New Season of ‘The Challenge’ to Premiere Next Month: Meet the Cast of “War of the Worlds”

Let the battle of the reality-star egos begin!

Season 33 of The Challenge is set to premiere on MTV next month and, while fans will be pleased to see some familiar faces in the lineup of competitors, they should also prepare for quite a few random newcomers!

“The Challenge: War of the Worlds” will include a mix of ever-returning vets, and a bunch of randoms vying for a hefty $1 million prize in what is being called “the most grueling season yet.”

“Thirty-four competitors from around the globe will battle their way through the most grueling, physical and mental challenges for their share of the $1 million prize,” MTV states in the season’s description. “New rules will unfold, alliances will be rehashed and surprising twists will arise in the grittiest, most hardcore season ever.”

Joining returning ‘Challenge’ host TJ Lavin will be 16 ‘Challenge’ vets (which, of course include Johnny Bananans and Cara Maria Sorbello…yawn). There will also be 18 ‘Challenge’ rookies—referred to as “The Prospects”—who have all appeared on various reality TV shows.

The Season’s Vets will be made up of a lot of the “usual suspects,” but we will also see the return of some players who have sat out of ‘The Challenge’ in recent years, such as Nany Gonzalez and Wes Bergmann.


Amanda Garcia (5th Challenge)

Ashley Mitchell (4th Challenge, 2 wins)

Cara Maria Sorbello (13th Challenge, 2 wins)

CT Tamburello (15th Challenge, 2 wins)

Da’Vonne Rogers (2nd Challenge)

Hunter Barfield (4th Challenge)

Jenna Compono (7th Challenge)

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio (18th Challenge, 6 wins)

Kam Williams (3rd Challenge)

Kyle Christie (3rd Challenge)

Leroy Garrett (10th Challenge)

Nany Gonzalez (6th Challenge)

Natalie Negrotti (3rd Challenge)

Paulie Calafiore (2nd Challenge)

Wes Bergmann (11th Challenge, 2 wins)

Zach Nichols (8th Challenge, 1 win)

“Oh, hey… ‘member me?”



MTV seems to have really scrapped the bottom of the reality TV star barrel with this rag-tag cast of rookies. They include folks from international MTV shows, as well as other shows. While a lot of the Prospects are from overseas, there are also a few randoms from American reality shows as well, so there seems to be no real rhyme or reason as to why these people were cast.

Alan Valdez — Telemundo Personality

Ashley Cain — Ex on the Beach UK

Chase Mcnary — The Bachelorette, Ex on the Beach

Dee Nguyen — Geordie Shore

Georgia Harrison — Love Island

Gus Smyrnios — Floribama Shore

Joao Paulo Andrade — Ex on the Beach Brazil

Josh Martinez — Big Brother

Julia Nolan — Big Brother

Liz Nolan — Big Brother

Mattie Lynn Breaux — Party Down South

Morgan Willett — Big Brother

Natalie Duran — American Ninja Warrior

Shaleen Sutherland — Bachelor Canada

Stephen Bear — Ex on the Beach

Theo Campbell — Love Island

Turabi Camkiran — Survivor Turkey

Zahida Allen — Ex on the Beach

‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds’ premieres February 6 on MTV.  The network will also air a pre-launch special called “The Challenge: War of the Worlds: Basic Training” on Wednesday, January 30.

Check out a sneak peek of the new season below! For full cast descriptions, click here!

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I till enjoy this show. And why in the world do thesesuccessful “vets” need a real job. I would ride the challenge strain til it stopped. They make the same amount of money or more than they would at a job. For less time and they enjoy it!

    I love Big Brother so I don’t need mind seeing some B.B. folks. But Josh? Ugh. The actual worst.

  2. Jaysus, it’s just getting sad for Johnny Bananas and CT at this point. CT, you have a kid, get a real job. I can’t even imagine he’s that much of a fan favorite anymore. The demographic of women who had lady boners for him is quickly waning.

    1. I adore Ct. It’s been a real pleasure watching him literally grow up on that show. He’s come a very long way. He’s matured, funny, fair, reasonable, he’s not shady or obnoxious, he’s down to earth and still quite good looking. He’s not about drama and is a good competitor. He doesn’t make an ass of himself, though I question his current love life choices. I see no reason to retire. Same with Chelsea, ride it out, cash your check and live your life while the other train wreck cast members keep the negative attention on themselves. If you had the opportunity to make that kind of money while living a relatively peaceful real life, don’t say you wouldn’t take it too. I would in a second

      1. Yeah but the fact that you said you’ve watched him grow makes me think you’re part of the demographic I’m in, which was my point that it exists but is disappearing. But what do I know? I’ve never been a CT fan and haven’t watched The Challenge in years. Good to know feverish CT defenders still exist though!

  3. Happy to see Gus from Floribama Shore. He’s a nice guy but I suspect this show will taint him.
    Not happy to see that d-bag wee-pec Paulie. I hated him on BB, hated him (and his CRAZY eyes) on the Challenge. Put your shirt on and go the F home Paulie.

    Cara Maria is likely to go to the nuthouse being in this challenge with more than one ex. I will be sitting by waiting to see it happen. And it’s a shame, she seems like a nice girl.

  4. The picture of Johnny is scary. Why is he always here?! Good to see Wes though, he wasn’t here for a while. (He got married meanwhile so that’s why)

    I do have a feeling this show started deteriorating when they started to include people from ALL reality TV shows. When it was still Challenge related, it was fine, MTV, okay, I can stomach but why are Big Brother etc. etc. people there?! Telemundo personality, REALLY?! And I can’t stand Stephen Bear, he might be here for the first time but he is a fame whore in the UK and is a serial cheater. (Which will be fun for viewers but not for whoever he is with now, if he is). Just STOP IT MTV, it’s obvious not a lot of old time contestants (I mean Mark, Robin, Evan, Paula etc., those “old time contestants”) are interested in competing anymore.

    And ofc they included Paulie and Cara. Yawn. They want drama.

    1. Because it’s no longer about competition and the game for mtv. All these reality stars of today are all about the drama and who’s the biggest shit show, which is all mtv is about now unfortunately.

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    This is one of my favorite shows. I wish they would stop bringing all these other people from rando shows. I understand the real world is no longer, but stick to one show (ie: Vets and AYTO) Why are you pulling people who are on shows not even on MTV and the UK?? A repeat of fresh meat would be better then these “prospects”.

  6. I think this show needs to be put to sleep. When MTV is bringing people from overseas reality shows I think it’s over. Johnny Bananas and Cara need to find a new hobby I think they live their lives for this show and have no other skills. I stopped watching so long ago. I liked when Real World cast members were on.

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