‘Unexpected’ Star McKayla Adkins Talks About Finding Out She Was Pregnant Again: “I Didn’t Think It Would Happen!”

When you walk into Wal-Mart to get groceries and you end up finding out you’re pregnant…

On last week’s episode of UnexpectedMcKayla Adkins revealed to her grandparents that she was once again unexpectedly pregnant. After Sunday’s episode aired, McKayla addressed nay-sayers on social media, defending her on- and off-again relationship with Caelan Morrison, who is the father of McKayla’s son, Timmy, and her unborn baby.

In a video posted to her YouTube channel on Wednesday, McKayla told her followers all about the day she found out that she was knocked up again.

The realization happened in a Wal-Mart bathroom (naturally). 

“I was freaking out because me and Caelan, we weren’t even thinking of [having] another baby, none of that, so it was just a complete surprise to figure out we were pregnant,” she said in the video. “Yeah, again, I know that if you have sex you can get pregnant. I already have one child, I know all of that.

“But I’m just saying I didn’t think it would happen.”

McKayla, who is currently 18 years old and just over 27 weeks pregnant, said she was planning to go to an amusement park and wanted to be sure she wasn’t knocked up before she went on a bunch of thrill rides. So, she headed to The Wal-Mart to purchase groceries… and a cheap-o pregnancy test, just to be sure she wasn’t once again “with child.”

“I didn’t think I was pregnant so I bought the $5 Clear Blue pregnancy test,” she said.

Even though McKayla didn’t think she was pregnant, she apparently couldn’t stand the suspense, so she opted to head right into the Wal-Mart bathroom to use the test.

“I looked at the test; it was positive… I was in the Wal-Mart bathroom and freaking out. I was like, ‘What the heck? This is not happening!’” McKayla said. “I left the entire store bawling my eyes out.”

(How many episodes of 16 and Pregnant probably started this same way: finding out you’re knocked up while locked in a Wal-Mart bathroom?)

“I wonder if they sell bunk bed cribs!?”

“I called my aunt,” McKayla said. “I was shaking and I said, ‘I’m pregnant, I’m at Wal-Mart.’”

Tale as old as time…

“I was like, ‘I can’t do this again! I don’t know what I’m going to do!”

McKayla said she then scurried back into The Wal-Mart and bought the expensive three-pack pregnancy test. (After all, this isn’t the time to be cheap!) She waited until she got to her aunt’s house to take those tests, however.

All three of those fancy tests said that McKayla was knocked up, too.

“I FaceTimed Caelan and showed him and he was like, ‘No way!’”

“That’s how I found out I was pregnant; I was in a Wal-Mart bathroom alone and I didn’t think I was pregnant,” McKayla said. “Whenever the test came up positive…it blew my mind. I was like, ‘How am I pregnant? Did this really just happen?’”

McKayla said it took seven positive pregnancy tests to convince her she was once again knocked up.


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27 weeks ?? my 27 week update will be up sometime today! ?

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Since accepting that she is, indeed, pregnant, McKayla has announced that she and Caelan are expecting a baby girl.

“I THINK I JUST PICKED A NAME!” she tweeted last week. “I totally made it up then searched it just to find out I didn’t actually make it up but it’s super unique!”

‘Unexpected’ is currently airing on TLC.

Watch McKayla’s video below!

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37 Responses

  1. HOW CAN YOU “NOT THINK IT WOULD HAPPEN?!” You have sex, you get pregnant. It only takes one time, kiddies!!

  2. The ONLY reason to take the pregnancy test in a filthy Walmart restroom is that the test is stolen, taken in restroom, thrown away in restroom. Typical trash move. Or maybe she purchased it LMAO. Stop filming this moron. She is not mentally capable of raising children (or capable in ANY way). The spotlight only enables her.

    1. Well, she did say she picked something unique, Googled it, and it didn’t exist. I hope she realizes this child will be stuck with this name for life.

  3. She didn’t WANT to be pregnant and she didn’t THINK she could be pregnant and she didn’t BELIEVE that she’s pregnant, but she’s posting weekly PREGNANCY updates on social media. HMMMM….

    1. I totally agree. What I worry about is the ripple effect. Her poor grandparents are going to end up with these kids and they’re too old and not healthy enough to do that. They took on this one because her own mom is a loser, now their granddaughter is following in her footsteps. How many other teen are going to be this stupid to try and get on a reality show?

  4. That’s the best excuse she could come up with? That she didn’t know she could get pregnant again, even though she just had a baby?…I’m guessing that because she actually said that, she really thinks people are dumb enough to believe her. In the video, she keeps saying “I know, I know, I know”…this girl thinks she’s smarter than everyone and knows everything, but she clearly doesn’t. I need to start watching this show LOL…

    1. Well she didn’t get pregnant last month so what sense does it make that this month she just “magically” gets pregnant? I mean what ARE the CHANCES?!

  5. This is exactly why babies should NOT have babies! She doesn’t like condoms she made that clear but come on mckayla you know after you have a baby your super fertile…. that’s why you get on birth control! I had all my kids in Ohio and I know damn well BC is free there! So stupid! She’s already a lazy mom that poops tummy in front of a TV lol day what the heck is she gonna do with 2 kids. Sad….

    1. Right! I had totally forgotten about her dumb condom remark! She acts like that is the only form of birth control that exists! I think she got pregnant on purpose. I didn’t like her much last season. But, her bratty spoiled behavior on this season was on another level! When grandpa Tim (who has raised mckayla as if he was her father) finds out that he has liver cirrhosis (which if not caught early can be fatal) she couldn’t care less! She didn’t even try to make anything less stressful for him! It seemed like her all about me and only me syndrome kicked into high gear!

    2. Of course her boyfriend has to answer for this as well. Nobody made him have sex without a condom. Yes, boys, you can say no.

    3. I remember her saying that about condoms, and I thought, “How about either another form of protection, or better yet, don’t have sex at all!” I don’t blame her grandpa for being mad at all. I actually think he went a little bit too easy on her.

  6. I always take pregnancy tests when I don’t think I’m pregnant. ? Also, she had a pregnancy scare the month before she got pregnant! This wasn’t an accident.

  7. McKayla is a spoiled little brat. She can’t take care of the one kid she has! Constantly pawning him off on someone else. She likes to talk about what a great relationship she has one second and then says the exact opposite two minutes later. On one episode she is upset that no one thinks she is ready to get married. On another episode she has broken up with Caelan for the 28th time! Not exactly a stable relationship to bring any child into! She had a pregnancy “scare” in one episode. Now the show is over and she’s saying..”I don’t know how I got pregnant! I didn’t think it was going to happen to me!?‍♀️Grow up, girl! And take birth control!

  8. “Yeah I know sex causes pregnancy but I didn’t THINK it would happen again.” Obviously, you don’t think nor have had a proper sex education. People, please talk to your children and stress the importance or birth control.

    1. Clearly she wanted another baby. She seems like the type that thrives off drama. I also think that she knows she has no prospects, so by having another baby she’ll gets attention and ensure her spot on this s**t show.

  9. She’s not very bright. She also doesn’t seem like the type that will make any effort to further her education. So she’ll have 2 kids raised by a dumbass mother, in a home of unstable relationships.

    That’s the tale as old as time.

  10. So….what made her think that she wasn’t going to get pregnant again? Were they using condoms, spermicide, sponge, diaphragm, birth control pills, norplant, IUD,tubal ligation, vasectomy? What on earth was she doing that made her think she wasn’t going to get pregnant? Please explain. Did she have fibroids, endometriosis or ovarian cysts? I don’t get it.

    1. Right! Did she think she had some magical fairy godmother who was protecting her from another pregnancy?? I can’t even believe she could be that stupid as to think it wouldn’t happen again. I understand that BC can always fail, but wasn’t her mom just giving her a lecture about taking BC pills on an episode and this girl was complaining how they make her sick?

      1. At least Maci blamed her uh-oh pregnancies on PCOS and being told she might not be able to get pregnant again…this girl claims she just thought she was exempt from getting pregnant because she didn’t want to get pregnant…like she was able to prevent pregnancy with her thoughts…if she spoke it into existence, and put it out there into the universe then it wouldn’t happen lol

    2. The fact that she already got pregnant once by “accident” made her think that there’s no way she she could get pregnant. I mean come on, oopsie babies can only happen 1x in a person’s life. Just ask Macy Bookout. I’m being totally sarcastic…so please don’t think I actually believe what I just said. I think the girl is just young and not very bright. How can she say that’s she KNOWS how people get pregnant but in the next breath say she just didn’t think it would happen? I think she should have said that she didn’t care if it happened again because if she did, she would have used some kind of protection.

  11. Ugh. UGH. I can’t with these excuses teen moms keep on having. Just because you didn’t think it can happen, it doesn’t mean it can’t. If you would be more careful, maybe it wouldn’t. So you’re 18 and will have two children already. *slow clap*

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