EXCLUSIVE! MTV Has Extended ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9— Before the First Episode Has Even Aired! Get Details

“We’re like the mold growing on Kieffer’s green hoodie: You’ll never get rid of us!”

Sorry haters, but Teen Mom 2 isn’t going anywhere!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that MTV just ordered more episodes of the long-running reality show, extending the show’s ninth season before the first Season 9 episode even aired! The Ashley’s show sources tell her that the season has been extended to include at least six more episodes.

“As of right now, Season 9 will start airing in January,” one source told The Ashley. “MTV is very happy with how [‘Teen Mom 2’] performs so they want to lock things in. They may choose to extend Season 9 even more, beyond these extra six episodes, too.”

Back in June, The Ashley broke the news that ‘Teen Mom 2’ had been renewed. All five girls eventually signed on, even Jenelle Evans, who spent months trying to get MTV to agree to her extensive demands. Jenelle has been complaining that her Season 9 segments will be “boring,” so it’s likely she’s not happy about having to film more episodes.

“The girls don’t really get a choice when it comes to the extensions,” one behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “If MTV opts to extend a season that the girls already signed on for, they just kind of have to do it.”

However, The Ashley can confirm that the girls will make additional money for filming the extra episodes.

“They are paid per episode, technically, so they will get additional money for each extra episode they appear in,” the behind-the-scenes source confirmed.

While Jenelle claims her segments are underwhelming (due to the absence of her ever-present husband David Eason), The Ashley’s sources tell her that there is plenty going on in the other girls’ stories to make up for it.

“For most of the girls, there is so much happening that it would have been impossible to wrap up the stories in just [the original] 12 episodes,” a source tells The Ashley.

“Ya keep focusin’ on these girls, MTV, when everyone knows I’m tha real staaaah!”

Another factor in getting the season extension is that ‘Teen Mom 2’ is the franchise’s best-performing show in terms of ratings.

“The [Teen Mom OG] ratings really took a dive this season; they are the lowest they’ve ever been,” the source said. “[Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant] is doing OK but its ratings are nowhere near the ratings of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ They obviously want to keep their best show going.”

As The Ashley previously told you, the show’s producers know they have to make some changes to the format they use for filming the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion specials. After the drama that went down during the previous two reunions (including physical violence and cast members fleeing the set), they plan to change things up for the Season 9 Reunion.

“No date has been given to the cast or crew yet [for the Reunion], but everyone has been informed that each of the girls will meet with the show’s higher-ups to discuss what they think needs to be changed going into the next Reunion,” the source said.

MTV has yet to officially announce a premiere date for Season 9 but, as The Ashley stated, it’s set for January as of right now.

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  2. As for myself, I stopped watching OG so I’m happy to be one little point of that nosedive in ratings.

  3. I agree I find myself not watching anymore I record both TMOG AND YOUNG AND PREGNANT, I enjoy TMY&P but don’t really care for OG because it’s become redundant

  4. I’m in the minority, but I really like having Brianna’s story on tv because I remember her from Teen Mom 3. She’s obviously not classy, but none of the cast members are.

    I could do without Bristol and Cheyenne though. We didn’t see their struggle from the beginning and right now they seem to be living cushiony lives so there’s nothing interesting for me.

  5. All this show is anymore is them being forced to talk about shit they’ve already talked about. It’s boring and completely contrived. Time to move on!

  6. Agree with the other commenters, I turned my back on TMOG when they added the 2 new girls. While the show has slowly become a mockery of its original form, bringing in two reality randos completely walked away from the premise of the show. I’m done. I have no fucks to give for Bristol or Cheyenne.

    I do still watch TM2 but I’m not sure for how much longer. The drama that Briana and Brittany bring is tiresome. And at their age the girls either have their shit together or have made it clear they never will. The former is boring to watch, and the latter is just getting sad.

    It used to be a show about teen moms. Now it’s a show about being a reality “star”.

  7. Welp, we all knew this was coming……..Jenelle wouldn’t have signed otherwise. (But she will if new season comes, she is all talk)

  8. I wasn’t really looking forward to the new girls, I would have preferred some other 16&p girls, but I gave the show a chance. But Jesus God (Leah) this is the most boring season ever. Amber virtually has no storyline, Cate is the same old slob neglecting Tyler and Nova, Maci is stil whining about Rhiiiine despite not wanting his drug issues play out on MTV, whatever. Bristol is leaving Dakota, ok we all know they got divorced before the show even aired. Cheyenne is just a stupid annoying trash. Not even a teen parent, just some slut who got knocked up by a guy while she was in a relationship with another guy.

    1. I totally agree! I think this season so far is very boring. I was considering not watching it. I can’t imagine it getting any better!

    2. You don’t think Amber living in Malibu with her weird baby daddy while still complaining about not seeing Leah is a good story line? And isn’t it a great idea for Cait to suggest out of state couples counseling with Tyler so she can ditch poor little Nova, AGAIN? And you can’t possibly be bored to hear Maci whine about what an absent father Rhiiiiine is for the 10th year straight so let’s add in some fake crap about Jenn & Larry wanting to hang out with Bentley and send him to private school…in 2 years! (This is Sarcasm for those who take everything literally).

  9. instead of adding new teen moms they should stop this show. Chelsea and Leah will do fine without it (i know, easy money is tempting but come on girls, give yourself and your family some privacy, finally). Showing other girls like Jenelle on tv is only promoting pathological behaviours and not really letting this 26year old teen mom grow up.

  10. I think alot of people stop watching when they signed on the new girls. Cate and Amber are still sitting on the couch. Chelsea and Leah have grown up. Kail will forever be a bitch. Jenelle brings the crazy. Everyone knows jenelles’s story will not end well but can’t help but watch it. TM2 will end up like TMOG because everyone knows it is fake. Reality shows aren’t true life. It’s not reality!!!!

  11. I still say dump them all and show a season where they show us where the other 26&P “girls” (I just noticed my typo but it’s right!) are today and what their lives have been like since the show. That’s a series I would watch and one that would be a lot
    More accurate portrayal of teen pregnancy. (Not to mention those women would work cheap and they need the money.)

  12. I can’t wait forJenelle to go after Bristol on twitter. We all know its coming because Jenelle is jealous of girls that were privileged like Chelsea. Like Nathan said Jenelle is trailer trash that hit the lotto, Hashanah! She struggles to compete with the upper middle class and Bristol is rich and famous pre teen mom. I am here for it.

  13. MTV probably knows that Jenelle signing again season are probably slim to none. She will probably refuse to sign the next contract without David filming or be in jail or worse, so it smart for them to get as much out,of the current contract as possible.

    1. Because they are boring. They are celebrities now so they know how to play to the cameras and tailor their storyline to hide their real train wreck lifestyles. TM2 is only doing well because of Jenelle. Jenelle can only hide but so much because its all public record with 911 calls, court cases, arrest records and her and David’s inability to stay off Twitter.

      1. Totally agree Oopsey! Now that all the originals have PR reps and HR department heads from various diet tea companies telling them how to craft their images to be more mainstream any authenticity they had at the beginning of the franchise is long gone (mostly). As far as Jenelle and Lurch are concerned I think that he will continue to sabotage her sh*tty life to keep her in the news and controversial up to the point of getting fired, but won’t step over the line because they are both pretty much unhireable. I can’t image how unstable/unbearable life must be in that sh*thole of a household. For an ogre like that to have to the live life knowing that a woman is the head of household, one knows he has to assert his dominance in some way and I hate to imagine what that is.

    2. I do actually wonder if it’s because TMOG lost the plot a long time ago, ran it’s course, and now original fans cannot even bother to watch because it’s been the same storylines for a decade. Or something else, like actual boycotts of/for Farrah, maybe Ryan,etc , trying to add in two non originals (which had plenty of questionable baggage of thier own), or people knowing behind the scenes stuff months before TM even airs it.

      Personally I stopped watching years ago because Ashley’s recaps were hilarious and way more entertaining than the show. As well as just keeping up with the gossip from outside of TM/MTV. But adding two non originals would definitely have stopped me if I still watched. But I’d love to hear others opinion if they stopped watching it recently…

      1. Stopped watching last season, it is just so obvious the whole show is scripted compared to the earlier seasons, and when “TeenMoms” drive a brand new Range Rover every year and live in a new house every year (without even selling the previous houses ala Tyler & Caitlyn) it’s just not even relatable anymore. But adding the 2 new moms this season really makes no sense. I do love The Ashley recaps however, they were always Better than watching the show and the commentators here are the best!

      2. I still watch the episodes online, but I get so bored and zone out for half the show and then realize I’ve missed a bunch of stuff but can’t be bothered to rewind since I just don’t care. It’s a “laundry show” (one where I don’t have to pay too much attention and can fold laundry while sort of watching).
        It’s no longer a show about teen moms, it’s a show about a reality show. Entitled cast continuing to make stupid decisions. I couldn’t BELIEVE how smug Amber was when she was “telling off” Morgan for hiring 2 new girls without *gasp* CONSULTING the OG’s! How ridiculous. So over it, but I like to watch what I can so that I fully enjoy the Ashley’s recaps.

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