‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Bristol Palin Says Her Parents Cut Her Off Financially After She Got “Knocked Up” As a Teenager: “[That’s What] Good Parents Should Do!”

“Being super-fertile was not always financially lucrative for me, guys!”

Bristol Palin is currently raking in the dough as a star of MTV’s Teen Mom OG but she insists she was not always so well-off financially, despite being from a very famous family.

In a message posted to her Instagram stories over the weekend, Bristol revealed that, when she infamously got pregnant as a teenager in 2008, her parents Sarah and Todd Palin quit supporting her financially, and that she applauds them for doing that!

“People have this assumption that I haven’t struggled with finances but my parents cut me off lonnng long ago, like when I got knocked up 10+ years ago (which good parents should do),” Bristol wrote.

As The Ashley previously reported, Bristol was paid a cool $250,000 for joining the cast of ‘Teen Mom OG’ this year. However, Bristol insists that (unlike most of the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls, who have been raking in reality TV money since high school), she had to work an actual job for most of her life.

“Obviously I’ve had opportunities that I have accepted and worked my ass off in, but I have always had a job,” Bristol wrote. “I worked full time at a doctor’s office for over 7.5 years. As a single mom you have to put your head down and work… you can’t try to ‘keep up with the joneses.’

“I’ve had to pull myself up by my own boot…er, I mean, overall straps!”

She then advised other single moms (who don’t get a regular check for appearing on a crappy reality TV show) how to make things work.

“You have to sacrifice and work you’re a$$ off, you have to be smart,” Bristol wrote. “Don’t waste money you don’t have. Are nails important? Or a college savings account for your kids? You cannot be prideful. Drive a sh**ty car, live within your means, don’t beat yourself up for working long hours…your kids will see your hustle—put [money] aside for them, for your own retirement—even a little bit at a time helps!”

Later, Bristol told a fan that she gets frustrated when people assume she is well-off because of who her parents are.

“[I wish people knew] how humble and independent I am, and how hard I work,” Bristol wrote. “I hate being painted as entitled spoiled stuck-up girl, because I’m not.”

While Bristol claims her parents “cut her off” financially after she got knocked up, this somewhat contradicts what she told People magazine in June 2009, about six months after giving birth to her son Tripp. In the interview, Bristol admitted that she and Tripp were living with her parents, and that, while she did get a part-time job and pick up babysitting gigs to make extra money, her parents were still paying for a lot of the baby’s expenses.

“You get knocked up and you guys think we’re gonna give you money? Haha, think again!”
(A pregnant teen Bristol in 2008…)

Bristol told the magazine that it’s “kind of impossible” for her to buy the baby’s formula and necessities on her own.

“I don’t like having my parents have to pay,” she said. “It’s punishment enough feeling the guilt of having them help me out financially.”

When your sister says your parents cut her off financially…but you remember them letting her live with them and paying for stuff…but that’s none of your business…

These days, though, Bristol— now a mother of three– is in great shape financially, and soon may be doing even better. Back in July, Us Weekly revealed that, in addition to the $250,000 Bristol made for her first season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ she will have the option to sign on for a second and third season, with a $50,000 raise per season she agrees to appear in.

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(Photos: MTV, PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. ANd for the latest, (see p. 6) she claims that Levi doesn’t pay for Tripp’s air fare to visit – he does pay half oer his wife the naturally beautiful and ever mature, capable, rational Sunny.

    Bristol chose to fake marry Meyer, move to Kinfucky and then Texass, and now she wants the baby’s dad to foot the full bill for her choices?

    The she bitches about him not signing the paper that would allow Tripp to be go on DWTS and get paid for it – gee, does she think that there might be other considerations, such as, I’d like to talk to my son away from you to see if he really wants to do this? You know like responsible parents who see their kids as actual people, not just little ATMs would? She claims Tripp has a a trust fund – why do I think she’s raiding You can pull from those for living expenses, even things like buying a house – want to bet there’ll be nothing left in it when he turns 18?

  2. So she worked for free for Candies on the “abstinence speaking tour” before she got knocked up again,and those photo shoots in People, and those two stints on DWTS? and then it was the reality show, “Life’s a Tripp” and then it was trying to destroy babydaddy #1’s life by expecting him to pay for her extravagant clothes and lifestyle? Her parents and extended family provided housing, free babysitting, transportation etc. And she still whined about having to do the dishes – in a dishwasher- also paid for by mommy and daddy. What does she think that is but support? Oh, they didn’t give her spending money – boohoo.

    But perhaps Todd and $arah felt guilty. Todd is on record saying something like we didn’t talk much about it (sex ed), all that stuff is out there. Well I guess she found it, and twice! Along with her older brother Track who has performed the babydaddy services twice without benefit of a marriage first – now with a side of domestic violence thrown in.

  3. She is such a liar. Remember when she tried to float the notion that her first kid was a rape baby? And we all remember that Candies paid her $262,000 to promote “Abstinence” (while donating only $35,000 to charity) and then she got knocked up again? Then there was her other reality series, Life’s a Tripp, where she showed herself to be absolute trash.

    1. So her parents “cut her off” is rich people speak for “they set her up with plum 6 figure jobs?? Her cut of and my cut off,mean 2 different things.

  4. Girl did you forget you got paid A LOT of money to go on speaking engagements to advocate for abstinence after your son was born? In fact you went on PAID speaking engagements with some of the Teen Mom girls.

    Not to mention you got paid nicely for your time on Dancing With the Stars in 2010.

  5. Which is why she signed up for teen mom so she could divorce her husband
    #ThatsTheOnlyReason her storyline isn’t relatable

  6. If she hadn’t taken a job as the patron saint of abstinence after her immaculate conception……. oh wait….. maybe I’d respect what she was saying, but I can’t because in my eyes she’ll always be the patron saint of hypocrisy.

  7. What about the six figure salary for being an abstinence advocate for the Candie’s Foundation? As a teen… a non-abstinent teen.

  8. I like her..glad she’s on the show! Wayyyyyyyy better then farrah ! And who cares if she’s had plastic surgery, so has all the other moms…and she’s hands down the prettiest! Chelseas #2 lol

  9. That’s interesting that everything she says now contradicts what she said in 2009. Bristol also had some plastic surgery, I don’t remember exactly what it was with her jawline or facial area. There’s no way she would be able to pay for that, living expenses, and a child on an administrative assistant’s salary (I’m assuming that’s what she was doing at the doctor’s office).

  10. She acts like she has so much wisdom to impart, but she got knocked up “out of wedlock” twice and lies about her circumstances. No way she was supporting herself as a teen and she admitted it. Admit you had it easy and be done with it. Better than pretending like you struggled to put food on the table.

    1. She is a pathological liar. I think she even beleives her own lies. This hoe was on that Palin reality show for many years at the same time getting paid mega buck as the abstinence parade leader. She was buying six figure homes in Arizona or somewhere even back then. Wow this bbiitttccchhh lies like a rug.

  11. Me me me me me is all I hear. I’ve never seen anyone so publicly pat themselves on the back before her. She is the ONLY single mother in the world ?

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