Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Danielle Jbali Asks Fans For Financial Help to Pay Rent on Her Mobile Home

“Got money?”

Danielle Jbali says she’s in danger of losing her home, and she’s reaching out to 90 Day Fiance fans to ask for financial help.

The Season 2 standout— who is now divorced from her husband from the show Mohamed Jbali— took to social media over the weekend to announce that she is unable to pay the rent due on her mobile home.

“I feel like no matter what I do I can never get ahead,” Danielle wrote in a message posted to her private Facebook. “I am trying to go to school to better myself and get a better job. I have even had to get another job because the employer I work for now cut my hours to 20 hours…”

Danielle also wrote that she may have to leave her mobile home.

“I bought this trailer hoping that it would be a home for me and my girls,” Danielle wrote. “I will probably have to leave my home because I had some financial issues the last few months and got behind on my lot rent…I work my tail off doing Cameos [which are made-to-order videos for fans, by the way], what hours I work, promoting products and selling autographs to come up with money.”

Danielle’s original Facebook post…

A fan of the show who saw Danielle’s Facebook post created a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Danielle, but some of the show’s viewers scolded Danielle for asking for handouts.

“Danielle went back to school, took on a second job and is trying to do the right thing and rise above her past troubles and should be applauded for that,” the GoFundMe page’s description reads. “I truly believe that the real friends she’s made along the way, myself included, would be willing to help a friend in need. Let’s all get together to help her a little so that she will be able get her head above water once again.”

After the page was posted, Danielle took quite a lashing on social media. She later posted a lengthy message to Facebook to explain the fundraising page, and to break down her current financial crisis.

“People are judging really hard and don’t know the whole story. So I will set the record straight,” Danielle wrote. “I work two jobs and go to school full-time trying to better myself so I can get a better job. One job I work 8 hours as a home health aide and the other job I take care of mentally handicapped adults and that job cut my hours down to 20, due to only 1 client being at the house and a full-time staff came back to work from medical leave.

Danielle explained that she is currently battling with the management of the mobile home park she lives in with her daughters.

“I got behind on lot rent for my home that I own,” she wrote. “I have had two replace one of my bathroom floors due to black mold, I had two water line breaks, and then my hours got cut. The mobile home park took me to court and I came up with the money but it is the matter of them accepting it or not. If they don’t accept it, I will have to leave the home I own and find a way to move my trailer out of the park.

“I found a place to put it but it is coming up with the money to move it. I did not ask for money in my original post, I asked for prayers. I had a friend approach me to see if she could start a go find me. People are judging before they know all the facts.”

As Starcasm reported, the people who star on “90 Day Fiance” are paid much less than the stars of a lot of other reality TV shows. The site reports that the “90 Day Fiance” couples are paid only $1,000 per episode for their first season with the franchise, and an additional fee (sometimes) to appear on the season’s Tell All episode. Danielle is likely not receiving any money from the show now, since she is not currently on TV.

At press time, the GoFundMe page had only raised $122 of its $10,000 goal.

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Danielle, The first thing you need to do—is give your dogs away! If you are having problems taking care of your family’s needs, you certainly should not be paying rent to have dogs & have to feed them along with the other cost of owning animals. You should not be asking for money when you are supporting a
    animal or animals. Take that cost out of your life. Dog RENT & dog food most go!
    Next, if your hours have been cut—go get another job. Do not stay at a job that is not fulfilling your family’s needs. Also, many people who work full time jobs at McDonalds to support their family.There are MANY full times jobs available these days. Go get one!
    In addition many people who work full time —take time off from school & to earn money. You may have to consider you can not go to school full time when you can‘t not meet your family needs.
    I have seen you have 3 daughters living at home. It appears they are all old enough to work at least part time. If your going to be evicted why can’t they help instead of crying out to others.
    On this show you are complaining you’re not paid much, however, most people never have an opportunity to earn the extra $1000 per episode that you earned. You may not think this is much money but I do.
    Honestly, until you have made some changes instead of crying out to other for money, I know I would not consider giving you money.
    I will pray for you Danielle, Good Luck!

  2. What I don’t understand is; she says she came up with the money to pay the back lot rent, but its a matter of them accepting it. If they don’t accept the money, then she has to move her trailer. She then says she has to get the money to move the trailer, if they don’t accept it for the back rent. Wouldn’t you have that money then if they don’t accept it, to then use to move the trailer?

  3. stop giving this scamming lying pig. she has a criminal background, she has been on 3 seasons if she has no money left tough shit. She had 3 other go fund me shut down. she opened a credit card in the name of her dead mother it goes on and on pathetic

  4. As already mentioned, when she first met Mohamed online she was currently on the run from her creditors and had previously been busted in past years on theft, forgery, and credit card fraud charges. So this overall pattern, is seemingly nothing new.

    But I’m also finding it a little surprising that after the huge ratings explosion from her particular story, TLC couldn’t find a way to call her back for a third season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Or at least, something that would help her in the short term with some cash.

  5. Sorry but selling autographs and promoting crappy MLM products on social media is not “working your tail off”.

  6. She wouldn’t have rent if she bought the trailer…she would have a mortgage..not sure if I buy her story.

  7. I don’t feel bad for her….perhaps if she quit trying to sue Mohammed (lawyers are EXPENSIVE), would’ve stopped wasting all that money on investigations to stalk Mohammed, would have stopped chasing Mohammed all over America, and would have just taken the “L” and left Mohammed alone and just gotten him deported, then MAYBE she would have enough money to take care of her bills. She created her own storm, and wants to cry because it’s raining.

  8. Well maybe if she didn’t spend all that to that money on the visa process or gas chasing her ex husband around she would be able to pay her rent

    1. I just said the same exact thing….she was so worried about him, she wasn’t taking care of her own home. I don’t have any sympathy for her…she’s the one who decided to waste all of her money…I wouldn’t be surprised if she used this most of this go fund me money to pay her legal fees, because she was trying to sue Mohammed earlier this year.

      1. I don’t care if you find the absolute love of your life online. If you can’t afford to provide your children with food, shelter, electricity, heat and a stable life then you need to wait to persue something that costs money.

  9. This would be the life of most of the TM girls if they hadn’t won the reality show jackpot.

    I’m sad for Danielle and I hope things turn around for her. But I don’t feel so badly for her that I’ll give her money to bail out of a situation exacerbated by her astoundingly poor judgement.

  10. How did she get approved for K1 visa? I haven’t watched her episode, but my understanding is that you have to prove financial stability for yourself and the person you want to sponsor. How was she able to do that?

    1. Good question
      I assume….
      Maybe she had a co-signer. Nicole was able to apply for Azan to come because her father Co-signed/sponsered him. If Nicole cant support him her dad will be able to. (Immigration must be watching the show because they denied his visa twice).

      Or Maybe her situation changed, she did mention that her hours at work have been cut & i think she started going to school after the divorce & that is a huge expense

  11. So rude. Get 2 or 3 jobs if you have to, the message on the go fund page is so wrong, not once does she use the word “Please” which just shows she is a scrounger and just wants something for nothing.

  12. This woman’s story is sad, but in a pathetic sort of way. She married a really attractive (to some) dude like 22-25 years her junior from Tunisia after “meeting” him online. She went over there to meet him and it was instant love so she dragged him back to the states (kicking and screaming of course) to marry him. Like a week or two of being there, the electric gets cut off and he disappears for a while. At this point it’s not clear who the a**hole of this story is going to be. Next she sits him down on a random park bench and shows she was let go of her job because she sucked at it. At this point he’s had it and leaves the home again. Being a good man with pure intentions, he finds that he’s been duped so he returns to his country. Ha ha ha, no. He goes through with the wedding, but pretends that he can only kiss her on the cheek. Ten minutes after this public park wedding next to the drinking fountain, attended by people who look like they either just came from or are going to Walmart to shop for tv dinners, his attitude towards her completely changes. The amount of affection for her that he had been able to force out of his soul was like a 2.3 before, after the wedding it was -25. He literally looked at her with disgust, took trips all over the country to “visit” “friends” and never returned to their marital home. Desperate to prove she’s a strong woman she and her friend drive all over snowy Ohio in a 99 Hyundai looking for him only later to find pictures of him on a cruise with an attractive blonde “friend”. If Danielle would have gone through with an annulment her husband (Muhammed) would have been immediately deported, but once he heard about this his ass gets back to Ohio good and quick and convinces her they can still be in each other’s lives if they only file for divorce (so he can stay in country). She falls for this crap and he goes back to Miami. Weeks and weeks of calls and texts, honing pigeons and smoke signals later she’s flabbergasted that he didn’t keep his promise to stay in touch! So she high tails it to Miami (probably with her trailer park lot fee money) and tracks him down. When she goes to his house she finds that he never wants to see her again, so she assaults him with a binder of evidence she is going to use to prove he was only marrying her for a green card *clutches pearls* so she packs her bathing suit/swimming dress (that she was going to use for a romantic walk on the beach when she convinced him it wasn’t over *not joking*)and high tails it back to frigid Ohio. I stopped watching the season after this episode because I love reality s**tshows, but this is more pathetic than even I can take. So to make a super-long story somewhat shorter, she ended up giving into him and filed for divorce rather than annulment, meaning she has to be responsible for him in this country for ten years, this is where her money is going to. I understand she really wants to be loved, but there comes a time you need to listen to everyone else on planet Earth that’s telling you THIS IS A SCAM. If an idiot eats a tide pod then gets sick, I’ll call him an idiot; if this idiot eats another tide pod, gets sick again then creates a GoFundMe page to help cover the rent for the time he was sick, I’ll tell him to go f**k himself, then call him an idiot.

    1. Well said. I saw only parts of her story near the end and she was pathetic. She was chasing him all over instead of cutting him loose and reporting him eventhough all her friends told her to move on.

    2. OMG!!!!
      I never watch this show,,, I’m like, HOLY CRAP!!
      Yea, I was sympathetic to her but after reading this… I’m just SMH.
      People need to be smart with what they do with their… Lives!
      Craziness, she’d better figure it out!!

    3. The fact that she still uses his last name as hers, shows you how nutty she is. Mohammed doesn’t want her in the least bit, and she’s still clinging on to him for dear life.

  13. How do you get black mold in the bathroom if it’s a new trailer? It isn’t like it’s been a long time; it’s been a few years. That’s just disgusting.

  14. Since when are the public responsible for other people’s lives and choices? How much did she spend for Mu-hammed’s and whoever else’s K-1s/rent/gifts? NO.

    1. You’re right it is no ones responsibility to help her, thats why its a donation & not a mandatory fee.

      There are THOUSANDS of women that have GoFundMe pages begging for money to get a boob job.

  15. That is very sad!!!!
    Hope everything comes together for this woman. Idk her story or watched any shows related to it, but I can’t stand someone trying so hard to make ends meet. Very sad!! Good luck lady!!

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