9 Amazing Reality TV-Themed Pumpkins to Get You Into the Halloween Mood

Halloween is only a day a way, which means you’re probably elbow-deep in pumpkin guts (or the bowl of candy meant for the trick-or-treaters). Carving pumpkins is one of the ways to get into the Halloween spirit, and some reality TV fans have taken their jack-o-lanterns to a whole new level by making them look like our favorite reality TV stars!

To celebrate all of the upcoming Halloween spookiness, The Ashley has put together this collection of pumpkins that have been carved to look like reality TV stars’ mugs!

This Gordon Ramsay pumpkin looks like it came straight out of Hell(‘s Kitchen):

It’s a “Cry-dash-a-lantern,” if you will…

‘The Voice’ coach Blake Shelton in pumpkin form:

Even the pumpkin RuPaul looks fierce:

The Ashley is including this because, technically, Donald Trump is still a reality TV star…Don’t don’t get all political here. Take a breath…)

Is the “Seacrest out” catchphrase that Ryan was trying to make happen for a while carved into the Seacrest-o-Lantern?

The Steve Harvey pumpkin is here and ready to announce the incorrect winner of the pumpkin carving contest…

These ‘American Idol’ pumpkins are the most-interesting things to come out of the show in years…

The carver of this Kardah-a-lantern wrote the funny caption for The Ashley…

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(Photos:  Twitter)


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