“90 Day Fiance” Couple Leida & Eric Rosenbrook Say They’re Quitting the Show After Receiving Death Threats Online

“This kinda sucks…”

90 Day Fiance stars Eric and Leida Rosenbrook say they’re through with reality TV!

The couple, who is starring on the current season of the hit TLC show, recently declared on Instagram that they are quitting the show, due to Leida and her family receiving death threats from “fans” over her behavior on the show.

“No, we won’t be on the next season,” Leida wrote in a note posted Instagram Stories earlier this week. “[The show’s production company] Sharp [Entertainment] doesn’t care about the death threats. We will deal with everything on our own.”

“We put our lives in danger!” a tearful Leida later tells the camera in a video posted to Instagram Stories. “We put our lives on the front line! This is not fair, this is not worth it at all! We are never going to do this [show] again! I’m telling you guys, we are never going to do this again.”

She also promised to start spilling tea, as soon as she was legally allowed to do so.

“I swear to God, as soon as the contract is done, we will reveal everything that they never showed on the show!” Leida promised.

“How could people wishing me die?” Leida cried in the video. “This is not fair! I’m a human too! When we signed up for this, we didn’t know they were going to portray us that bad!”

Leida has received backlash from fans ever since she made her debut on the series at the start of this season. Fans have watched as Leida demanded that Eric stop paying child support to his ex-wife for their minor daughter, because she believes the child support is the reason Eric can’t afford a nice place for them to live.

She even broke down in one of the recent episodes, screaming at the top of her lungs, “No, No, No! I don’t like it!! I don’t like it!!”

She also tried to kick Eric’s older daughter, Natasha, out of the apartment she has shared with Eric, to name just a few incidents of her bad behavior.

In the video, Leida slammed fans who said that she was making up the death threats to get attention.

“Death threats are not acceptable under any circumstances,” she said “If I made those death threats by myself I wouldn’t let the authorities get involved. Whoever says, ‘Boohoo Leida. This is on you,’ thank you so much and I pray you will never experience the same way like I have.”

Leida even said her young son has been threatened by creepy fans of the show.

“My son doesn’t deserve to be killed or kidnapped. I keep it real and never lie. I value honesty and hope it will help me at court later,” she said.

Eric later addressed the threats on his own account.

“I get why many of you hate on us so much that feel the need to contact us and spew your hate, but for the love of God, leave her son alone! He doesn’t deserve any of this from any of you!” he pleaded on Instagram.

Leida and Eric’s season of “90 Day Fiance” is currently airing Sundays on TLC.

Watch Leida and Eric plead with fans to stop threatening them in the Instagram video below!

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29 Responses

  1. I don’t know how the kids mother met with her and didn’t just punch her in her face for how badly she treats those poor kids.

  2. She conveniently left out the fact that people are disgusted by her because she told this disgusting, gutless man’s youngest daughter that the mole on her face will become cancerous one day and that she makes her wash “the smell of her mother” off her every time she comes back from her mother’s house. This is shocking, but Eric verified/justifies this on their Instagram page.

  3. Lexi – are you Leila? Your arguments are a joke – Leida is a certifiable psycho that needs to go to a doctor – she’s sick. Eric deserves what he gets defending this nightmare of a human. Poor kids they have a terrible existence in store with those morons trying to parent.

  4. For me, Leida bursting on the 90 Day scene and constantly beating viewers over the head with how “rich” she was in Indonesia caused a negative viewer backlash from DAY ONE.

    Not to mention what a turn off she became by finding Eric’s obligation under US law to pay child support for his youngest daughter an outrage and a joke.

    So needless to say, quitting was pretty much unnecessary. Given the fact that these two were never looked upon as “fan favorites” anyway — which would normally prompt TLC to bring them back to 90 Day for another season.


  5. First of all…Leida, calm down….secondly, this is probably just Eric’s entitled half bald daughter and her friends, because she’s mad Leida made her finally clean up, grow up, get out, and start adulting at the ripe ole age of 22…Tasha was the first one to say that “leave my country” BS. I HATE when people do that. There are a lot of things that say self righteous bigot to me, and “get out of my country” is at the top of my list.

    1. Wow that was way off.
      Tasha (sorry you dont like her choice of hair style) has been on her own. She lived in that apartment & her HOMELESS father moved in with her. Yes he admitted to living in his car then moving in with his daughter.
      She said leave my country because Leida was saying that she will not marry Eric because of child support. She told Eric to sign his rights away to make her & her son a priority, that would tick anyone off

  6. It’s sad to see this father who seemed to have a civil relationship with his ex and his children throw it away. We all know this lady will leave him in like 5 years. By that time he will have ruined the relationship with his kids for the rest of their lives.

  7. shes a selfish spoiled bitch. go back to ur rich family and stop using the guy to be in America like she clearly states. and the fact some one could let some one else treat their daughter like that..no matter what the age..is a piece of shit too. If I were his daughter I would take my shit and never speak to him again. seems like the only thing he does right as a father is pay child support for his other kid. who seems to watch leidas son alot. will she ever care for her son on her own? she is the worst out of every season.

  8. Hmmm. I think this has everything to do with the public not liking them and nothing more. Leida needs to be shot . . . with a bear tranquilizer and moved to a psych ward.

  9. I don’t think death threats are acceptable but Leida is a massive bitch and Eric has zero balls.. I would have told Leida that I’d give up my rights to my daughter the day you give up your son.

  10. I actually like Leida VERY much!!! Eric has lied to her and not kept his promises to her. The DAUGHTER was TOLD to leave BEFORE Leida even got to the states. I saw the conversation of the father/daughter on an episode. The daughter is over 18 and NEEDS to move out and get her own life. Dad wants this new life and everybody just needs to accept it. I wish that they were NOT quitting the show as I would LOVE to watch the journey……

    1. I agree with you! Eric lied to get her to America, and went as far as renting an Air bnb to hide his actual financial situation. I don’t mind Leida either…and I do not think she was out of line for being upset Tasha was living like a slob in her and her husbands apartment rent free. Nobody should be cleaning up behind a physically and mentally able adult. PERIOD.

      Leida can be bratty, but she’s never lied about who she is. She’s spoiled, entitled, and moved to America to become a doctor. Erics a grown man, and if he wants to pretend to be blind to the fact she’s using him for an education and a green card, then that’s his choice. She never lied about her intentions.

      1. If that’s the case then why didn’t Tasha call the cops and kick him and Leida out?? If my parent n his new wife is living in MY apartment, there’s no way in hell theyre gonna kick me out. Wtf??

        1. Maybe Tasha didn’t call the police because she doesn’t want her dad to resent her for ruining her relationship. She also seems to care about Asllasandro’s well being more than his $hit mom. She did threaten to call and get Lieda deported. I think she loves her dad and knows he feels stuck in the middle. I really like Tasha. I think she seems like a good kid and feels protective over her dad. She’s better off getting out of there. I also was wondering why moving back in with her mom isn’t an option.

          1. Or maybe that just isn’t her apartment. Nobody in their right mind would let someone kick them out of THEIR place of residency, if it’s actually theirs. You can’t be serious. If your parents were crashing at your place, and told you to get out, you would actually get out because you didn’t want to ruin the relationship?? COME ON.

        2. I think probably because she had a ready alternative, at least for the time being. She was staying with her boyfriend a lot. No doubt to avoid the drama at HER apartment. There was a picture somewhere of the lease way back at the beginning. It is definitely her’s. She probably has the same passive nature that her worthless father does, so ran instead of continuing to fight IN FRONT OF CHILDREN, including her own sister – something Leida cared nothing about.

          1. It is true, it was Tasha’s apartment. Eric was homeless and Tasha let him move in. This is how he repays her.

    2. I believe it’s been reported the apartment was TASHA’s apartment – not Eric’s, she actually invited him to move in when her other roommates moved put bc Eric was living out of his car. I also don’t buy, in the least, his daughter was the one making all the mess. Even *if* she was/is, Eric is an ex marine, also an adult, and the damn parent – he knew camera crews were coming, he knew he was inviting his new bride and her son to this apartment… HE could have stilled cleaned. And I suppose it’s Natasha’s fault Eric didn’t think to buy a decent bed(s) for his beloved and new step son? Eric and Leida both seem like terrible people honestly. She’s demanding Eric stop paying child support for his other daughter, but demands he take care of her child. I totally think her rich parents are shipping her off because there’s something really off about Leida. And I don’t condone death threats, but the only ones I pity here are ALL the kids

      1. If it was really Tasha’s apartment then she wouldn’t be the one getting kicked out. End of story. If it were truly her apartment, then she had grounds to call the cops and get Eric and Leida kicked out…I’m not understanding why people are not grasping that concept…If I have someone crashing with me, there is no way in hell they’re kicking me out of MY apartment, and according to Eric last episode, he was paying Tasha’s half of the rent, so there’s that.

        And again, I’m not understanding why you’re acting like Tasha isn’t a 22 year old grown woman who is more than capable of cleaning up after herself, and fighting her own battles…and Eric was too busy renting an Air BnB trying to trick/impress Leida’s family into thinking he had more money than he actually has to clean up after his adult 22 year old daughter…plus according to him, he told Tasha to clean up after herself before Leida and co got there, but she wouldn’t and didn’t…also, according to Leida and Eric, Leida being from a different country did not fully understand the concept of child support, but by the end of the episode realized that she had to accept it…did she react terribly towards it? absolutely…but in the end accepted that it is what it is.

          1. Arguably Eric and Leida are also adults, with years more experience of *adulting* than a 19-25 year old. The fact that this “woman” is demanding Eric to basically abandon his own kids to support her and hers is disgusting, no parent who loves their children should be asked that, muchless willingly sign up for it. I stand by my assessment that both Leida and Eric are terrible

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