‘Counting On’ Star Jana Duggar Addresses Rumor That She’s Made to Share a Room with Her Much-Younger Sisters

“It’s great…honest…”

Jana Duggar has been the subject of many rumors over the past few years, but the Counting On star took the time recently to clear one up regarding her current living situation.

Jana once shared a room with all of her sisters, but, as time went on, all of the over-18 girls— JillJessaJinger and Joy— have gotten married and left home. Now that Jana is the only adult female Duggar child who is still living at home, fans have wondered if the Duggars have allowed Jana to move into her own bedroom, rather than share a room with her little sisters, who range in age from 13 to nine.

In a comment posted to her new Instagram account, Jana revealed where she currently sleeps in the house and why.

“Actually, I’ve had the choice to move to another room but love being in the girls’ room with my sisters,” Jana told a fan.

“Rooming with kids is great because at least they don’t steal your clothes!”

Jana, who just turned 29, went on say that, despite the 16-year age gap between her and her next-oldest sister (who is Johannah, by the way), she still enjoys sharing a room.

“The evenings are the best,” Jana wrote. “We sit around talking and catching up on each others’ day.”

Jana seemed to brush off other fans’ comments stating that she is a mature woman who needs her own room. Back in 2017, she told the Christian magazine Crown of Beauty that when she feels sad about being single and watching her siblings enjoy married life, she tries to look for ways to help her family.

“To encourage those of you still at home: Ministry is all around you, doing the basics such as helping with housework, babysitting littles, cleaning, that is ministry!” she told the magazine. “’Divine service done here three times a day’ is a sign that could be hung over the dish sink in our home! So, you don’t have to go on a mission trip to do ‘ministry.’ Wherever God has you now, just be faithful to reach out, encourage and serve those around you.

“We need to be busy with where God has us and being content and joyfully serving Jesus there,” Jana continued. “My parents have always encouraged each of us to serve those around us…I’ve found that when I’m having a hard or discouraging day, I try to look for ways to bless or serve someone else. And in turn it usually blesses and encourages me!”

The new season of ‘Counting On’ premieres later this month on TLC.

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  1. It’s common for older daughters from large families who have had to raise their younger siblings to choose not to have kids. I also wonder if she stays in the home to protect her youngest sisters from being sexually abused. I wouldn’t be surprised if she carries around a lot of guilt for what happened to her other sisters. As the second oldest child, I’m sure it was hard watching her sisters deal with the trauma they went through at the hands of her older brother.

  2. She prob stays in the room willingly to keep the younger girls safe from whoever is the next “Josh” in the family.

  3. All of the Duggar girls are beautiful. Must be the right living and honoring their heavenly Father. They’re an amazing example to young people that self-control is a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing.

  4. It is ridiculous that a 29 year old has to stay at home and do chores and babysit just because she is not married. She is not even allowed to leave the house by herself. She has to take one of her siblings with her e everywhere she goes. Michelle even said that in an interview. It’s to keep her in check. That’s absurd. Jana should be move out in her own apartment with her own car and have a job making her own money and she should be dating guys!

  5. They are stuck in a cult. This isn’t a loving family. It is a brain washed mother a selfish father and a sad abused family. This is sick I wish they would stop getting attention for thwir sick ways. These kids will never understand normal. They have been forced to live a life of fear and threats. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there was a lot more physical mental and sexual abuse than any one has heard about.

  6. Yes I think there is something very wrong with this entire situation from the room to not having freedom or a life of her own. No college, no job where heaven forbid she might meet people outside of her family and realize how fucked up her situation is. On the other hand she doesn’t have several kids with different fathers, go from one abusive relationship to another or threaten to “throw hands” and behave like the trash that makes up the teen mom cast. Just sayin.

  7. Sure, Jana. It’s great to talk about teenage or child stuff with your much younger sisters! At least she has Instagram and can talk with people (even men! Hehe, dad doesn’t know who is on the other side) of her age.

  8. Good grief this woman has been brain washed.
    She should be able to move out on her own, enjoy an education and a job.

    1. She’s a lesbian who will never ‘come out’ because of her cult family. If she ever gets married to a man it won’t be out if love, it’ll be because it’s what her controlling parents TELL her to do.

  9. She my not have here on home, but she has her own property$$$🤣 And she has 2 outside jobs. Firefighter first responder and doula. Thanks just awesome in my book 😁

  10. Honestly I’m surprised at this point she hasn’t just given up and agreed to marry the next schmuck who comes along, just to not have to deal with the constant speculation and gossip over it. It’s not like the rest of them were in love either when they married, let’s be real – it’s like a prearranged marriage and I think they ‘eventually fall in love. Gag.

  11. No Jana, you need your own space. It’s not healthy and I don’t think she has had much freedom in her life.

    She isn’t property and there is no reason why she should have to rely on being married to start her future. Grown ass women can have their own property, their own home and their own household.

  12. Have the childrwn any work experience? How do they support their families (financially)?
    They seem to marry, and immediately acquire large homes?
    And I’m curious how the parents supported their large family, prior to being on television?
    Why don’t they adopt some needy children?
    Oh, so many questions. I may need to buy a television, to find answers?

    1. I’m doubtful they even*could* adopt. The process is rigorous and there’s a ton of background investigations. We know they’ve had multiple investigations opened with CPS, at least one that confirmed sexual abuse was occurring. They are also very open about use of bizarre physical discipline which really toes the law (blanket training, where you put a baby on a blanket and every time they try to crawl off – which is something totally NORMAL since babies are curious and want to explore their surroundings! – they hit them with an object/stick) to teach “self discipline”. Plus they’re getting up there in age. Most agencies will not adopt out to people over a certain age.

  13. This is cult-type behavior.People like this give religion a bad name. There is no individualism. No independent thoughts or feelings. Its a group think situation. Tsk, tsk.

  14. While 29 doesn’t seem so/too old before you get married…sharing a room with several of my tween/baby sisters would make me stabby. Why can’t Jana have some privacy?

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