Jenelle Evans Accuses MTV Of Using Her Family’s Drama To Drive ‘Teen Mom 2’ Ratings: “It’s Not Fair To David At All!”

When you finally realize how reality TV works…

Jenelle Evans is accusing MTV of using her family’s drama to boast Teen Mom 2 ratings in the wake of the show airing her infamous 911 call on this week’s episode.

“David is upset everyone keeps bringing up old things that have happened and that we have moved on from,” she said in a new interview with Hollywood Life . “I feel like my husband doesn’t have a voice and they are still trying to use him in the show. It’s not fair to David at all.”

As The Ashley exclusively revealed to you back in October, Jenelle called 911 on her husband (and fellow dweller o’ The Land) David Eason, alleging that he had physically assaulted her after a night of drinking.

“My husband assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground in the yard, and I think I heard my f**king collarbone crack and I can’t move my arms,” Jenelle can be heard telling the 911 operator during the call.

While the recording began making its rounds shortly after the incident occurred, fans of the show got to hear the audio once again during the final few minutes of Monday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and Jenelle isn’t too happy about it.

“The crew filmed with me the day after the incident and I explained what happened,” she told the site. “It’s a shame they HAVE to make it a cliffhanger for their own benefit to get ratings… meanwhile my husband and my family get harassed by hundreds of people for a week until it airs.”

“Well Juh-nelle, did ya really think people were tunin’ in to watch us sit in the woods?”

Despite Jenelle originally claiming that the police and ambulance were called to The Land that night because she tripped and fell by a bonfire, the 911 call and public records from the incident tell a different story, which Jenelle seems to realize now.

“It was a stupid argument we had,” she said. “Part of marriage sometimes is arguing and making up. I haven’t even watched any episodes from this season yet.”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, David has not been allowed to be filmed for the show since last February, when he went on a homophobic Twitter rampage.

“Yep, just another day of livin’ in wedded bliss!”

The Hollywood Life interview is just the latest time Jenelle has publicly defended her husband.

Earlier this month, Jenelle attempted to earn David some sympathy points following the oh-so-classy social media feud between her and Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood. After Amber (and others) came for David online, Jenelle had a full-on, “LEAVE DAVID ALONE” moment.

“I just wish you guys could see how well he cleans a boat!”

“You guys need to stop. And the reason I say you need to stop is that my husband is getting depressed,” she said during her Instagram Live video from last week. “It makes me so upset for him because he doesn’t need to be going through this. You have people making up stories about him now that they know he has a gun.”

On next week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ viewers will get to hear the third (or tenth) explanation from Jenelle regarding what happened on that infamous night on The Land.

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63 Responses

  1. Jenelle iiked you from day one.its ok to defend your husband but if he is mean to you or the kids thats not love.and if you stop the show thats what they want and you have alot of good fans that love you and thoes kids just keep your heas up and take care of thoes babys thanks for listening?

    1. How can you like that piece of trash? She needs to stop the show since she doesn’t deserve the money or fame. They are awful pieces of trash and need to be dumped in the white trash pile. She’s not listening to you on here anyway idiot.

  2. “I feel like my husband doesn’t have a voice and they are still trying to use him in show”

    Doesn’t have a voice?! His voice is the problem, and it just keeps getting worse. His rants increase exponentially, as his access to platforms/channels decreases. In fact, he uses his voice so much, he is being silenced, one social media account at a time. The issue isn’t Lurch’s lack of voice, it’s his inability to STFU

    Still trying to use him in the show?! MTV doesn’t want D*ckhead Dave on the show anymore (hence being fired) but he seems pretty set on injerjecting himself. He contacted the MTV producer to threaten showing up to the pumpkin patch”. Or as Jenelle stated “you know what he is doing, he is joking and thinking he just wants to text Kristen to get her worked up and act like he may show up to scare her. Jenelle gets such a kick from that abusive, psychotic little jokester. Oh, the things one has time to do when they are unemployed. Speaking of having all the time in the world, which of these scholars is Marissa’s homeschool teacher?

  3. I agree with Jenelle. Can everyone please stop picking on that poor homophonic, racist, child abusing, wife beating, violent, gun crazy ex con? It’s hurting his feelings

  4. You should quit the show Jenelle. Actually, please quit the show Jenelle.
    You being worried about David’s “depression” but complicit in the abuse of your son by David is sickening.

  5. I have to admit, I was pretty annoyed when I saw MTV using that 911 call, but ONLY because I didn’t agree with them using it for drama, NOT because it’s “unfair to David.”

    Oh no, David is getting depressed? You know who else is probably getting depressed? Al of the LGBTQ people who David’s hate speech was directed at. As far as all this other whining goes, Jenelle, well…there’s the door.

  6. CHEEZUS JENELLE. You can’t get pissed people are “misunderstanding” your husband because people are reacting to a phone call YOU made.. to YOUR interpretation of the events. I sympathize to an extent but david “lost his voice” because he proved time and time again that he was using his voice to be hateful and he was then in turned fired. If be worked for ANY organization and was a publicly facing person/associated with the company as a brand I don’t care if he worked for Wells Fargo, wall mart, or a beef jerky dispensary… he’d get fired for his very PUBLIC displays of hatred. It’s not an mtv problem, Eason’s, it’s a YOU problem. You go off about sensitive snow flakes but you’re the ones whiney and crying because your employer no longer wants to employ you because you were at the very basic level, innapropriate online (at the VERY BASIC level, you don’t get to talk like a hateful piece of shit and spew bigoted ignorance and then throw a tantrum when your actions have consequences). MTV isn’t responsible and David isn’t entitled to having mtv be his outlet to make his voice heard. End rant.

  7. This is kind of like a factory worker suddenly stopping and exclaiming “Wait a minute! You’re just having me assemble these trinkets so you can sell them at a profit!”

    Yes, Jenelle, MTV sells your family drama for advertising dollars. That’s what Teen Mom is what it’s always been. You’re just realizing this now?

  8. Well duh, you idiot….why do you think you’re still on the show?…I know she didn’t think MTV hadn’t fired her yet because she’s a stellar employee….

  9. Haha !!! Tell husband to stop making himself look like a idiot everyday. I mean everyday he is doing something to be talked about. I think he wants people to talk about him I think he does it for attention. I tell u Jenelle u need to leave that pathetic loser he’s dramgimg down.

  10. Simply put, without MTV’s tireless efforts over several years to show viewers Jenelle’s latest screw ups and dysfunction, there would be NO LAND.

    To add to this, I think we all know that with NO LAND, there would certainly be NO DAVID either.

    And that’s because as soon as those fat MTV checks stop rolling in, David would promptly stomp her ass far worse than he did before that 911 call, and he’d be GONE.

    Period. The end.

    So Jenelle, stop.

    Please. Just stop.

  11. David is clearly unstable and abusive. I worry that all these interview are going to come back and bite her in the worst way. With the amount of guns that these two have, it isn’t a stretch to think that one day he will shoot her or she will shoot him in self defense. Either way, these interviews and comments could potentially be used for his defense or against her in court. Just stop, Jenelle. For your own sake. Protect yourself and your kids not your abusive husband.

  12. Do NOT- and I repeat- DO NOT FLATTER YOURSELF by saying your racist, white suprrmacist BOY of a husband and your white trash family, suggesting YOU ARE the reason for higher ratings?!!! Bitch, BUH-BYE!!! #whitetrash #racistfamily

  13. Mtv needs to fire her as well. Shes sick and shes going to get hurt again by him and probably worse. Wake up Janelle and stop denying what happened MTV viewers arent that stupid.

    1. She doesn’t care about that remember she doesn’t even go to the door when they come.
      ” Tell them I’m doing my make up”
      You heard her tell the dispatcher, I will let you come down and come in.
      Notice she doesn’t care how
      Kaisers feels or if he’s depressed.

  14. David: “I’m depressed because MTV is making me look like a bad guy!” This coming from the man who pulled a gun on a real estate agent, and later posted photos of said agent to his personal social media account while referring to the woman as a p*dophile, the man who is in hot water for illegally towing a disabled man’s truck while filming it for his own social media account, and the man who has used social media to go on racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic tirades…The list could on forever. Please take several seats, UBT; it’s your own fault that we (rightfully) see you in such a terrible light.

  15. Ya know Jenelle- shouldn’t have put yourself in these situations that bring up old wounds. I have zero sympathy- her segments are faker each episode because no one wants to film with her. MTV needs to make the show die already…. yes I’ll watch it till it dies, I’m too invested

  16. Is this the ‘charm offensive’ Jenelle is trying to convince us of: just a hard-working mum living that #mumlife with huzzband of the year, UBT.

    She is failing miserably at pulling the wool over, ahem, convincing us of her perfect life. We see you, Jenelle, we see you. And it’s not a pretty sight.

    We don’t watch MTV for your sparkling personality and amazing lifestyle. We tune in to watch your dumpster fire of a marriage and to do head counts and welfare checks of the little ones.

    MTV keep you because your life is car-crash tv. You serve it up every season. MTV don’t want you for your educational lessons or how-to-be-a-mum lessons – they want you as an example of what not to do. They want nothing more from you and neither do we.

  17. Abuse anyone ! She afraid he getting depressed why because he will whip her butt again.. Personally got it right first time abuse .. then add alcohol to mix .. he has guns one day might be you he uses a gun on or you him.. you both have mental issues and have no business with children .. and your son deserves to know his father if he wants to be part of his life and has grown up.. can’t be any worse than u getting him and having to see all that goes on around your life! The incident in your car then pulling gun out in front of son and endangering your son so u can try to act all tough ! Well that was stupid and unfit act around a child ! Too bad you don’t think enough of your self or children to do better ! Why we have mixed up kids remember this Monkey see Monkey do !

  18. You chose to be out on TV and honey wander why your son confused .. you don’t want his dad to see him because what drinking gets drunk , acts out .. Now he has grown wants to see son . Needs to be given a chance ! meanwhile your husband whom u have kids with . Basically whipped you butt! You called 911 , you were hurt and in no shape or form is it okay to be verbally or physically abusive period ! So until ya’lll quit drinking and get professional help Your son doesn’t need to be around ya’ll! Mischief less other kids ! Your choosing a man over your children ! Your afraid he will get depressed because of what people saying . No afraid he will go off again ! That’s what happens when those don’t deal with their behaviors .. with professional and change ! Meanwhile Jenell creating Drama because sons real dad wants to see his son … and u talking about him . Think more worrried about current husband and you because u have hot head a well

  19. If you’re so sick of Mtv using you and your husband is so depressed leave. Easy peasy. No one is making you stay.

  20. Sorry Jenelle but this is your own fault.
    Why would you think such a great provider, a nice gentle giant that loves all races, genders & sexual orientations, that never threatens or hurts anyone would attack you?

    They played the 911 call that has been out in the public since you made the call, they didnt play a call from David. Why else would they pay you to talk to your mom & put up with your crap?

  21. Poor David!Mtv can’t edit a 911 call Jenelle made!In the past few episodes she is the only one that even mentioned him until he threatened the producer!!Mtv please fire her!

  22. Jenelle will always find some way to play the victim. Annoyingly typical.

    She literally signs up for MTV to air her drama on national TV for a paycheck. Has she been oblivious to that little detail for the last 10 years?

  23. Jenelle and David, you both need Jesus!! It’s a shame that you’re making so much money off of MTV and they have people that’s going to work everyday living payday to payday just to survive. Thank God I’m not your boss because I would fire you on the spot. You laying up there and got three children from 3 different daddies and you making money off of it that’s pathetic.

  24. Sad to say but I fast forward through Jenelle’s part and Brianna’s part of the show. They are a headache to watch. Disgrace. Tired of it. I’d much rather watch more time of the rest of the teenmoms.

  25. Jenelle gets paid 500,000 per season per episode? And Kylie Jenner is a billionaire……yea going to go jump off a bridge now

  26. Jenelle is right, part of marriage is having arguments. However, in all the years I’ve been married, my husband has NEVER put his hands on me. Let alone gotten so physical with me that I felt the need to call 911 for help! Jenelle is in deep denial about how toxic her relationship is. Then again, Jenelle is just a toxic as David.

    1. I bet you have tripped or fell down too. Did you assume your husband was attacking you?
      Of course not
      Because as you said he never laid a hand on you.
      Only an abused women would make that mistake…even if we wanted to believe her lies.

  27. It will probably be an hour or two after the next episode airs when she’ll proclaim that she is leaving the show because they have twisted her story, silenced her voice and framed Lurch. I suppose this nitwit hasn’t told him that people wouldn’t think he’s as big a pile of garbage as he is if he wouldn’t have the laundry list of offenses that he has committed in real life and on social media for all the world to see. If she was really so concerned for UBT she’d get off tv, get him off social media and into some counseling…….but that would be the adult thing to do, so nothing’s going to change; after all, those scripts and that ammunition aren’t going to pay for themselves.

  28. Well Juh-nelle why do you think they keep you on?? Is it your charming personality? Your loving husband? No it’s the ratings and money.

  29. ???? poor poor David!!! Get rid of her!!! ???David’s not a bad person you just make him out that way! ??911 my husband pushed me down ???God it’s enough to drive you insane!!!!

  30. No Jenelle. What’s not fair is your/swamp things existence among Humankind and you are parents.
    Here is a tip… You suck at playing Victim. STOP. You are MTVs WHORE. Suck it up buttercup. Don’t like it..take a long walk off a short pier at the swamp.

  31. No Jenelle. What’s not fair is your/swamp things existence among Humankind and your are parents.
    Here is a tip… You suck at playing Victim. STOP. You are MTVs WHORE. Suck it up buttercup. Don’t like it..take a long walk off a short pier at the swamp.

  32. David has an arsenal of guns, not a gun. He’s violent and abusive. No matter how you try to spin your lies, he’s a loser living off your money.

  33. “My husband is getting depressed”. I care about David’s depression as much as I care about the internal hemorrhoids in my ass.

  34. Jenelle, you get paid $500,000.00 per Sean to do this, if you don’t like to see your life replied maybe you should just not be married to the deadbeat abusing idiot!!

  35. Jenelle…this shit is LITERALLY the only reason you have any income at all. We all know your husband is incapable of working and earning anything of his own.
    So STFU.

        1. They are Both heros
          Jenelle saves lives with her Medical Assistant certification…well just her training since she failed the certification exam.

          To anyone that missed it
          Jenelle was putting her mom down for working in Walmart, she then said that she can save lives as a medical Assistant.
          A few weeks ago she did a video to convince us how great David is & that he risks his life CLEANING BOATS

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