Patricia Altschul Epically Mocks Ashley Jacobs’ Announcement About Not Returning to ‘Southern Charm’ Next Season

At least she’s leaving with some dignity. Oh wait…

Southern Charm is officially down another cast member!

Ashley Jacobs—drama enthusiast/on-off girlfriend of Thomas Ravenel—has announced that she will not be gracing the small screen by way of ’Southern Charm’ next season.

Ashley made the announcement this week on Instagram, soon after news broke that Thomas would be heading to trial for the assault case involving his children’s former nanny. (Thomas has also been confirmed as a no-show for next season).

“After a lot of prayerful consideration, I have decided not to return to ‘Southern Charm’ next season,” the registered nurse wrote on Instagram. “I’ve been blessed with an amazing career, family & friends and I don’t want to put those things in jeopardy for a reality TV show. Honestly I considered filming again because I desperately want to tell my side of the story. But after experiencing how unfair the editing process can be, I don’t think I’ll ever have a fair shot. I appreciate you all following me throughout this journey.”

Ashley’s announcement was all but unexpected to ‘Southern Charm’ fans, though many questioned if Ashley was even asked to come back to the show by Bravo. ‘Southern Charm’ matriarch Patricia Altschul hinted on Twitter that Ashley was never even asked to continue with the show, which made Ashley’s big proclamation pointless.

Upon hearing Ashley’s announcement this week, Pat took a page out of her trusty butler Michael’s book and did some serving of her own… although this dish was light on the mallet-crushed ice and heavy on the shade.

“After prayerful consideration, I’ve decided to decline the Nobel Peace Prize and the swimsuit cover of Sports Illustrated,” she tweeted.

Patricia’s dislike for Thomas and Ashley over the past year has been about as subtle as her pet-adorned caftans and it’s clear that her feelings have not changed. Fans followed Patricia in mocking Ashley’s “announcement” by tweeting that they have “declined” to do things they were never asked to do.

A Bravo source went on to confirm fans’ (and Pat’s) doubts, telling People that Ashley was never an official ‘Southern Charm’ cast member, more so a friend (or lack thereof) of the cast, “so there would be no conversation of her returning or not.”

“Don’t even get me started on you, Thomas.”

Moral of the story: second only to Thomas’ presence, Patricia’s bad side is a place you should avoid at all costs.

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(Photos/Images: Bravo, Instagram, Twitter)


  1. What is the point in lying? We all know she didn’t get asked back. No one would film with her and no one wants to watch her. Is she okay with confirming that she’s a delusional liar?

  2. After prayerful consideration I have decided to to pretend to be a person pretending to be a person who is not a bottom feeding soulless douche, who is a stage 5 clinger to another soulless douche, who’s only motivation in life is to get attention and money by working to not work- sincerely Ashley, RN (ratchet nobody)

  3. It was always crystal clear what she was on the show to do. She’s a terrible failed actress who tried to hit on Craig hoping he’d take the bait (ensuring her another season on the show). The real moral of this story is it’s not worth selling your soul to try to become a reality tv villain. Her short stint on this show has negated her education, her job and any other good she’s ever done, now the only thing this paid trick is going to be remembered for is going on one of the most vile tirades against a mother ever on reality tv. Bye bish.

  4. she had no choice of coming back or not. nobody wanted her back. and editing? so the editors forced those disgusting disgrace of words she spewed out of her mouth everytime she opened it? I hate her. why are we still talking to or about her? she should never have been on the show and there is no reason she should ever again. she wants fame, let’s NOT give it to her.

    1. Shes so dumb. The cast said long long ago that they wouldn’t film with Thomas or Ashley if they did come back. Oh Ashley have some dignity and go back to Cali and start over. You look SO DUMB.

  5. She will not be missed…Ashley came off as such a vile person that she her bitchiness wasn’t even entertaining. It was down right mean. Her and Thomas are perfect for each other.

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