Thomas Ravenel Sues Bravo In An Effort To Keep His Kids Off ‘Southern Charm’

“Well, I’m going to be at the courthouse, anyway…”

Thomas Ravenel‘s days on Southern Charm are over, and now he is suing Bravo to see that his kids no longer appear on the show either.

Radar Online reports that Thomas has decided to sue both Bravo and ‘Southern Charm’ production company Haymaker Media, Inc, in response to Kathryn Dennis filing for primary custody of the kids last month.

Thomas—who shares Kensie, 4, and Saint, 2, with Kathryn—believes the custody lawsuit was filed by Kathryn at the encouragement of Bravo and Haymaker in an effort to stir up drama for the upcoming season of ‘Southern Charm.’

As if this show has ever been short on drama!

Court papers obtained from Charleston Family Court claim Bravo and Haymaker “encouraged, condoned and/or gave Plaintiff express or implied consent to initiate a lawsuit against the Third Party Plaintiff for custody of Plaintiff’s and Third Party Plaintiff’s minor children.”

“The Plaintiff filed and was encouraged to to file this lawsuit for the express or implied purpose of providing material for the filming of Season 6 of ‘Southern Charm,’” the counter claim continued.

According to People, Kathryn filed documents October 25 seeking to obtain primary custody of Kensie and Saint based on accusations that Thomas relies “upon the use of full-time nannies.”

Kathryn’s filing went on to mention Thomas’ arrests, his alleged consumption of alcohol and prescription drugs while having the kids, and his exhibiting of “periods of impulsive and uncontrollable bouts of anger” and “extreme narcissism and anger management problems.”

(To be fair, most of the people on ‘Southern Charm’ have those same personality traits…)

Kathryn also referenced the sexual assault allegations brought against Thomas, which, as The Ashley previously told you, he will stand trial for. Thomas’ ex Ashley Jacobs came up in the filing, too, namely Thomas’ alleged encouragement of her to “verbally assault and attack” Kathryn on the show.

“Can you just go to jail already?”

Thomas believes Kathryn filed for primary custody of the kids “on or around the time she began filming” for the upcoming season of ‘Southern Charm.’

In his counter claim, Thomas is requesting that Bravo and Haymaker not air any Season 6 or otherwise unaired footage featuring Kensie and Saint, or footage that directly or indirectly concerns the kids, the litigation or the custody dispute. He is also requesting that Bravo and Haymaker pay all attorney fees.

As fans may recall, Kathryn lost custody of her kids in 2016 after testing positive for marijuana, however, it was revealed on the Season 5 finale of ‘Southern Charm’ that she and Thomas now share 50/50 custody.

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(Photos: Bravo, Instagram)


  1. Thomas Ravenel is the epitome of a narcissist. I’m sure Kathryn is filing because it’s in the best interest of her kids, not for a storyline…He put that poor woman through hell…all those drug tests, an entitled bitch of a girlfriend telling Kathryn she’s a terrible mom…but now that he’s in trouble he’s claiming victim. Doesn’t feel too good when karma kicks in…I hope Kathryn gets what she wants…

  2. Looks like this douche is taking a page out of the ole “exes from Teen Mom” playbook; when I’m on camera you can be too, but if I’m not allowed to be on camera then it’s suddenly detrimental to them if they are.

  3. Umm, off topic, what what happened to McKee’s PPD and mom post? I’ve posted on that a refreshed several time and it doesn’t seem to be on The Ashley anymore. Did Mack retract?

  4. really. can he just go to jail already. if I were Kathryn I would def pursue full custody. and sue for all the past bullshit he put me and my children through including taking the kids away over exaggerated lies. all the verbal and mental and emotional abuse. taking advantage/manipulating a young girl, discrediting her name and character ect…the list goes on. he damaged her and the children for the rest of their lives right from the beginning whether any of them realize it now or not.

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