EXCLUSIVE! Kail Lowry Says She Sent Products From Her New “Pothead” Hair Care Line to Jenelle Evans As Peace Offering; Talks MTV’s Reaction to New Line

“Sending you a CBD-infused olive branch, Jenelle!”

Kail Lowry launched her new Pothead line of CBD-infused hair care products on Friday and, in a new interview with The Ashley‘s NYC reporter Amber Belus, Kail revealed that she’s hoping that her Teen Mom 2 co-stars will give the products a try– even her nemesis Jenelle Evans!

“I sent everyone in the cast a PR box, including Jenelle,” Kail told The Ashley’s reporter during her official launch party Friday night at JA Studios in New York City. “I figured maybe this will be the thing that breaks the ice and we’ll be cool again.”

Although Jenelle has yet to respond to Kail’s peace offering (although, in The Ashley’s head, Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans is using the products and discovering a new passion for “da weeeeed!”), Kail said that the higher-ups at MTV have been supportive of the venture.

“I think [they’re supportive because] this is completely separate from MTV,” Kail said. “I wanted my brand to be ‘Pothead,’ not ‘Pothead by MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’s Kail Lowry.'”

The Ashley can confirm that MTV camera crews were present at the launch party, so it’s very likely we’ll see footage of it on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Also present at the event? Kail’s third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, who surprised Kail by showing up.

Chris and Kail at the launch party…

Her ex-husband Javi Marroquin did not attend, but Kail says he’s been supportive of her new line.

“Javi has congratulated me and wished me the best,” she said.

Kail’s relationship with her first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, is currently strained, due to Jo recently filing for child support against Kail, despite the fact that they share 50/50 custody of their son Isaac.

“Jo and I don’t talk so he hasn’t said anything about the line,” Kail said.

‘Teen Mom 2’ fans may remember that, years ago, when Jo first started dating his now-wife, Vee Torres, Kail got into nasty spat with Vee over Vee’s use of marijuana. (‘Member the infamous “gas mask” photo battle?)

Kail admitted some ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have given her flak recently for doing a CBD line after being so hard on Vee back in 2012.

“I have been getting a lot of backlash on the fact that I had a huge falling out with Vee about [marijuana] but honestly that was when I was still young and bitter and we’ve moved past that,” Kail told The Ashley’s reporter.

“I’ve got two questions for you, Kail: 1) Is there any way I can get high on these and 2) do you ship to prisons? Asking for a friend…”

Check out Kail’s “Pothead” line of hair products by clicking here!

(All photos by Anthony Serrantonio, used with permission; bottom photo: MTV)

Reporting by Amber Belus


  1. She just wants a response from her, to sell more products.. barf! You couldnt Pay me to try the products! Nasty Ho

  2. 3 by 3 and a product line called pot head. Classy AF.

    I’m trying to imagine how the “say no to drugs” talk is going to go when her kids are older. smh.

  3. Why, why, whyyyyyy would you support such vile behavior with a gift???!!! Jenelle & her husband constantly bad mouth you.. ALL THE TIME…calling you fat and everything else under the sun , and let’s not forget their violent behavior.

  4. I know you are supposed to look inside a person and their personality and not their looks, but have these girls ever dated a attractive man? Besides Cole and Jeremy and Corey and Nate?

    1. Nate who?…. Nathan?? BLAH…Kieffer looks better to me than Nathan does….then again, Nathan has shown us his personality and that is such a turn off it over shadows anything physically attractive about him.

      1. I don’t find any of them attractive I was trying to pick the “least” unattractive lol. I’m just saying I guess money can’t buy EVERYTHING. And Nathan I thought was Jenelle’s best looking, I don’t have much to work with guys.

  5. Ok Kail is starting a hair line with pot in its name but doesn’t smoke pot. She also goes on a rant about Vee smoking pot and she doesn’t smoke pot. This makes no sense. Is she trying to say that she smokes pot now? Did she want pot in the name to impress Chris? Once again she’s talking out of her azz.

  6. She’s at the big launch party for her hair products, with frizzy hair in another unflattering mess of a do. You’d think she would have showed up with an impeccable hair style. At least make it look shiny & soft. My horses tails have less frizz.

  7. This product line just makes no sense to me! Just Kail trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame, that just goes on and on and on and on…

  8. I wish Kail would invest in a good bra so the girls aren’t down to her waist. She thinks it sexy but it really ages her about 10 years. Otherwise she’s an attractive woman but this is not a good look on her body type.

  9. Kail and her high horse.
    She always throws shade at one or other trashy woman on MTV who got knocked up as a teen. Oh wait…

  10. Ah Kail and her high horse.
    She always throws shade at one or other trashy woman on MTV who got knocked up as a teen. Oh wait…

  11. Let’s be real here–Jenelle isn’t going to use that, David is going to shoot the box with his automatic rifle in the back yard.

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