‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Reveal the Name They’ve Chosen For Their Unborn Daughter

“It’s a great name!”

It’s time to play “Name That ‘Teen Mom’ Baby!”

Earlier this week, MTV released a sneak peek video that shows Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baliterra attending Catelynn’s ultrasound appointment. After Tyler and Catelynn— who is currently pregnant with her third child— marvel over the fanciness of the 4-D ultrasound clinic, they see their unborn child on the screen .

When the ultrasound tech asks Tyler what names they are considering for their daughter, Tyler quickly replies that they’ve already chosen a name.

“Tezlee,” he tells her. “Tezlee it is.”

The ultrasound tech tells the couple the name is “cute,” as Catelynn’s mom April looks less-than-thrilled by the choice.

Our faces when Tyler announced they’re naming the kid “Tezlee”…

Catelynn and Tyler did not reveal why they chose the, um, unique name for their third daughter. When their oldest daughter Carly was born in 2009, her adoptive parents chose her name. (Her full first name is actually Carolyn.)

When their daughter Novalee was born, Tyler mentioned that he and Catelynn had decided on the name Nova, but at the last minute changed it to “Novalee” and called her “Nova” for short.

The moment April realized she’s probably going to have to get the name “Tezlee” tattooed somewhere on her body…

Had Nova been a boy, Catelynn has stated that she and Tyler would have named him Greyson Wayne, so it’s likely they were planning to use this name if Tezlee were a boy.

Tezlee (which, according to how Tyler pronounced it, will have the “Tez” part of the name rhyming with “Pez”) is not currently ranked on any of the major baby name sites, and does not have a meaning that The Ashley could locate.

Watch Tyler and Catelynn announce their daughter’s name in the video below!

(Photos: MTV)

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  1. Tyler and Kate you are awesome parents you are awesome people I think you become great adults from what you had to overcome if I was your mom I would be so proud of you from where you came to where you are now hanging and just give each other the space you need and you will make it love you both

  2. If there was ever a shred of doubt that these two are morons, it is gone now. They create a name out of random letters. The result has NO meaning. They probably think that they are wildly creative. They were, are and always will be dolts.

  3. she should have just names her mistake we all get to see over and over again cait screaming at the reveal I don’t want a girl

  4. Kid’s gonna wish it was a boy. While Greyson Wayne is a perfectly acceptable name it is based on Tyler’s obsession with Batman. Dick Greyson and Bruce Wayne! Tezlee is awful and I like unique names. Catelynn sounded like Maci “girls are so sassy” blah blah. Stop devaluing girls! The baby’s gender is not important! Girls are just as valuable as boys. Plenty of people can’t conceive period and you’re complaining that you didn’t get the “right” gender?!

  5. Do they give their kids names ending in Lee because of Carly? Nova Lee, Tezlee, Carly…I really hope they decide to change the name once she gets here. Tezlee is TERRIBLE. It’s a tie for me between Tezlee and Lux as being the worst names in the franchise.

    1. Tezlee
      Lux was the name in Life Unexpected, so I’ve heard it at least. Tezlee reminds me of Tinleigh and Tessly from Sarah Roberts. I think her third daughter had an equally bad name, but still.

      1. Pretty sure it’s Kerrington. Equally as odd as Tinleigh and Tessly although I’ve heard Tinley (Tinleigh) more and more lately. My child had a “unique name” when he was born in 2010 but it’s becoming more popular. Not sure Tezlee will catch on though ??‍♀️

      2. Lux means LIGHT in Latin. At least that is a positive and proud name for a little boy. Hopefully he will bring some light into the world! Kailyn is smart and knew what she was doing.

  6. Nothing says insecure parent dying to have a special unique snowflake child more than a made up bullshit name. They do know these kids grow up, right? Tezlee. I just can’t. It’s bad enough this kid will have permanent video evidence of their parents fucked up marriage and situation involving them, let’s just saddle them with a ridiculous name too! ?

  7. YES! I read about that little girl’s story yesterday hahaha. After reading the top comments out of 4k comments on the article, it’s an overwhelming majority of people criticizing the mom for naming her Abcde & pronouncing it “AB-Si-Dee” !!

  8. Maybe it’s Tesley? That would be much cuter and more girly. Ah well, it’s their baby, no one else’s business. Compared to the Palin names it’s perfectly mainstream anyway!

  9. Celebrities and think-there celebrities name and treat their offspring like pets. Give them ridicules names, dress them up and pose them/with them etc. etc. Their children are pets. All of these kids are screwed with these parents. The ones like the Kardashians at least will have enough money to shield themselves from the real world.

  10. Maybe it’s Tess-Lee? Not a huge fan but I think another girl from past 16&p has kids names Tinley and Tessly.

  11. Awful. Not only is the poor kid going to have to live with the fact that she is/was a Band-Aid baby, they give her that horrible name.

  12. What the h-as in rhymes with Presley? Or get fancy and pronounce it “te-Lee”…in the UK telly is slang for television ? odd either way!

  13. Perhaps “Desperate to save my marriage Baby” would have been too obvious a name?

  14. It’s not enough she has such moronic parents, now she will have to live with a moronic name. And I thought Ensley is bad…

  15. Wonder if tezlee and abcde (if you don’t know a mom named her daughter that) will ever meet and bond over having moronic parents who choose dumb names.

    What gets me is that parents typically have normal names and then try to be creative and end up giving their kid a horrible name. Sometimes common names are the better option.

  16. What the h- as in rhymes with Presley? Or get fancy and pronounce it “te-leee”…in the UK,telly is slang for television ? you can’t win with that one,odd all round!

  17. Catelyn is so selfish and ungrateful, screaming “I dont want another girl” after being blessed with another baby after losing one. Shes self absorbed.

  18. I didn’t think it could get much worse than Lux in Teen Mom land, but Cate and Ty outdid Kail – or at least they tied her. And as with all poor decisions big and small that the characters on this series make, it’s the kids that suffer.

  19. After reading some of the feedback on Tezlee, hopefully Cate and Ty will decide to change it.

    Thank goodness, there’s still time.

    1. please they didn’t have enough brains to stop talking and posting information about carly on social media which is the reason the adoptive parents don’t want them seeing her. They have zero boundaries have no respect and i’m sick of cait saying my trauma and when I gave away my flesh and blood when she has a daughter standing right in front of her.

    2. all she did was disable the comments she thinks she shits ice cream so she is never going to be wrong and won’t budge on this. Between the bulling she will get in school and being another daughter cait didn’t want she will be in therapy for life

  20. great worse name then her birth control name for nova. This child will now be able to look at her mom screaming I don’t want a girl over and over again thanks to the internet

    1. There is a book/movie called “Where the Heart Is” and the main character is named Novalee…she gave birth to her daughter in a Walmart in the book. Always cracks me up when I see her name.

    1. I hate the name Spurgeon for two reasons: it’s ugly and it honors a long dead fundamentalist theologian who hated other religions (especially Catholicism).

  21. According to the subtitles, the name is Tesley. Apparently I’m in the minority because I think it’s cute. It’s not that different- like Tessa or Ensley, which I think are both cute as well. ??‍♀️

  22. This is as bad as that poor baby I heard about today that was named ABCDE…pronounced Ab-City…you can tell that Cate and Tyler think they’re celebrities and TM is gonna last forever because they named their kid crazy shit like Tezlee….they clearly don’t understand shit about a resume or the work force, because if they did they wouldn’t name their kid Tezlee.

    1. I heard about that too. The mother was complaining about the flight attendants laughing her child’s name and all I was thinking was…what did you think was going to happen, crazy lady??? You named your daughter after the alphabet. Are you that naive?

      1. I couldn’t believe someone actually had the audacity to name their kid ABCDE….then she got mad because an employee got a chuckle out of it…She’d better get used to it, because that poor girl is about to be teased for her name for the rest of her life. That has got to be top 3 worst names I’ve ever heard…and I’ve heard some crazy ones…Apparently there’s a girl running around NC named La-a….pronounced LaDasha….and a boy named Shithead pronounced Shi-tEEd…Hospitals should seriously be allowed to refuse some names on birth certificates.

        1. They do in Iceland! I think having trained staff intervening with some suggestions for similar sounding names spelled differently, or even some counselling or something before you fill out the birth certificate would be a great idea.

          Also, Abcde just sounds to me like a really weird mix of chastity & abstinence… anyone else?

          1. You’re def not alone @Regina…One of my first thoughts was this mom probably wishes she would’ve practiced abstinence and that’s why she named that baby Abcde…

      2. I think the big deal is the employee took a picture of the childs boarding pass and posted it on Facebook. very immature and against policy.

  23. Each to their own, but personally, I’m not keen! Ok, I think it’s awful!!!!! They will surely end up shortening it to Tez or Tezzy. As a teacher, I’ve taught some children with unusual namEs, ones that stick out are Cinderella, Leaby and Tray (his last name was kitchen- no joke!)

  24. Why do people think it’s cute to name their kids bizarre names nowadays? If you don’t want to go with an overused traditional name then that’s fine but why go so far off the deep end of weirdness? Nova was perfect. It isn’t a common name but it’s still a normal name. Tezlee is just crazy bad.

    1. That’s how I named my kids – I picked names that people have heard before, but not names so common that they will have 3-4 other kids in their class with the same name. There’s a big jump from Nova to Tezlee; makes me wonder what they would have come up with for Carly if they have named her.

      On another note, doesn’t Sarah Roberts from 16 & Pregnant have a daughter named Tessley? Though very similar, I somehow find Tessley more palatable than Tezlee; maybe because Tess is an actual name and Tez is not.

      1. All I care about is how their child is going to live with that name. She might be teased as Taser or something like that (not to mention the nickname Tez) but I guess they didn’t want to name her Teresa because of BrandonandTeresa.

        Kids can be cruel. Don’t make their name another reason for being like that.

      2. Also I agree about the names. I do have some picked up already if I ever have kids and they are already names, just not so common. And they would be named after my favorite artists (ok, one is a song about a female name) so that I will be able to tell my kids where they got their names from. Not just some random letters put together.

  25. It doesn’t have any meaning because it’s a stupid, made up, bullshit name for a child. It sounds like a type of Gum.
    These kids are already going to need therapy growing up with Caitlyn as a mother, why make it worse by calling the kid Tezlee?!

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