8 Funny Things Reality TV Stars Tweeted This Week

“Bet you didn’t know I had JOKES did you?!”

Our favorite reality TV shows love to spend time on Twitter, pouring out their innermost thoughts, throwing shade at their co-stars and, of course, making us laugh (whether they’re being intentionally funny or not…)

Sometimes, reading reality TV star tweets is more entertaining than watching reality TV shows, so The Ashley has concocted a list of the funniest reality TV star tweets from the last seven days!

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Javi Marroquin wrote what we’re all thinking when we open Facebook Memories:

Kourtney Kardashian poked fun at people who say that she and her sisters always photoshop their social media photos:

Conan O’Brien made us never want to go into an Arby’s restaurant ever again:

‘Saved by the Bell’ actor & reality star Mario Lopez proved that there are too many “Slater Haters” in this world:

Former ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe kept the “dad jokes” coming:

‘Jersey Shore’ star Mike Sorrentino told fans what they already know: the impromptu roasts are the best part of the show:

‘The Challenge’ star Shayne Landrum made us chuckle:

‘The People’s Couch’ star Blake McIver poked fun at his ‘Full House’ past on Election Day:

(For the record, this was one of The Ashley’s favorite episodes of ‘Full House.’ For once, bratty Michelle didn’t get what she wanted and her no-talent butt had to have a non-speaking part and Derick finally got to shine!)

(Pbotos: MTV; Twitter)


  1. lol?❤️ Let’s mention the fact Farrah Abraham has morphed into a wanna be Kim Kardashian…..ridiculous….she wants to be her so BAD and will NEVER succeed!!! At least Kim follows thru…. ✌️?

  2. Lol at Derrick from Full House.

    And um Javi, you still think you’re cool even though you’re the thirstiest.

    1. Yea! Hoopz won!…but I think she had a little more of an advantage since she had more time to train…She fought that mean looking one from Mob Wives…she was only on the show for like a season, I think her name was Natalie…but she was the Natalie that actually fought…not the one that was all talk from Philly.

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