9 Funny Things Reality TV Stars Tweeted This Week: New Year’s Edition

The face you make when you know you’ve successfully burned your former boss Lindsay Lohan on Twitter…

Our favorite reality TV shows love to spend time on Twitter, pouring out their innermost thoughts, throwing shade at their co-stars and, of course, making us laugh (whether they’re being intentionally funny or not…)

The Ashley has concocted a list of the funniest reality TV star tweets from the last seven days!

‘The Challenge’ & ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ star Kailah Casillas set the bar for 2019 extremely low:


‘The Bachelorette’ star Dean Unglert set attainable goals for 2019: 


‘The People’s Couch’ star Emerson Collins didn’t feel very good about his future year:


‘The Challenge’ star Tori Deal gave away some questionable New Year’s advice:


‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Chris Radone was basically all of us as we stuffed our faces on New Year’s Day:


Game show host Pat Sajack worked on his fitness…clothing hanging skills:


‘The Challenge’ star Johnny Bananas vowed to never change:


Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham let us know that we can expect “an infinity” of weird “Farrah Speak”-filled tweets in 2019: 


Former ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe brought his “Dad Jokes” into 2019:

(Photos: MTV, Twitter)

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