Promoters of Farrah Abraham’s Boxing Match Promise to Sue Her For Millions If She Doesn’t Fight on November 10

“I better raise the price of my blowup dolls, just in case!”

The “celebrity anti-bullying” boxing match Farrah Abraham signed up for is becoming quite the pain in her infamous backdoor… and soon it may also hit her right in the wallet!

As The Ashley told you, the former Teen Mom OG star backed out of her November 10 boxing match against Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, claiming that the fight’s promoters failed to follow through on what they agreed on. Farrah’s father, Michael, told The Ashley that the promoters adding Farrah’s known nemesis Drita D’Avanzo as the fight’s referee was another reason his daughter is refusing to fight.

Following the release of that interview, the fight’s promoters— Damon Feldman and Samantha Goldberg— fired back, telling The Blast that they plan to sue the Backdoor Teen Mom for millions if she doesn’t fight on November 10!

Michael told The Ashley that the fight’s promoters had not come through with the travel accommodations they had promised Farrah and her team in the contract. However, the promoters disputed this claim, stating that dozens of hotel rooms at the Showboat Hotel (where the fight will take place) had already been lined up, as well as first class plane tickets for Farrah and her daughter Sophia.

“They are flabbergasted that Farrah’s team is trying to claim she got a bad deal, and tell us they’ve bent over backwards to satisfy the former ‘Teen Mom’ star’s demands,” The Blast reported.

“Farrah has already been paid half the money she’s owed upfront,” the site added. “Bottom line: The promoters and their attorney tell us the fight’s still going down and Farrah is fighting … and if she doesn’t she will be facing a lawsuit for millions of dollars based on the damage she will cause.”

After Farrah announced she was backing out of the fight, her opponent Hoopz made it clear that she still intends to fight someone on November 10 in Atlantic City.

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Farrah’s manager David Weintraub told The Blast that Farrah has no interest in being part of what he called a “low-end, mockery of an exhibition fight.”

“Farrah has no choice but to not be involved in this debacle,” David told the site. “The promoter has been been in breach of the contract, he has not delivered on anything that was promised in the contract…He also never secured a proper pay-per-view deal which was in the contract, or sold enough tickets.”

Although the fight promoters have promised to sue the pants off of Farrah (that is, if she actually chose to wear pants), Farrah’s mother Debra Danielsen told The Ashley that it wouldn’t make sense to sue Farrah, since Farrah doesn’t have that much money anyway.

“Farrah is a single mom and doesn’t have millions! This guy has seen Farrah as an easy ticket to get money from,” Deb said. “He is not legitimate or a man of integrity going after a single mom.”

Farrah has been uncharacteristically silent on social media since the fight promoters made their legal threats.

The Ashley has reached out to Farrah’s camp for comment, and her father, Michael, wrote this in an emailed comment.

“First off our attorneys have not received any verification or reservations for the hotel rooms or Farrahs and Sophia’s airfare – Damon’s statements and the ‘blasts’ are lies,” Michael wrote. “Second, [the promoter] Damon [Feldmen] is back at his old tricks …. in the Blast story there still is no mention of the airfare for the rest of Farrah’s team or payment for the private security team. Damon thinks he is negotiating BUT the fact this is not the time to be negotiating it was time for him to provided ALL the agreed to items weeks ago – to date he has not full filled all of the requirements he was supposed to do.

“Third, they mention ‘no time frame’ was in the contract…fact is, Damon is a con artist. Any businessperson would have booked all the flights and hotel rooms etc. weeks ago to purchase at a saving like any businessperson does. He thinks he only will pay what he can’t get away with. We know so many people and event venues he refused to pay and only paid when he was forced to… instead of being professional his is still operating as a street thug. Fourth, Drita has no credibility or professional experience validating she can be the referee for this boxing match. Damon & Company and Drita have be plotting this for weeks with no concern about anyone’s safety. Drita only wants to do physical harm to my daughter any any cost. He wants a s**t show to fuel his next debacle at the cost of everyone he works with.

“Fifth, Damon still avoids any discussion regarding what anti-bullying organizations are benefiting from this boxing match or donations. The big question is: is he using anti-bullying to line his pockets? The world has seen what this turned into and we don’t have to be involved with liars and fraud.”

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  1. I always say, anyone who has a pony named Starburst is rich.
    What happened to the boutique, the fro-yo place, the furniture store?

  2. I don’t think that’s the case though – unless the contract had specification as to who would be the ref, I’m not sure finding out who the ref is would be grounds to back out. Just because Drita said she would bash Farrah’s face in doesn’t mean should would actually do it. Think of it this way – people get emergency protection orders because someone said something to them but they don’t become permanent because, frankly, spoken threats without action aren’t enough to proceed with a protection order. Same concept here – Drita threatening to whoop Farrah. BFD, who hasn’t? But that doesn’t provide enough of a leg to stand on to back out of a contract.

    If anything, Farrah should go ahead with it – the suit will be better when she does get her ass beat by Drita. If she’s so broke, she should be going for the big money. But Drita isn’t going to do anything to her. Hoopz might do something to her, but Drita will just stand there and look pretty in her stripy shirt.

  3. I don’t for one second believe Farrah ever had any intention of actually stepping inside a boxing ring to be beaten to a pulp. Not by Hoopz Alexander, or even 96 year old Betty White who I think could also probably beat her ass flatter than a pancake.

    For me this sudden back-peddling and fault finding comes as NO surprise. As others have already said, it was most likely all about suing these promoters in the end for whatever her now rather broke “business woman’s ” pockets could get out it.

  4. I’m absolutely loving that caption on the top photo. I’m also dying to know who these folks are that are buying her blow up doll. Someone must be buying them – they’ve been on the market for a while now.

    1. Yeah, Michael bought them all in an attempt to perpetuate her delusion that she is the top celebrity in the nation and a successful businesswoman…

  5. This is what I figured would happen. She never intended to fight. She thought of a way to sue someone and get money but not hold up her contract.
    She’s the one that crooked and her father.
    I hope she gets what coming to her…a beating

  6. Unpopular opinion but I think that Farrah would have a legitimate argument in court against backing out of the fight due to Drita refereeing it. I mean Drita has made multiple public statements saying she was going to bash Farrah’s head in when she saw her and she does has a history of fighting.

    1. With her being on probation, I can see this being a valid argument for her to back out. I do think she planned on doing it anyway but, it just seems to give her a more legitimate cause in her case.

      It’s honestly hard to say how this will play out. Possible outcomes could be:

      1) She fights because she has no case and can’t afford to be sued.
      2) She doesn’t show, gets sued and loses millions or even a small amount.
      3) The promoters were trying to scare her and they don’t follow through with their threat.
      4) The promoters sue her and end up losing because they didn’t have a case.

      1. I like the way none of the options are: “Farrah follows through as a professional, all parties are happy and money is raised for a good cause” lol. Because, Farrah.

    2. Farrah would never be harmed seriously cause she will sue the buttons of the organisers shirt when they would let that happen.

      She is just afraid for a couple of bruises, couple of weeks of discomfort and maybe a bit of blood. She’s a coward!

  7. I bet this is all a ploy to hype up the fight. Like her “leaked” sex tape with her “boyfriend” James Dean.

  8. Ok, so actually this is pretty awesome either way. Farrah either stomps her hooves and gets her fake ass beat down by Nicole, or she gets sued and has to pony up millions… (pun intended). Enjoy your payback you nasty horsefaced skank! ?

  9. I thought Farrah was a successful business owner with Froyco and the Furniture store. That’s what she keep saying so why all this “poor single mom” crap? I hope they bankrupt her so she will shut up.

    1. The frozen yogurt place closed down. Apparently Farrah wanted to create a franchise to sell to others. No one bought a franchise and the business failed. Like you, I think she needs even more comeuppance.

  10. One minute her parents talk about what a “smart successful business woman” she is and the next minute she is a poor, single mother. Please. If anything she is a manipulative a**hole who lies about EVERYTHING. She was never going to fight. I think most people predicted months ago she’d figure a way out of this. They should make her pay every penny they already gave her back AND sue her too. She finally deserves some ugly karma.

  11. I feel this is strategic on Farrah’s part. She says nothing until last minute then backs out and avoids being sued. Good luck finding work after pulling shit like this.

    Also, it is obvious this isn’t about ”anti-bullying” if Farrah requires so much for one match. It’s just as much about money with her as it is with the promoters. If she was so concerned, she would graciously accepted what they offered.

  12. as much of a mean bitch that she is…I would b pretty pissed if my enemy (drita) was going to referee. I would think it was all a set up and tell them to go f themselves. and just because drita likes to fight dirty like a Staten island and go to her little boxing gym, doesnt give her credibility to professionally referee a fight. and I like drita too, just sayin..and idk if anybody remembers hoopz from flava flav….but it was already kind of an unfair fight. as far as the anti bullying thing…that’s all bs because this whole fight and all the people included do nothing but bully..not hoopz so much though. everybody got their promoting and more fame that leads to more $ anyway since that’s all they care about.

  13. Farrah is a single mom that bought a million dollar home in Beverly Hills and drive a maserati. She gets no sympathy for being a fool.

  14. “Going after a single mother.” Oh please!! Spare me the “poor single mom” rouse for Farrah! I have no sympathy for her. She’s been able to make millions of dollars as a result of her single motherhood. Unlike most of the world of single moms. If she gets sued, she should just pay up and if she can’t afford to, then she hasn’t been spending her earned money wisely.

  15. Why is crazy Debz asked for her opinion? She doesn’t even talk to barbiturate loving Farrah. It’s not like Farrah has to work at Walmart. She made millions from multiple reality shows (“Teen Mom OG”, “Couples Therapy”, “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition”, “Ex on the Beach”). I’m probably missing some shows she’s starred on, not to mention her porn and escorting.

    If her money had been spent wisely, or if she actually knew how to run a business, she could have been set for life.

  16. Farrah was never going to fight, I think we all know that. Even she could look at the picture of Hoopz and know, one punch would knock Farrah on her big butt. I was watching to see who she would blame when she backed out. The promoters are the little gical choice.

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