s online talking about it’s a cowardly move. Dude’s embarrassed,” Cory said. “I’m going to let him say whatever he’s going to say. Dude got embarrassed, I made a bad mistake. I’ll take the loss, I’m OK with that…”

He then proceeded to brag about his new MTV gig with baby mama Cheyenne Floyd

“Catch me on Teen Mom OG, some people can’t say that,” he shamelessly announced during the video.

The Ashley can confirm that this body-slam incident occurred before Cory was officially given the spot on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ so MTV was aware of this incident when he was cast. Cory’s disqualification from “Final Reckoning” happened on April 29.

Tony may not have a spot on ’Teen Mom,’ (though not for lack of trying) but he is patting himself on the back for not losing his cool on Tuesday’s episode like Cory did.

“Grateful to walk away unscathed and happy that karma has done its job, 2 years ago this would have turned out completely different but I know how much my family needs me to be a better person not only on this show but in real life,” he tweeted.

Tony was not happy, however, that Cory chose to “snitch” about the fact that MTV has to forcibly restrict Tony’s drinking.

“Tony’s on a drinking limit from the network, I was f**king around, sneaking Tony drinks all night, buying Tony drinks…” Cory said. “Tony’s on a drinking limit from that Camila situation [several seasons ago].”

Tony confirmed that MTV does in fact limit his alcohol intake on the show, but said that the rule is “common with a lot of cast mates who have gotten into altercations in the past.”

Cory later attempted to squash the back and forth with Tony, calling it a “waste of my time.”

“Are we done here? I don’t wanna miss my reservation at the Olive Garden.”

“… I’m gonna do something I should of done on the show and just walk away,” he added.

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(Photos: MTV, Twitter)


  1. Cory, do us all a BIG favor and take your Big over inflated Ego, your wanna be baby momma, a big bowl of Pasta and leave our Tv for good! You are not as Important to us as you think you are!

  2. All of this over PASTA?! Are you serious now?!

    And btw, if you need to limit someone’s drinks because he can’t do it himself, you might have a problem. MTV made so many alcoholics and they don’t even care.

  3. I bet, given everything going on with custody, MTV is kicking themselves for not picking Tony & Madison for Teen Mom… just saying, if you’re going to pick a non-Teen Mom, at least make sure the drama is a) interesting and b) not contrived

  4. Cory slams him so hard on the ground. Tony is lucky he was able to walk away. Cory should
    lose his spot on teen mom og, it’s amazing that they have that spot anyway considering they were never teen moms. Drop them already!

    1. Well, I only read the recaps, but it seems Cheyenne certainly brings the trashy drama. She seems like a real piece of work, so it’s reasonable to assume “like attracts like” with her suitors. TM needs to end.

  5. See this is why I fast forward through Cheyenne and this douchebags segments, there is zero authenticity in their situation. Though the original cast members are all divas now, but during the early seasons theirs were stories that were relatable to young mothers and MTV was at least trying to pretend that the intent of the show was to prevent teen pregnancy. Chey and the douche’s situation is so clearly manufactured it’s unwatchable (this freaking famedope is already talking about her next baby with boyfriend of the month already?). Even Bristol’s situation is more relatable than hers. With the addition of these two idiots more young people will get pregnant by randoms because they want a chance at fame, I’m 100% sure of it.

    1. Once again, I agree completely CoryandTrevor. Those two are just…off. Not believable in any way. And it just seems like a cheap ploy by Mtv to promote their other crappy shows. Teen Mom is dying a very ugly death.

      1. Thanks EB, I just can not with these two. It’s just such a sad situation that these people are so quick to have children, with no real careers or invested relationships because they think the MTV gravy train will never end. Did you see the ridiculous pool party scene where their “friends” were doing a coordinated dance!?! Lawd have mercy.

        1. Haha yes! That pool party scene was like…wtf? Why was Cheyenne running around in a thong with all her dads and stuff there? Sooo creepy. Really makes me worry what our society is turning into. These people treat having a baby like buying a new bag?

  6. Ugh, Cory has always been so cocky and obnoxious. Can’t stand him. I miss the oldies like Coral! She was the best!

  7. What a idiot. He’s lucky he didn’t cause Tony’s head to hit the ground because that could have resulted in a BAD injury.

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