“90 Day Fiance” Star Ashley Marston Withdraws Filing to Divorce Husband Jay Smith

When your marital status is as unpredictable as the waves you’re frolicking in…

Less than two weeks after 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Marston filed for divorce from her husband, Jay Smith, she has apparently had a change of heart…

Starcasm broke the news that Ashley withdrew her divorce filing earlier this week, which had coincidentally been filed January 11: the same day her “90 Day Fiance” Season 6 co-star Colt Johnson filed for divorce from Larissa Dos Santos Lima.

“When I spoke with the clerk she confirmed that the divorce petition was officially filed on January 11 and then later withdrawn on January 22,” Starcasm tweeted on Wednesday, adding that it was Ashley who originally filed for divorce, and also Ashley who withdrew the petition.

John Yates, a social media commentator on the franchise, had previously shared the news of Ashley and Jay’s seemingly-impending divorce on Twitter.

The news of the filing and now the withdraw of said filing comes just a week after Ashley (who suffers from lupus) was hospitalized for acute kidney failure.

According to In Touch Weekly, Jay had already made plans to return home to Jamaica after Ashley filed for divorce; however, after finding out about her health scare, he rushed to be by her side.

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I’m sorry if this photo offends anyone but I will not hide that I’m sick. If I can help one person with lupus then posting this is worth it. I was found unresponsive this morning at my home. The Ambulance took me to the hospital where it was found that I am in acute kidney failure due to lupus. I will begin dialysis shortly. I will not let this beat me. I know I’m strong enough to battle through this,not just for myself but for my kids. I will be transferred to another hospital this evening that is better equipped. Please pray for myself and my family as I know it’s going to be a very tough road ahead for all of us. Thank you for your continuous support and prayers #ashley #lupus #kidneyfailure #90dayfiance #tlc

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“I may have hurt you. I may have not been a good husband,” Jay shared on Instagram. “Jumping on a plane the second I found out you [were] in the hospital was something I didn’t even think twice to do.”

“We have our differences, but as long as I have life, I will never let you sit alone and suffer,” he continued. “I love you, and nothing will ever change that. Thank you for having me here to support you.”

As fans of “90 Day Fiance” may recall, Ashley found out Jay had cheated on her one day after their wedding. The two have been married now for eight months.

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  1. She is going to have a long life of always wondering if her husband is cheating. I have been there, many, many, many times. Men like her husband don’t stop cheating. I have been waiting 15 years for my husband to stop.

    1. As long as she can say ” Look at me I’m so hot I hooked a much younger guy ” she’ll stay with him !

  2. This girl is parched! She will do ANYTHING to stay on TV. I feel bad for her. I think she is deeply damaged from all she has been through. 90 Day Fiance is the most thing that has ever happened to her.

  3. She has so many health problems going on right now, I’m sure the last thing she needs is the stress of a divorce. I can’t knock her for withdrawing while her health isn’t at 100%…those doctor bills are about to be something serious, even with her GoFund Me money, and divorces aren’t cheap…he doesn’t seem like that much of a nightmare, just a hoe…so I don’t think postponing or withdrawing the divorce right now is a terrible idea for her.

  4. Its a nice thing to do and she probably needed somebody bit i still dont think he is going to change for the better.

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