‘Unexpected’ Star Laura Barron Says She’s the Only Cast Member Who Wasn’t Asked To Return For Season 3

“Well this is… Unexpected.”

TLC’s Unexpected is getting another season, but the same can’t be said for the show’s entire cast!

According to Starcasm, Laura Barron, who joined the show in Season 2, has not been asked to return for the next season, despite having one of the most stable relationships out of the whole ‘Unexpected’ bunch.

As The Ashley previously reported, Laura and her baby daddy, Tylor Strawmyer, tied the knot in October—shortly after Tylor enlisted in the Navy.

When asked by one of her followers during an Instagram Q&A if she would be coming back for another season of ‘Unexpected,’ Laura replied, “I don’t think they want me back.”

“They asked everyone to come back except me lol,” she responded to another follower.

As far as the reason why she hasn’t been asked back, Laura believes she and Tylor just didn’t bring enough chaos to the reality show.


“My theory is that we didn’t have enough drama in our story,” she wrote.

Despite her possible departure from ‘Unexpected,’ Laura told her followers she didn’t regret doing the show.

“I loved it! It was an awesome experience. No regrets.”

Starcasm reports that Laura’s co-star Emiley Noack has confirmed that she’s been asked to film another season, though her return depends on her ex Diego Reyes signing on, which he has previously spoken against doing.

The status of Chloe Mendoza’s baby daddy’s return may be up in the air as well being that Max Schenzel is facing a felony theft charge from an incident he plead guilty to in August.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)

9 Responses

  1. If that want a successful show…
    Show the actual struggles of being a Teen Mom & not a teen mom who hot the lottery.
    Every season have a new fresh group.
    Every couple years do a catching up special.

  2. Please don’t let this show become yet ANOTHER Teen Mom iteration. I thought they were going to do new girls every year. No one wants to see another crop of overpaid sit-on-the-couch- and-whiners. Isn’t David the Demon Man enough of a warning??!! “Nice” that they let the one dad trying to step up from his family be the one they cut off from the supplemental income.

    1. That bothers me too. I get that it’s a show, and you need drama, but basically they’re rewarding bad behavior. This is TLC- it should be more realistic than MTV, and realistically, young parents can have a stable relationship. It isn’t common, but it’s also not impossible. One in five couples, like this show, seems pretty realistic to me…

      1. I wonder if it has anything to do with him being military? I refused to film when my family was on a reality show, but I talked to some on how it can impact my military service. For many reasons I would’ve been ok on that particular show, provided I watched my tongue. But I wonder if it could be that TLC has some clause to not film military members? I remember that being an issue with Ebony in 16&P season 1.

        1. That could be, but they could at least film Laura, her baby and her family. I guess TLC doesn’t want to show supportive, sane parents who are making the most out of a less than ideal situation rather than abusive, self absorbed, should destroying parents like Emiley’s mom. Sad that they can’t show both sides of a situation.

          1. Well if they show how great things could turn out, wouldn’t that be promoting getting pregnant while very young?

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