Amber Portwood’s Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Slams People Behind ‘Teen Mom OG’: “MTV Silences Her Voice & Oppresses Her Story!”

“Go tell ’em off for me, boo!”
“I’m on it!”

Amber Portwood is “oppressed” and “manipulated” by MTV, according to her boyfriend/baby daddy Andrew Glennon.

In a new interview, Andrew lashed out at the producers and editors behind Teen Mom OG, claiming that Amber is edited to look bad on the show!

“MTV silences her voice, oppresses her story, and manipulates footage to constantly cast her in a bad light,” Andrew told OK Magazine.

(If MTV is behind Amber looking bad, as Andrew says, then what’s his explanation for this dumpster-fire video that Amber posted of herself to Instagram Live last week?!)

Anyway, as The Ashley previously reported, Amber went on a tweeting spree earlier this week, writing that she “can’t do this anymore” and that she has “to quit this show,” due to all the online hate she says she gets.

“The heartache this show has put me through is too much to bear anymore,” she wrote. “If I will not be shown then there’s nothing more to do. My name will not get smeared anymore. I hope everyone is resting easy with the money they’ve made off of heartache and pain that I’ve endured.”

“Darn those editors and producers for making me look bad!”

Amber tweeted on November 6 about being betrayed by those close to her, and many fans assumed she was talking about her ‘Teen Mom’ producers and crew.

“When people you trust with your life keep stabbing you in the back then it’s time for change because they will never change,” Amber wrote.

In his interview with OK!, Andrew said that Amber is determined to change the world, despite MTV’s attempts to villainize her.

“All she wants to do is help people who deal with similar struggles in life!” Andrew told the magazine before confirming that Amber is suffering from mental health issues currently.

“All this [is happening] while she is struggling with postpartum depression,” he said. “[It] is unreal.”

In the years since she was released from prison, Amber has revealed plans to help others by opening up a sober living/rehab facility, although she has yet to do this. In 2014, she told The Fix that she planned to open at least one rehab facility by the time she was 30 years old. (Amber will be 29 in 2019.)

In the new interview, Andrew promised that Amber has big plans for her future, post-‘Teen Mom.’

“There are bigger and better things for her on the horizon,” he said. “Stay tuned!”

Back in August, Amber told the Dopey podcast that she was working on a new project.

“My dream now is to grow and move forward,” she said. “I think I helped as many as I could [by being] on ‘Teen Mom.’ I would love to keep helping people on ‘Teen Mom’ but I just feel like the show might be moving a different direction than where I thought it was going.”

She hinted her next project is “impactful and personal” but wouldn’t go into specific details.

“Whatever I do, I want to do it on a large scale so it can really impact a lot of lives,” Amber said. “I feel like with ‘Teen Mom’ I was able to do that, but I want to do more.”

Stay tuned; The Ashley will update this story once she gets more details on Amber’s mysterious “new project!”

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44 Responses

  1. Hey Amber if you’re so miserable then quit after this season. You girls aren’t offered another contract until this season ends anyway. Take Jenelle and her family with you.
    After finding out that you got pregnant from Matt too knowing his history with being a deadbeat to like a dozen other kids makes me wonder about you anyway.

  2. Honestly, I was repulsed when Kristina told her about her miscarriage and she made it all about her. Biggest, laziest piece of shit! Stop using “depression” as your reason to stay in bed. It’s weird how much these two are always laying in bed.

    1. SAME. I get that in awkward emotional situations sometimes you just say the wrong thing, or make comments you wish you didn’t (it’s happened to me before for sure) but she just KEPT on and on making it about her. I love Kristina and felt so terrible hearing what she went through and was so incredulous at Amber’s reaction. Ugghhh.

  3. If mtv isn’t showing your yacht “charity” parties & oppressing you with a huge paycheck. Quit & take Jenelle with you

  4. OMG.
    Just stop already!
    I don’t understand the need for people to constantly tell us what they are going to do with themselves…. Almost like they need the public to pat then on the back, constant validation…
    Don’t talk about it, just BE about it.

  5. Bahaha. He met Amber while being the ACTUAL PERSON FILMING HER SHITTY BEHAVIOR TO BE EXPLOITED BY ANOTHER NETWORK ? this shows he’s a true con artist and only cares how she’s being “manipulated” if it affects him and his bag. Look at her getting pregnant by two users back to back! If it was anyone else I would feel sorry for them, but big bad Amber can take care of herself, right? If she can get off the couch long enough.

      1. Seems a little convenient, doesn’t it? Couldn’t have something be about poor Kristina for once, Amber had to try and turn it all back to her! Ugh! She’s a terrible person.

  6. I wonder how Leah feels knowing her mom gave custody of her to her father meanwhile baby James gets to stay with mommy.

    Kids have feelings too and she’s at an age where she is smart enough to think that.

    I know Amber was going to jail and all which is why she signed custody over to Gary (she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to). But afterwards, she really made no effort in trying to get her back. She seems pleased with just visits and having her sleep over every now and then.

    1. “I wonder how Leah feels knowing her mom gave custody of her to her father meanwhile baby James gets to stay with mommy.”


  7. What are these 2 even bitching about? Am I missing something? I don’t feel like MTV has edited Amber any differently than they have in previous seasons…all she does is sit on that couch and complain about her life, her mental health and addiction issues…how do you edit that?…I’m just so confused…Maybe she’s upset MTV showed her being her usual selfish, nonchalant, unsympathetic self when Christina told her about her miscarriage?…But again, that’s part of Amber’s personality that we’ve always seen on the show…she’s never had much of a heart, so why’s it bothering her now? It’s just weird.

  8. Unfortunately for Amber she’s a fake ,and her up coming ” project is a dumb idea,her helping people is laughable.

  9. So I was right, she has post partum. Like that’s the reason why she shouldn’t be pregnant again in the first place, this guy is just an asshole because he couldn’t keep it in his pants or wrap it up! He actually sounds just like her now, Amber is Jenelle of OG, always the victim, never the perpetrator.

  10. At this point I’m still really trying to understand what “story” Andrew feels Amber is trying to tell. Other than constantly railing and cussing at pretty much ANYONE who disagrees with her how she’ll “run up” on them and kick their ass. Even making a recent outrageously immature Instagram video to this effect.

    Like Ashley has already mentioned in her article above, that’s not editing.

    Sorry to say it Andrew, but…THAT’S AMBER.

  11. Andrew seems like another con artist. Poor Amber and her “oppression”. OMFG! Amber is a nutcase, but MTV has hidden it for her. If you really want to see Amber, watch her “Marriage Boot Camp” episodes. These were filmed in early 2018 or late 2017. I was very sympathetic to her following her incarceration and the fact she has BPD and bipolar. Over the years though, it has completely dwindled down to no sympathy. She actually is frightening to watch on the “Marriage Boot Camp” episodes. Con artist Matt stated that Amber is still on Adderall, which she combines with alcohol throughout the episodes and regularly threatens castmates. It comes as no surprise she is now doing it online. Also, Andrew is very unstable to want to be with someone that unstable. Her poor brother (Shawn), Leah, Gary, and Kristina have to deal with all of Amber’s BS on the regular. They are angels.

    1. First of all, I love your name. Secondly, everything you just said was spot-on.I watched that season of Marriage Boot Camp all the way through she was a mess the whole time.

  12. Everytime I see Amber’s name in the headline, my face does that thing where it puts itself into a physical “cringe” before I can even finish reading the article. Reading that this 26 year old is gonna beat the shit out of her internet “haterz” and “cut bitchez” gives me second hand embarrassment for her. This moron hit the million dollar jackpot for getting knocked up as a teenager, and still, 10 years later can’t drop the hoodrat attitude and become a functioning, productive, addition to society….even with more money handed to her than some people make in their lifetimes. Truth hurts, sweetheart. Sending love xoxo

  13. Hey Paul Bunyan, the only reason why you and your baby mama are able to marinate in the bed/on the couch all day is because mtv has been “oppressing and manipulating” her story for almost a decade now. And how did they “oppress and manipulate” this exceptional specimen of a mother into ditching her daughter all summer because she was too depressed to see her, but not too depressed to raw-dog a random (you) and make another oopsie baby?

  14. Go for it, Dude! Let your Moneybags quit the show and try to move back in with your parents. Amber has gotten a VERY sympathetic edit, IMO. She keeps shooting herself in the foot, but what do you expect for a uneducated trailer rat? Gary is a freaking saint. Accepting who he is and trying to be a loving parent. Good luck, Andrew, when you become a single parent yourself!

  15. Dude! Shut up and quit! Don’t do stupid things that will get you in the spotlight and live your normal life! She has made boat loads off this show. Your damn lucky to have no talent or skills and make so much money sitting in a bed. There are no stories of interest anymore making the show beyond mediocre! Your damn lucky there have been people to sit around and listen too ur ass for so long!

    1. Maybe that he’s so tall it’s insane or his hair or glasses idk either or wait maybe it’s the fact he met her on marriage boot camp and knocked her up while Matt was there!?!? Lol you can’t make this crap up!

  16. Bahaha, the producers not effing around anymore like with the prior coddling seasons.

    Poor old Amber, hope she sleeps easy cashing those checks with the heartache and pain she caused. Like really physical pain to other people.

  17. They can certainly include more footage of the bad than the good if they please, but they can’t force Amber to say and do the dumb things she’s done or edit in things that didn’t happen. Nice try Andrew.

    1. Yeah, they totally made her beat Gary up, it was all manipulated! First thing he needs to do is realize his girlfriend has an anger management problem mixed with depression. Oh wait, he prob doesn’t care or is even just like her!

  18. Yeah, we’ve heard this from nearly every cast member for years and years, Andrew. We know. We also know that Amber has been on this show for 10 years and willingly signs up every season with the knowledge that being on reality TV is a double-edged sword.

  19. Certainly no complaints when they cash that paycheck each week.

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. If you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to sign that contract.

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