‘Teen Mom 2’ Court Battle! Kail Lowry Calls Ex Jo Rivera “Greedy” After He Files For Child Support Despite Having Equal Custody of Their Son


Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble!

Teen Mom 2 co-parents Kail Lowry and Jo Rivera have enjoyed a good relationship for the past few years, but it sounds like that’s all about to change!

On the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail revealed that Jo— whom she shares eight-year-old Isaac with— has filed for child support against her, despite the fact that she and Jo each have 50/50 custody of Isaac and Jo isn’t struggling financially.

“I could see…if one parent is struggling at 50/50, it’s warranted,” Kail said. “But if you’re not financially struggling, and the child does not live two different lifestyles in each home, to me you’re just being greedy and you’re just doing it because you can.”

Both Kail and Jo live in Delaware, a state that calculates child support using the “Melson Formula.” Each of the parents’ monthly net income is the main component in calculating how much child support they can seek.

Kail makes considerably more than Jo, due to her ‘Teen Mom 2’ salary and other endeavors. However, Jo does have other income besides his MTV paychecks, as he now flips houses for profit.

The Ashley can confirm that Jo (as well as the rest of the original dads who started on the show) make the same amount as the original moms per episode. (Basically, if Jo appears in an episode, he is paid his episodic rate, regardless of how long he is in the episode.) The “original” dads make much more than the “add-on” dads, who came into the series after 16 and Pregnant. Still, the original moms make more, because they most likely appear in more episodes than the dads.

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At the beginning of the year, Jo and Kail were each granted 50/50 custody of Isaac. Kail said that, before that, Jo had been paying her child support. However, once the 50/50 arrangement went through, they decided to forgo Jo’s child support payments, and just cover Isaac’s expenses equally.

“Jo had been paying child support for a long time and we were in the process of taking him off since we now have 50/50 custody,” Kail said. “We switch every Sunday. I was going to take him off. From the time he got 50/50, I had even offered to give him his money back since I didn’t need his child support since we’ve had 50/50.”

Kail went on to say that Jo had given her no indication that he planned to file to have her pay him child support.

“I’m shocked at the way that he did it. He did it so sneaky,” Kail said. “I kind of just feel like he was kind of plotting to do it behind my back…I’m shocked and more hurt at the way that he did it! He was always the one preaching to me about talking things out before going to court.

“I feel like he should have talked to me about it, or at the very bare minimum, texted me and said ‘I’m filing for child support,'” Kail said later. “He had me thinking that he was just filing to decrease his [payments] or get rid of it because we have 50/50 and don’t need it. It was so out of the blue and sneaky, and, like, [Jo] had been plotting that for a long time.”

“I’ll accept cash, check or charge! See? I’m easy to work with!”

For the last few years, Kail and Jo have maintained a good relationship, with Kail even attending Jo’s recent wedding. Kail and Jo’s wife, Vee, have also had a strong friendship, but Kail stated that Jo’s actions have changed the way she feels about him and Vee.

“I don’t think that’s fair. Like I said, I’m not against child support,” Kail said. “If a man makes less than the mother, and they’re in a situation where they need it, and it’s warranted, OK fine. But he’s just being greedy.

Kail confirmed that her battle with Jo over child support will play out on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Click here to listen to the entire podcast episode!

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  1. wait didn’t Jo move him and his girlfriend to Delaware because Kail wanted to be with javi.?

    now she’s complaining about child support? she’s not right in her head even when Javi was screwing the other teen mom she was fussing, why it was none of her biz,if he wanted to run through all the teen moms he had every right to they weren’t together. Kail has always been shady don’t let the fake smile fool you .

  2. Oh NO!! Beware men in Delaware and surrounding areas!! Kail is going to be on the hunt for a FOURTH baby daddy to collect child support from to make up the difference because of this ? be careful out there fellas!!

  3. I remember when Jo bought his house in Delaware. After Kail saw it she was trying to stifle her laugh when she said it definitely was a fixer upper. It was way smaller than her house too. I remember thinking it actually makes financial sense to buy a fixer upper, and Jo and Vee didn’t work regular jobs at the time so they could put a lot of work in. She was feeling pretty rich those days but still collecting child support from Jo with a clear conscience. She was so smug about his house.
    I have to laugh when i found out she filed and was granted child support for Lux from Chris. Kail has so much money and i am sure Chris has very little, since he is young and hasn’t given in to the TM cash cow, last time i checked. She doesn’t need that money from Chris. It works both ways girl.

  4. Kail is a huge cunt so I would imagine it’s a totally fair situation and she’s making it into something it’s not.

  5. I don’t blame him, she has plenty of money much more than Jo. She’s always on vacation, and since he has his son 50 50 he needs more money to provide for him. She’s the greedy one!!!

  6. Karmas a bitch, just like Kail!! Its ok when hes paying her CS, but flip the tables & all kail breaks loose! Shes always the victim. Poor me. Wah wah wah. Gtf over it, Kail!

  7. For a second she had me going “I don’t get back why Jo would do that,” but then she lets it slip that Jo is STILL paying her child support even though they’ve had 50/50 for almost a year. Why wouldn’t she agree to do that in court when they split custody? She’s offered to pay him back even though she shouldn’t have taken the money in the first place? Sounds like there’s another side to this story that we haven’t heard. Especially since details came out as she talked. First she made it sound like she wasn’t getting child support from Jo. Then it was we’re “in the process” of removing child support. Then it was I’ve offered to pay him back. And given how nice Jo and Vee have been to her, publicly dragging them isn’t cool. We don’t know Jo and Vee’s situation, so I’m not going to say it’s not necessary. But, Kail calling them greedy and sneaky when she obviously isn’t being entirely truthful is about as shady as it gets.

  8. Kail you souns like Jenelle, contradicting yourself.

    “I could see…if one parent is struggling at 50/50, it’s warranted,” Kail said. “But if you’re not financially struggling, and the child does not live two different lifestyles in each home, to me you’re just being greedy and you’re just doing it because you can.”

    Was Kail struggling? Doubt it but she has been making Joe pay even though he made considerable more..wasnt that Greed?

  9. If under the law he’s entitled to child support, nothing wrong with filing for it. Honestly, he’s probably thinking of the future – Kail’s gravy train will probably dry up soon and she blows her money on exotic vacations, other trips, and tattoos. If I was Jo, I’d file too so I could bank some money for Isaac for when Kail is broke and can’t provide for him anymore.

    It isn’t about Jo needing money per se, the system is put in place so each parent is on equal-ish financial footing for the good of the child. If she makes more and the law says he can get it, then get it.

    Personally, if I was in this situation where I was making money and my ex was making more money but we had 50/50 custody, I may agree to no support and just split expenses equally. But the first time he missed a tuition or daycare or whatever payment, I’d file for child support. Maybe that’s what happened – I can absolutely see Kail being a snot about splitting expenses and being bitchy and petty. Rather than argue with her insane ass, Jo just went to court to get it settled and in writing.

    1. This is what I think too, issues over bills for Isaac. Maybe Jo isn’t looking for child support but a clear ruling about who is supposed to pay what.
      Maybe she’s not paying her part of the bills that he had to pay when he owed her CP. Maybe she feels she is making expenses for Isaac too by buying him things, taking him on vacation etc. That’s not how it works.

    2. I don’t think you can claim you need child support just so you can bank it. You’re supposed to actually use it. But, you’re probably right about Kail pulling some petty drama over Isaac’s expenses, so Jo figured it was easier to get it in writing.

      1. I think you can bank it for school if there’s leftovers from regular expenses, like in a 529 account (I think that’s what it is called – for education). It’s still for the child and you can’t really do anything with it but education without penalties. I only think that because of people I know that have similar child support arrangements, so your mileage may vary, I’m not in Delaware. But it is something that maybe Jo should look into if he hasn’t already.

    3. I agree, and I mean, it’s not like Jo is living lavishly or anything. He’s a pretty average guy… (wasn’t trying to make a joke… lol). I don’t think he would have any I’ll intention by seeking support. He’ll put it away wisely.

    4. He is smart to do this. I am betting this is not about child support but declaring legally custody for the future in case she decides to move again to another state or denies him access. There are a lot of bills for children in the future like camps and college and getting it in writing is smart to do. Plus she was ok to accept his child support . Plus she says she would have returned it but clearly she hasn’t. Just because he is filing for it doesn’t mean he has to take it. It is his choice and his right.

  10. All I’m hearing is whining. She literally said that she thought Jo was filing to DECREASE or GET RID of child support all together. Which means he is still paying it while they have 50/50 custody. It’s ok for her to collect it while making considerably more money than him, yet once the tables are turned, it’s the worst thing in the world to ask for. She’s so ridiculous and plays the victim every time she makes herself look like an asshole. Grow up already

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he technically filed for it as part of a legal proceeding that was really intended to stop him making payments to her or to get clarity on who pays what and Kail went off the rails.

  11. I thought Jo and Vee weren’t going to be on Teen Mom anymore… is that why he is filing for support now? Since he won’t have that income anymore? I’m confused s

  12. She would have N O T H I N G without Jo.
    He got her pregnant. He housed her when she had no home —— and she cheated.
    Jo doesn’t owe her.
    She owes him.
    Took two to make Isaac, which got them on the show. Pay up sweetie.

    1. She was the mother of his child and homeless the very basic thing that he could do was have her stay with him. AND to be clear it was actually his parents who provided her with a place to stay. I remember at one point her and Joe would fight because he was being lazy, not getting up with the baby, changing diapers, etc. when confronted on it he wanted to kick her out. His parents told him no and chose to continue to let Issac and Kail stay there. Unpopular opinion: he owes her. He’s making money because his parents made the right decision for him so he continued to be on the show with her and makes the same amount as her for five minutes of filming.

      1. I agree and I know people won’t like my opinion on it, but has Joe worked at all outside of teen mom? I know he worked as a teen, but I thought his last job was either at McDonald’s or when he worked for his parent. Isaac was an infant at the time.. A lot of people don’t like kail, but she does work outside of the show at least.

  13. If a man makes less than the mother,and they’re in a situation where they need it and it’s warranted ok fine. There you go you said it yrself. Jo should get it. Kail didn’t need child support either when she had issac but that didn’t stop her. Quit talking out of your azz.

    1. She went after Chris for child support too. She gets knocked up on purpose to try and force a relationship, has the baby, gets mad she didnt get the guy, then goes after child support to be vindictive. Which I’m surprised she got based on how much more money she makes than Chris.

  14. Sounds like we are heading back to the days when Jo would comment on the beautiful day and then tell Kail she doesn’t deserve to be outside enjoying the sun and should be in a cave. (Still one of my top favorite moments for teen mom2) ?

  15. Kailyn has a lot of nerve about being greedy, Jo is entitled to child support, she’s making a lot more than him and she’s always had her hand out for child support so screw her! Tell her keep having kids from another random dude so MTV will pay her to keep having kids. She needs to shut up and pay up!

    1. Nonono, shes calling him greedy for filing for child support. Which is even more hypocritical because she has been making quite a bit but insisted on child support herself, if memory serves correctly.

      1. If she makes considerably more then yes the parent with less income can request it so that the kids can have a somewhat balance life when with either parent. Women use that rule all the time to get houses and vehicles, take the kids on vacation etc.

        1. He makes just as much as her on the show and has his side businesses just like her. I don’t think he’s struggling to provide a good life to Isaac.

          1. They get paid at the same rate. They don’t ultimately get paid he same because Jo doesn’t appear as much while Kail is in every episode. Their “side hustles” are also very different in nature.

          2. Yeah I think Amber was the one who pushed MTV to pay the dad’s the same amount as the moms in the very beginning of Teen Mom. Obviously they all broke up and the dads werent on as much but they got paid the same rate per episode.

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