‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Says She’s “Embarrassed” To Be Starring on MTV’s Upcoming Dating Show ‘Game of Clones’

“Um…any chance we can forget this trainwreck ever happened?”

Kail Lowry was recently announced as a star of MTV’s newest (and possibly weirdest) dating show, Game of Clones, but the Teen Mom 2 star seems to be regretting her decision to appear on the show.

Kail, who will star on ‘Game of Clones’ alongside other MTV reality TV stars such as The Challenge‘s Cara Maria Sorbello and Jersey Shore‘s DJ Pauly D, recently told her Instagram followers that she wishes she hadn’t agreed to do the show.

“I wasn’t thinking,” Kail told a fan during an Instagram Q&A earlier this week. “Met cool people but [I’m] also embarrassed and wished I didn’t [go on the show].”

The premise of ‘Game of Clones’ is simple…and strange. Each MTV reality TV star will have the opportunity to go on dates with various potential suitors, all of whom look like their celebrity crush. (Kail’s “crush” was Quavo from the rap trio Migos, in case you’re wondering.)

Raise your hand if you’re a little creeped out by the premise of this show…

In her Instagram Q&A session, Kail— who has dated both men and women in the past— stated that there was another reason she regretted doing ‘Game of Clones.’

“I wouldn’t be with another man,” she wrote.

On February 4, she reiterated that statement, tweeting “Heard ‘Game of Clones’ commercial came out. Let’s just make it clear I would never be with another man again so…”

(She told a fan on Twitter that the producers of ‘Game of Clones’ didn’t ask her if she wanted clones of her male or female crush.)

Kail filmed the show back in May of 2018 and it seems that she instantly regretted her decision to appear on the show.

“This weekend was a waste of my time lol,” she tweeted on May 28 after leaving the Los Angeles set. “Shoulda stayed home.”

From what The Ashley has heard about ‘Game of Clones,’ filming was chaotic and the reality TV stars were paid very little (compared to what they make for their other MTV work). In addition to Kail, DJ Pauly D and Cara Maria, the cast includes ‘The Challenge stars Kam Williams, Leroy Garrett, Nicole Zanatta and Derrick Henry.

Anyway, ‘Game of Clones’ premieres February 21 on MTV. Watch the latest trailer for the show below!

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(Photos: MTV, Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Instagram)

32 Responses

  1. GET RID OF HER. I’m so f-ing sick of these entitled assholes speaking ill of their jobs that earn them buku bucks for doing NOTHING. I’d never get away with that and I make half (hell probably a fourth) or what she does.

  2. I’m sorry, but she’s soo attention Thirsty… She’s back on her “no more men” kick. Plzzzz. She truly needs to stop whining, and get her shit together. Period.

    1. I just don’t believe the whole bi/lesbian thing. She’s just doing it for attention. No lesbians have that many kids via having sex with men.

  3. Out of EVERYTHING she’s done on TV, this is the least embarrasing thing she’s done. She should be ashamed of the past, almost DECADE of her TV.

  4. I do not think it a good idea but learn from it move on and I am sure you do not need a game show to find someone if you are looking.

  5. The whole idea of the show is superficial and just……stupid. Why would you date someone of the same look, versatility is what makes us special! (Also, I don’t think these people actually look alike, they make them look alike for the show)

  6. Will skip Kail’s segments and wonder why MTV never set up a date for me with 5 nice guys with long hair. Oh my.

  7. I’m confused….so she doesn’t like men anymore? Chris must’ve given her that reality check she needed, and let her know that she was not his soul mate, and nothing but a booty call, turned baby mama, turned fuck buddy and broke her heart.

    1. HAHAAHHAAHA… and they all look alike so we wont know who the baby daddy is!!!!! So there will be the “Child of Clones” spin off!!!

  8. she should be desparate disgusting pig that will do anything for money. the nerve to complain her mother did try to contact her knowing she lived there why would she you made it clear how you felt about her time for pigzilla to get a reality check and not get her way

    1. Not sure why so many down voted this. I am asking a real question. Wasn’t she dating him? She went on a “feel sorry for me, Pauly cheated on me me” tour last fall. But it looks like she cheated on him? Is that right?

      1. No, you’re thinking of Aubrey O’day. Like the other poster said, Cara dated
        Paulie Calafiore (from Big Brother and The Challenge). Paulie was caught lying and two-timing both Cara and Danielle Maltby (from the Bachelor). You can google the whole scandal. The sad thing is I think Cara decided to forgive him and is currently seeing him again- ugh!

  9. Omg, she’s such a whiner. MTV didn’t hold a gun to her head, and she CLEARLY wanted to do another deal to make money.
    So deal with it… look like an ass on t.v….. at you’re getting paid.

  10. You do know you could have declined BEFORE you signed the contract and got some $.

    She’s just pizzed that no one picked her for a date..lol.

  11. I bet you wouldn’t be embarrassed if viewers thought the show looked awesome, but because everyone is like, wow, what losers, you are wishing you didnt do it, aye? Can’t go back in time kail, you can’t go back.

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