‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Tyler Baltierra Confirms He & Wife Catelynn Lowell Are Currently Living Apart; Says They’re “Doing Great”

“Things are great…really…great…”

After revealing on this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG that they planned to live separately for a month, Tyler Baltierra told Us Weekly’s “Watch With Us” podcast on Monday that he and wife Catelynn Lowell are currently living in separate houses and “doing great” during their time apart.

“It’s funny because we actually don’t even call it separation anymore,” Tyler said. “We say, ‘Let’s just do 30 days of self-reflection time. You get to focus on you, I get to focus on me. We’ll continue to do couples’ therapy.”

Tyler added that he and Cate—- who is currently pregnant with the couple’s third daughter, whom they plan to name Tezlee—- have a “great therapist” whose given them advice to follow on top of the separation. He also said he and Cate’s 3-year-old daughter Nova is handling the temporary back-and-forth well, as he and Cate still see each other regularly and continue to eat dinner as a family.

“Maybe you should take some of this time to rethink the whole ‘Tezlee’ business?”

During the podcast interview, Tyler clarified some of details of his temporary split with Catelynn.

“When you say ‘separation,’ everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god, a separation? It’s not like we’re seeing other people or we’re not talking at all or not spending time with each other,” he said. “I’ve been here at the house fixing stuff up while [Cate] and Nova have been here. Honestly [we’re] taking our space when we need it. Nova’s been really surprisingly taking it really well. She’s been really great with everything.”

As longtime ‘Teen Mom’/16 and Pregnant fans will recall, Tyler and Cate have been together since middle school—-a point that came up during Monday’s episode when Tyler’s dad, Butch, asked Tyler if he ever has thoughts about other women in that “special way”… to which Tyler admitted that he did.

“I think everyone would be lying if they said they didn’t [think about other people],” Tyler told the magazine. “My dad’s funny because he’s the type of person where he automatically assumes everyone’s like him — some player, some raw dog player or something.”

Two things we never want to hear in the same sentence again: Butch and “raw dog.”

“I had to kind of reiterate to him, ‘Listen, yeah of course because I’m a human being,” Tyler added. “But the main goal is to stay with my wife and live this life. We love each other.’”

Tyler went on to say that the bond he and Cate have from growing up together is one that a lot of people can’t understand—- Butch included.

“There’s no explanation for it,” he said. “It’s hard for people like my dad, who’s been in prison his whole life and never really had a serious adult relationship, to relate. It’s different.”

Following Monday’s episode, Tyler took to Twitter to clarify a comment he made about preferring who Cate was at 19 and 21 years old, to who she is today.

While the comment gave some viewers the impression that he was referring to Cate’s appearance, Tyler said that was not the case.

Tyler also defended his relationship with Catelynn, tweeting that going through hardships together has made their relationship strong.

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  1. Oh please, how old are you? That’s funny!! You’re in for a world of hurt if that’s your expectation of your partner or when you get married some day. Men think about sex. ALL the time. It’s how they’re wired, it’s their biology. Most of the men I’ve talked to have said, depending on their age, they think about it 25-100 times a day. I’ve read the exact same thing. The younger the higher that number. You’ve just got to deal with it. I choose not to think about. I’m not the thought police and I’ve always thought as long as they don’t act on those feelings than it’s ok. It gets easier to accept as you get older.
    You also wouldn’t believe how often they watch porn behind our backs. LoL. I’m older than most of you so trust me on all this.

    Also is it just me but I hate how you have to post on this site. It says I have to wait 30 secs and reload the page for EVERY comment? I keep thinking I’m doing it wrong. It’s a drag so I don’t come here often. I’ve never seen any site have this before

  2. First he should of had to stay in the old house and not Cate. This was his decision so she should of gotten to move into the new place. Just another example of how selfish he is. So your wife had a hard time and you had to step up? That’s what marriage is! I can only imagine how she must feel especially being pregnant. I’m so sick of seeing Tyler judge her. He also is so condescending to her about her weight and you can see how much it bothers he and how tense it makes her Everytime she has to bring it up. Who exactly does he think he is?! I just hope she gets the self esteem she deserves and regardless of what happens she realizes her own worth.

  3. I love care and Tyler and they have endured soo much and I don’t think there families even realize what they have put them through it’s no wonder they both aren’t nuts like I feel if the families weren’t soo screwed up wen care actually was pregnant with Carly she would have. Been able to keep her one trauma after another for those two I love y both stay strong and it’s jyst another bump in the road

  4. If you’re in a relationship and you think about being with other people then that’s a clear sign your relationship isn’t working.

    1. That’s kinda what I was implying but got 70 downvotes, so maybe I shouldn’t have used my lack of thinking about being with people besides my husband as an example.

      1. This type of thinking is well-intentioned but misguided. It is fine and healthy and human to THINK about other people, in fact, it is more unhealthy to hold people to a standard in which you expect them not to, ever; ACTING on it is when it becomes a problem.

  5. Soo basically theyre doing everything together except sleep in the same bed…they shoulda just slept in different rooms for the 30 days

  6. I heard Tyler has a revolving door on his house because of all the dudes coming and going. No man wears those big neck tee shirts and doesn’t like men, period.

  7. I mean, have they really spent much time together since she has been born? Cate has been in and out of therapy most of Nova’s life 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. He hasn’t filed for divorce because she is pregnant. That’s is all. Once the baby comes and the stress of a newborn and toddler get to Cate and she runs away, that will be the breaking point.

  9. I’ve got an idea. There’s this thing where you spend most of the day away from your spouse, but you still come home to have dinner together and sleep in the same bed. We call this “having a full-time job.” No, really, he should try it.

  10. My husband and I get in arguments. We say we are going to break up and leave. We have never lived separately. We have been together since we were teenagers. So this living separately to focus on themselves is ridiculous. Either you want to be together or you don’t. I think if Tyler wanted to be with catelynn he would be there especially with her being pregnant knowing she’s already had a miscarriage. Quit using what happened in your past as an excuse. Raise your child. Be responsible. Put your child first.

  11. The whole set up sounds a bit useless to me. As far as Nova goes … just because she isn’t asking or is too young to question why you aren’t all sleeping under the same roof ( which is basically the only thing they’re not doing together) doesn’t mean she’s not confused and wondering . It almost seems strange that a therapist would recommend this crazy set up.. see each other through the day, eat dinner together then part ways for the night. Not much of a separation.

  12. I think that Nova is taking things so well because she is used to her parents being separated due to Cate’s multiple stays at mental health facilities. I hope Cate uses this time apart to reflect on how she can better herself as both a mother and person for the sake of Nova and Tezlee.

  13. How do you delete posts???
    Like I said, my laptop was going nuts and I kept getting “refresh” when trying to post. Now, comments that said failed are posted, lol. That’s why there’s so many.
    This is not the way my morning should start, lol.

  14. Catelynn has an abandoned therapy horse. If I recall on a recap, Catelynn was watching TV instead of going to a treatment class while she was away. If that’s not trying, then I don’t know what is. The biggest things I see with Catelynn are her lack of awareness with how she treats other people and a lack of goals. Was the clothing line Tyler’s idea and she went with it? If she didn’t live on MTV, she’d have a job to get up for most days and not have the adoption (and other things she’s sensitive about) shoved in her face constantly.

  15. They have been back together, and their Thanksgiving was in the octagon house that’s finally been renovated. No more separation for them.
    I first read it on Reddit and now online in the article from “Romper”.
    I’ve been trying to post FOREVER but my laptop is going crazy and every time I go to post, it says to hit refresh and my nightmare starts all over again, lol.

  16. I don’t know why I’m getting thumbs down for posting that Tyler and Cate are back together. It’s the truth, not an opinion. They moved into the octagon house together as soon as the renovations were done.
    I didn’t even say if I felt like it was a good idea or not, just letting people know. I first heard about it on Reddit and now I’ve read about it online. To be honest, I was surprised, to say the least. I thought they just might be headed for divorce. Who knows, Tyler might be waiting to see how Cate is after Tezlee is born.

    1. It’s okay… seriously. This is an online forum for people to do what they wish. When you get thumbs down, it doesn’t mean that people dislike you. We don’t know you. Lol. It could just be because people think it’s a bad idea that they’ve moved back in together. That’s all. Not that the world hates you. Breathe, relax, it’s not that serious.

      1. I wasn’t taking it personally, just didn’t know why. Too early for me I guess and didn’t think of the “it’s a bad idea” thing, lol.

      2. Ha. I am often tempted to downvote something when I don’t like what it says, then I remember it’s not against the person who posted it! 😄

    2. Is it the “truth” when Tyler said two days ago that they are living apart? You’ve replied to multiple posts claiming they are back together in their “octagon house” when that is obviously not true, unless Tyler is also lying. Not sure how you know the truth of their living situation better than Tyler does.

      Jesus god (Leah).

  17. Catelynn got pregnant on purpose because she could feel Tyler slipping away. The fact Tyler said “fuck no” when his dad asked him if the baby was planned just proves it.

  18. As I said in the last thread and the one before that: THEY NEED TO BE DIVORCED… and that’s it. We can write paragraphs long synopsis and explanations of what we all think the issues are, but somehow, we all come to the similar denominator.

    1. Since they are no longer separated and moved into the octagon house together, I don’t see a divorce in the immediate future.

      1. Octagon houses don’t stop divorces. Nor does Thanksgiving. It’s all about as useless as Kailyn’s “PotHead” hair spray collection

    2. (I put this comment below, but I’ll post it again)

      I’ll be frank: If roles were reversed and Tyler was the one with all this emotional baggage and self-centered behavior, we would all call him manipulative and emotionally abusive toward Cate and Nova. So, because Cate is a fragile “woman” she gets a ton of excuses to treat her husband and child the way she does. Fragile men seldom get the same sympathies and are quickly labeled an abuser in some way, shape or form. This may be an unpopular opinion, but oh well. As my name states, I said what I said… and I stand by it.

      1. Ive thought for a long time that the things Cait says/does borders on abuse. Threatening(or strongly IMPLYING) suicide when you feel your partner is on the verge of leaving is emotional manipulation. (Blackmail, in a way). I agree completely that if she were a man…bailing on her responsibilities and being so blatantly self-centered the way she has been, she would have been called out countless times. I sympathize with anyone struggling with mental health issues. But Cait focuses on it WAY too much. Its become her (and to a lesser extent, Tyler’s) hobby. They dont vacation or enjoy family time in any way. They go to therapy and get new diagnoses

    3. I wholeheartedly agree. I don’t wish them any strife, but they need need need to be apart. Forever. I think Tyler’s life would immediately improve, and perhaps after some (more) therapy, Cate could start to love herself and be happy as well.

  19. I think Cate got to comfortable, and got lazy with the relationship because she knows Tyler isn’t going anywhere because of their “bond”…This time apart will hopefully do them some good, but as soon as Tezlee comes, I can see Cate going back to rehab because shes overwhelmed and Tyler being stuck with an infant Tezlee (God I really hope they don’t name that child that…the name is AWFUL) and toddler Nova…Which would result in more resentment from Tyler towards Catelynn. Catelynn seems to be developing this pattern of getting pregnant, having a trauma flair up, going to rehab, coming home, straight to the couch to mope, Repeat. I really hope this is a wake up call for her. Her family deserve her at her best.

      1. You keep saying that in every post, but Tyler said that they are currently living apart. Did you read the article?

        “…Tyler Baltierra told Us Weekly’s “Watch With Us” podcast on Monday that he and wife Catelynn Lowell are currently living in separate houses and “doing great” during their time apart.”

        Clearly everything is not ok.

      1. Could you give it a break! How many more times are you just going to keep repeating the same thing. Believe me we get it.

  20. I just….think they are hanging on to each other because they grew used to it. They are having this child because they think she will magically save their marriage. Well, she won’t. I know it is hard to be with someone with a lot of emotional baggage (exactly why my previous relationship went down the toilet-we never got each other’s struggles in the past) but I mean, if you are looking for excuses as to why your marriage doesn’t work….maybe it’s time to call it quits.

  21. This is probably an unpopular opinion but I’ll say it anyway. When one grows up in the type of poverty and disfunction that these two experienced there is no way another person can truly understand the baggage and emotional scarring it causes unless they have also been through it. In addition considering the heart wrenching ordeal of placing a child for adoption, which they also went through together, I completely understand Tyler saying they have a deep bond. I believe they love each other. They may be a hot mess but that does not mean they don’t love each other. They have only had terrible examples in their own childhoods and never had a healthy, well rounded, functional family to show them how to live that way. Also, I think it is appalling how frequently I see people suggesting that Tyler should leave his wife because she’s gained weight. If he says he loves his wife then how rude of people to say well she’s overweight now so he can’t possibly still be attracted to her. Here people drone on about body shaming and yet the first thing usually brought up about cate is her wieght as if that is all her worth is as a person.

    1. Let me say a few things

      1. I can only speak for myself but when I mention Cate’s appearance, it is never about her weight. Actually, when I see most comments about her appearance, her weight is never mentioned. Appearance is more than weight, it’s hair, skin and overall how she carries herself.

      2. You can’t make the assumption that anyone who speaks on their mess has not been through or cannot understand their struggle. I have been through some of what they experienced and THEN SOME. Especially as a child. However, I am no longer a child and a grown ass woman. At some point, I had to actually want help for my issues that I harbored. At some point, I realized that as a mother and wife, I had to change some things in order to see change. Was it easy? No! But I did it, with limited resources and at the time, a menial income, but it got done. Which leads to #3.

      3. It is super hard for me to sympathize with someone who, over the last decade, has received several endorsements, connections with the best mental health professionals in the country, and possibly millions of dollars, etc. Only to squander it or leave treatments early and not complete what she needs to complete. She more resources than 90% of the population, yet, she doesn’t help herself.

      4. I know Tyler loves her, it’s clear. However, I can tell he’s a his wits end and I can’t blame him.

    2. They have been back together, and their Thanksgiving was in the octagon house that’s finally been renovated. No more separation for them.

    3. I’m so sick of the term body shaming. I’ve also never seen anyone SOLELY list that reason, at least on this site. There are a lot of factors, and yes, attraction is one of them, when someone has let themselves go to the point of unhealthiness. Cate has all the time and resources in the world to help herself, but doesn’t. I get that mental illness could be preventing her from being active, but she doesn’t practice proper self-care on THAT front, either.

      1. Exactly @ Save Kaiser! Appearance is waaaayyy more than weight and I’ve never seen anyone specifically single her out on that. Cate is just SLOPPY. She carries herself in a sloppy fashion. Hell, a skinny person can carry themselves sloppily as well. For example, Tyler’s sister.

  22. I’m sorry but what a shitty situation to put your pregnant wife through. Go to couples counseling don’t live separate. If I were cate I’d grow some balls and leave. F that.

    1. I think if it was any other circumstance, you would be right but Tyler has been through a lot with Cate and he is entitled to have some space after how much he went through with her. Plus, the pregnancy was unplanned. Personally, I think Cate got pregnant on purpose to keep Tyler from leaving her because I think he wanted to. Of course, I can’t be sure but this is just what I think.

      1. Agreed! Tyler has been through A LOT the past 2 years, and Cate’s drama was not helping. He tried to talk to her about it before it got to this point, and she brushed it off like it’s not that bad, and relationships are never gonna be rainbows and butterflies, and acted like Tyler’s feelings were invalid…That situation she put him in really wasn’t fair to him. Plus it’s better he has this time to himself now before Tezlee gets here, as opposed to leaving after the baby is born.

        Oh and Cate definitely got pregnant on purpose…Every time Tyler gets fed up with the relationship, she gets pregnant…she traps him, and he falls for it every single time, because of their “bond”. Honestly I feel like all these girls get pregnant to trap the guy…all of them except Chelsea and perhaps Leah (I think Addie was planned)…everyone else seems to always have conveniently have oopsie babies.

        1. Agree for the most part, but I don’t think the last pregnancy was a trap. At the time it was Cate who wasn’t sure if she wanted a baby and Tyler who was all “I want another baby and I want you to surprise me with a pregnancy”. Tyler has rightly changed his mind, but the last pregnancy was on him. Don’t get me wrong, Cate got pregnant to please him, but he made it clear that another baby was what he wanted. I also wonder what he was actually doing to prevent a pregnancy this time. Obviously, they were still having sex. He’s not blameless here, but i am glad he is trying to break their destructive cycle.

        2. I don’t think Maci trapped Taylor with her pregnancies. She said Jayde was semi-planned because she got off birth control. I think Maverick was an oopsie baby but I don’t think Maci got pregnant on purpose to “trap” Taylor. Her and Taylor have always seemed like they had a solid relationship.

          1. eh, we can agree to disagree…she got preggo with Jade, and that lit the fire under his ass to propose…I just say that because according to her, none of the new kids were “planned” because she “didn’t think” she could get pregnant…but at the end of the day I think Taylor always wanted to be with Maci, the baby just jump stated it.

      2. I agree! If Cate was a man and Tyler was a woman, people would be singing a different tune! They’d be calling her manipulative and emotionally abusive and rooting for Tyler to high tail it out of there.

    2. Tyler wanted to do couple’s counseling. It’s Cate who kept refusing to do it while also refusing to accept how her actions affect Tyler and Nova and that Tyler has his own problems and emotional baggage.

  23. Sorry Tyler, but – My husband and I have been married for 8 years, and were good friends for about 7yrs before that – I’ve never thought about being with anyone else… DUH

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