Kendra Wilkinson’s Mom Patti Claims ‘Kendra On Top’ Has Been Cancelled by WEtv

“Sadly, you won’t be seeing my mug on your TV screen anymore!”

Kendra Wilkinson is freshly divorced, but, according to her mother Patti, we won’t get to see Kendra living her best single life on her reality TV show, Kendra On Top.

The show has been cancelled by WEtv, Patti told a fan on Instagram.

When asked by the fan when she will be back on TV, Patti responded, “Never. Show is done.”

Last month, Kendra announced that her marriage to Hank Baskett Jr.— the father of her two children and her co-star on ‘Kendra On Top’– was officially over, after she signed the last of the divorce papers. While she has been very vocal on social media about her divorce, she has kept quiet about the state of her long-running reality show.

In February, fans accused Kendra of faking her marital problems with Hank in order to secure another season of ‘Kendra On Top.’ Kendra denied those claims, though.

“How do you fake marital problems? Makes absolutely no sense,” Kendra wrote in a deleted Instagram post from February. “2. Yes we are having issues. 3. My job has been reality TV for 13 years. 4. My show was a comedy and lighthearted til sad times happened then we had to change my show from comedy to drama. Not what I wanted but was part of my journey and story.”

“But Hank was boring anyway! The show must go on!”

The last episode of ‘Kendra On Top’ aired in August 2017, and WEtv has not commented on the show’s future at all since then.

(The Ashley has reached out to WEtv for confirmation that the show has, indeed, been cancelled. I mean, this is Patti’s word we’re taking here…)

Patti’s relationship with Kendra has been strained on-and-off for years. It was often a storyline for ‘Kendra On Top,’ as well as other reality shows such as Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition and The Mother/Daughter Experiment. At press time, mother and daughter were not following each other on social media so we can assume their relationship is currently “off.”

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(Photos: WEtv)


  1. I am kind of bummed that Kendra’s show has been cancelled now that she has a new chapter in her life.
    I think she wasn’t ready for marriage and children when she married Hank. She went from her dysfunctional Family to the Playboy Mansion and then straight into Marriage and Motherhood..
    She wasn’t really a single carefree girl under Hef’s roof. O think she went a bit wild on Hank and married him because she was the first alleged stable relationship she ever had. I hope Kendra gets into therapy. I also wish her happiness.

  2. She’s not even freshly divorced–the judge threw out her divorce petition due to administrative errors.

    But whatever, she’s been boring since she left the mansion and derailed Hank’s career-she was lucky to get her show to last this long.

  3. That sucks for her….I wonder if she ever finished massage therapy school…maybe she could fall back on that lol…I stopped watching Kendra on Top after season 1 or 2…She was so much fun on the Girls Next Door, but once she married Hank, Hank made her so boring…even with that drama about Hank cheating, I watched an episode or 2, but once she said she flushed her wedding ring down the toilet, I stopped watching again because I knew that was a lie for ratings.

    1. I don’t think Kendra could just quietly settle into a Spa as a Massage Therapist, she is too famous..
      I am,sure she has other projects. She is a hustler, I am sure she could get another reality show, maybe on Bravo (?)..She has a pretty loyal fan base.

  4. I lived in Clovis, NM for 3 years and worked at the golf course Hank Sr. would golf at. His son bought him this ugly, annoying golf cart and Sr. always acted like his shit didn’t stink and his family was above everyone. I would have paid good money to still work there when his son got busted cheating. Sure it’s knocked him down a few pegs, hopefully.

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