Roger Mathews Responds to Jenni Farley’s Letter, Calling Her Abuse & Other Claims “Highly Erroneous”; Urges Judge to Have Jenni Mentally Evaluated

“It’s lies, I tell ya!”

Roger Mathews says there’s no truth to the abuse and other claims made by his soon-to-be ex-wife Jenni Farley in a scathing letter posted to her website on Wednesday– and he’s willing to fight her in court to prove it! 

Roger took to Instagram on Thursday in an attempt to clear his name after the Jersey Shore star accused him of physically abusing her, attempting to extort her and endangering their two young children, among other things. In a video posted to his own Instagram account, Roger called Jenni’s claims “highly erroneous” and stated that Jenni had violated an existing non-harassment court order by posting the letter.

“I sit here humbly before you today, a pretty heartbroken man in light of recent circumstances,” Roger says in the video. “Things were said about me in a long, rambling rant that was put out about me that was highly erroneous and had many lies in it.

“I had a speech prepared for me by my attorneys that I was going to read but I decided not to read it and just shoot from the hip,” he continued. “We’re going to address this in court, which is the proper place to address it.”

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Truly sad it has come to this.

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Roger claimed that Jenni has played the victim in the past and been caught telling lies under oath.

“We have proven Jenni and her attorneys to be liars in the past and we will do it again,” Roger said.

To show his followers what legal action he is taking against Jenni for posting her letter, Roger attached a three-page legal document addressed to the judge in their divorce case. In the documents, Roger and his legal team claimed that Jenni “uploaded what can only be described as a fictitious and defamatory account of alleged unilateral abusive conduct that creates a false narrative.”

The documents also claim that the letter was designed to “provoke and incite” Jenni’s 6.7 million Instagram followers, as well as the “potentially millions” of people who viewed the letter on Jenni’s website.

“[The letter is] a transparent campaign to extort Roger Mathews to abandon his rights as a father and his legal claims,” the court papers state, later adding that Jenni’s words were “directly slandering” to Roger. The court papers also stated that the letter mobilized “over 10 million people, as well as news and media to carry out her campaign of cyber-bullying, harassment, embarrassment and intimidation…”

The court documents urged the judge to demand that Jenni take down the letter and to hold Jenni in contempt of the previous court order. Roger stated in the docs that he fears for his safety, as well as the safety of his children, now that Jenni’s fans were “provoked and incited by her words.”

Finally, Roger and his legal team asked the judge to order Jenni to undergo a mental evaluation.

“Her conduct and ‘gaslighting’ bears all of the hallmarks of a personality disorder with narcissistic tendencies,” the documents state.

Jenni also uploaded a series of videos to her website on Thursday, one of which seemed to show Roger striking Jenni and throwing her to the ground. Roger did not mention that video in his Instagram video or in the uploaded court documents. Still, he insisted that he has proof that Jenni is lying.

Jenni and Roger in November, during their last public outing together…

“I know that we have the preponderance of truth on our side,” Roger said in his Instagram video. “I know that there is a deep-rooted history of this, [Jenni] playing the victim. We have the preponderance of evidence, truth, the witnesses and the testimony.

“My concern is my children. I will not stop until I have my children.”

At press time, Jenni’s letter remains on her website and Instagram account.

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36 Responses

  1. He didn’t deny it. I think Roger really did do the dip with another girl in the car on JS.

    I used to like Roger, thought he was the calmer head of the two…but that video tho, he dropped her. The baby is crying, he is taunting her, it’s all pretty sickening. Just hope their daughter wasn’t home, it’s scary and traumatizing. I grew up in a household with domestic violence, it’s terrifying.

    1. You can see the daughter run across the kitchen towards Jenni while they were yelling. She was right there, sadly.

  2. In the eternal words of Sammi Sweetheart, just staaaahp, both of you.

    Making it public isn’t gonna help anyone.

  3. Roger and his lawyer can pretend those videos don’t exist but they do and the judge will be able to see them too.
    When I was a judge and I would receive an unprofessional letter like Roger’s lawyer dared to send to a judge that already has too little time for his cases, I would tell them to rewrite it and stick to the facts and legal issues. You know, a real, serious legal document.

  4. Roger is a sorry piece of whale s**t. He knows Jenny’s mother has mental issues so he wants to get Jenny evaluated. Roger why don’t you get evaluated?

  5. So the videos of him gaslighting her and going after her in the kitchen were fabricated? I know he can be a pretty sarcastic guy so I take most of what he said with a grain of salt but he still knowingly and purposely setting her off to get a reaction.

    And that kitchen video speaks volumes. Even if she’s dramati it still looks like he went after her in on way or another which resulted in her on the floor. I was very team Roger but after seeing all that it really is a very toxic relationship and they just need to work past it all in family counseling and learn to coparent.

  6. What a horrible delusional person this guy is. Just watched the videos and the way she got up and continued on after he threw her down makes it clear this is not out of the ordinary. That is upsetting but for some reason him sitting on the couch recording and harassing her while she is actually doing something in the house infuriates me just as much. Turning the camera on himself and smiling all the while verbally abusing her with his child on his lap. That alone sums up what a classic controlling, abusive and narcissistic man he is. The scary thing is these guys truly believe they have been wronged and will never recognize themselves for what they are-useless and abusive with no idea of what it means to be a real man.

    1. Mind you he was doing that when she was 6 months postpartum, and was having that affair while she was pregnant. I couldn’t imagine my husband/father of my kids saying and doing those things to me while I was still hormonal from birthing his kid…He’s absolutely terrible, and I agree….he still truly believes he’s the victim.

  7. I feel like they probably both beat the shit out of each other. She doesn’t seem like the most calm woman either. I have two sons with speacial needs, and I know how exhausted it can make you as a mom, and as a wife, and as a couple. It’s so hard and it can be make or break. Sometimes my husband would give our kid dairy or gluten because he didn’t believe every child with a delay, or autism had the allergy, spoiler alert, not all do ! I don’t know their situation, but I know how hard it can be. Then take two very hot headed people ( and one probably doing steroids, because gainz duh ) and it’s a bad situation. This is so sad to play out in front of everyone. Damn I wouldn’t have wanted to know all the details of my parents divorce, but I was 17. I understood more. I feel bad for the babies. They can Google this one day.

  8. Fuck you roger!!!! So was the video lying when u punched her in the face and threw her to the ground. And the only gaslighting I saw was from u. Also. Shame on both of u for fighting like that in front of your kids!!! Do u know what kind of damage that is going to do to your children?? They were screaming in the videos. Grow the fuck up both of you. And stop doing roids roger and maybe you wouldnt beat the mother of your children. You 50 year old guy fieri lookalike. Loser!!!!

  9. I hope this comment translates well.

    It’s pretty telling when I go to change websites and one of the suggested searches is “gaslighting.” I dated a guy like Roger and nothing was ever his fault. Which seems to be the approach Roger is taking.

  10. I couldn’t even make it past “I sit here humbly before you today” without rolling my eyes so hard it gave a headache….

    1. Yup and it’s hen accusing HER of gaslighting is the icing on that cake. This guy is a classic abusive gaslighting s.o.b.

  11. I find his videos show where he is mentally and it doesnt look good. I see a man whose future might lead to a suicide or worse, murder then suicide.

  12. They both need to leave this out of the media. It will be better for both of them, and both of their children in the long run. The way technology is these days, and will be in the future… I know I wouldn’t want to be able to google search how ugly my parents divorce was, and the awful things that were said, regardless of truth. “Erroneous” doesn’t even sound like a word Roger even has in his vocabulary, by the way, lol. He can’t expect to slander Jenni and play pefect parent on social media, and NOT eventually have Jenni post her side of the story. I’m always a bit of a believer when it comes to the whole two stories and the truth is somewhere in between, but honestly, I’m with Jenni on this. Jenni is not the one who needs to be mentally evaluated here either. Keep your head up girl, a judge will see through his bullshit. Life will be good again soon enough.

  13. Oh Roger, SHUT THE FUCK UP!
    So Jenni threw herself onto you and threw herself onto the floor?? And the man holding your baby while she’s putting shit away and provoking her and making sick, inappropriate comments about another woman is a body double?? All abusers are worthless, spineless bullies and pieces of shit that deserve a bat to their heads in hopes it will knock in a reminder to be respectful, even in disagreements… ((Not really, but I hope ya’ll know what I mean)) Abusers need to be called out for the dumb shit they do so they can see how wrong it is. How would he feel if that’s what happened to his mother or sisters, grandma even, God forbid his daughter?? Karma is real folks, and she doesn’t give a shit if it’s your own flesh and blood. It comes back on you and it hurts more when it is your baby suffering at the hands of someone who claims to love her!

  14. He’s “heartbroken” because he’s been exposed for the narassitic, abusive, cheating scum that he really is. The videos alone should hopefully be enough for Jenni to get sole custody.

  15. This is not about the divorce anymore. Roger wants revenge because Jwoww left his sorry ass. I always thought he was an aggressive, violent guy, especially after that scene where a fight broke out in a club and Roger pushed Jenni to the ground. And later he was mad at Jenni for the whole incident, and made HER apologize. Asshole.

    1. YES! YES! YES! A thousand times YES! I wish I could like this a million times.

      Roger is an overaggressive toolbag. I guess all those ‘roids have finally gone to his head.

  16. Um so he didn’t throw her to ground? He didn’t cheat on her? Weird since there is video of the violence and him admitting to cheating. And maybe he should have just stuck to the statement his lawyer drafted. Shooting from the hip is not his forte.

  17. I agree she went too far in posting that letter/video. They’re both violent. I just feel bad for the kids..not these two adults/idiots , who should stop posting crap on social media. Its ridiculous!

    1. He started it…slandering her on IG for days when she finally called the cops, calling her ex’s to have them harass her. I don’t blame her for exposing him for what he is. If he didn’t want it posted on social media, he shouldn’t have done any of it in the first place. At the end of the day it sucks for the kids, but he has forced her hand. She said it at the end of her letter…she’ll try her best to not make this messier than what it is, but she’s not about to let someone ruin her…and he’s been trying his best to ruin her

  18. PLEASE!!! This guys a fucking narcissist to the max!!! And it’s all on video! He needs a mental evaluation

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