MTV’s New Dating Series ‘Game Of Clones’ Will Feature MTV Reality Stars Kail Lowry, DJ Pauly D & More Dating Celebrity Lookalikes

*No sheep were harmed in the filming of this show, though we can’t say the same for the participants’ careers. 

A new series premiering on MTV this month will attempt to matchmake eligible reality TV stars with lookalikes of their celebrity crush, in what may very well be the most random dating show concept to hit the airwaves.

MTV’s first look at Game of Clones begs the question, “If you found seven identical singles, could you find your one and clone-ly?”

(The Ashley will give you a moment to roll your eyes…)

Anyway, the series will feature familiar faces from the MTV reality TV world, each of whom will date seven “exact lookalikes of their celeb crush” in the hopes of finding their perfect match.

“Through compatibility tests, challenges and more, each clone will strive to stand out from the rest during this radical dating experience,” MTV’s show synopsis reads. “The race is on to find their one and clone-ly. Hello, dolly(s)!” (That’s a reference to Dolly, a sheep cloned in 1996 that was the first mammal to be cloned, by the way…)

While we attempt to block that cringe-worthy play on words from our minds, here’s a look at the reality stars hoping to find love (aka a few more minutes of fame) on the show:

“‘Teen Mom 2’ is officially not the most embarrassing show I’ve been on now…”

Kailyn Lowry, Teen Mom 2

Cara Maria Sorbello, The Challenge: War of the Worlds

Kam Williams, The Challenge: War of the Worlds

Leroy Garrett, The Challenge: Dirty 30

Nicole Zanatta, The Challenge: Vendettas

Derrick Henry, The Challenge: Final Reckoning

DJ Pauly D, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Fingers crossed that Pauly’s potential suitors are revealed to be a group of Vinny lookalikes.

(Given the announcement of Pauly and Vinny Guadagnino’s new joint dating show, Double Shot at Love With DJ Pauly D & Vinny, it’s safe to assume things didn’t pan out between Pauly and his “dolly.”)

MTV’s ‘Game of Clones’ will premiere with back-to-back episodes on Thursday, February 21. Check out the first look below!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. I heard of this show already and honestly……WHY?! It’s not all in the looks, all 7 of them can have awful personalities!

  2. The preview looks dumb. I feel sorry for the ones that will be stuck with Kail. I guess she’ll do anything thing for money.

    1. The preview editing is not good. lol. Glad to see she is out there actually doing something to try and make $ (let’s not bash that)…too bad we can’t say that for Jenelles spouse.

    1. Enough with the body shaming already. There are people who commit suicide over bullying like this, it needs to STOP!

    2. If you think pauly d is a good enough man for you to call beloved, you must have very low standards

      I will watch the first episode, see how it is, don’t got much to do in my life

    3. You do know they won’t be together in the same episode, right?! Both of them will look for “clones” to date, not each other!

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