Fans Blast Kris & Kendall Jenner After Kendall’s “Brave” Personal Story is Revealed: See the Best Responses!

“Thanks Ma for helping me swindle the masses!”

Note from The Ashley: Although this story breaks The Ashley’s self-imposed rule that there are to be no stories about the Kardashian clan on The Roundup, this one was so ridiculous that it had to be covered by The Ashley!

Kendall and Kris Jenner are getting a wave of negative press after hyping up a “big announcement” that Kendall was preparing to confess…only for it to end up basically being a commercial for Proactiv acne treatment.

No, seriously…that happened.

Fans are not happy about the ridiculous product pitch and took to Twitter to express their feelings on being taken by the Jenners’ tomfoolery.

On January 5, Kris tweeted to let her fans know that Kendall would be coming forward with a “brave” story about  the “most raw” period of her life.

“I’m so proud of my darling @kendalljenner for being so brave and vulnerable. Seeing you share her most raw story in order to make a positive impact for so many people and help foster a positive dialogue is a testament to the incredible woman you’ve become,” Kris wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, Kris told her fans “prepare to be moved” by Kendall’s deep, dark confession. Kendall also added drama by hinting that she would be talking about something that she faced as a teenager.

“When I was 14, I couldn’t reach as many people as I can now,” Kendall said in a teaser video. “Now that I’m 22 and I have this whole thing behind me, I can speak to so many people and just be like, ‘I can help you, and it’s okay, and I experience it. I’m very normal. And like, I understand you. Like, I can connect with you.’”

The Jenners promised that Kendall’s inspiring confession would be posted to her Twitter account on Sunday night. Fans wondered (on Twitter) what Kendall’s big “confession” would be, with many suggesting that she would reveal a mental health issue she deals with, confess to having a secret pregnancy, or come out as a lesbian.

Instead…Kendall revealed she once had acne…and that she is the newest spokesperson for Proactiv.

Pimples. The girl had pimples!

In a video (that is actually just a commercial for the acne-fighting system), Kendall revealed that she walked a red carpet last year with a few pimples on her face, and fans pointed them out to her on social media. (She even hangs her head in shame to let us know how sad she was that people noticed her zits.)

Fans were not thrilled that Kendall and Kris had hyped up the fact that Kendall had once “suffered” from the occasional zit, just like nearly everyone on the planet.

They expressed their outrage on social media, blasting the pair of clickbaiting clowns for their ridiculousness.

Here are some of The Ashley’s favorite responses to Kendall’s “moving” announcement:

Kris and Kendall have yet to respond to the negative backlash. (They are most likely too busy cashing their big ol’ Proactiv paychecks to worry about it.)

(Photos: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images; Twitter)


  1. I’m in no way defending this at all but years ago you could tell she had pretty bad acne… I’m actually surprised they didn’t hop on the proactiv marketing train much sooner..

    1. I agree with you. Not saying she suffers from it, but having acne can be incredibly difficult. And I’m talking about actual acne, not the occasional zit. It messes with your self confidence and since it’s onset is puberty, it can become defining to a young person. I think the marketing was stupid but I do think acne is a big deal to some people, a lot bigger than this article makes it seems

  2. Give me a royal break! Her vocabulary consists of “and like”….she repeated it at least 3 times in that short clip.

  3. Umm… the mistake here is thinking that anyone from the Kardashian/Jenner clan has anything worthwhile to say…ever. They care about vanity and selling sex. That’s it.

    1. Don’t puke yet they haven’t been picked as sponsors for anti nausea drugs yet! If the Kardashian’s don’t claim
      To use it average people certainly can’t!

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