EXCLUSIVE! ‘Little Women: LA’ Will Return for Season 8: Get All the Behind-the-Scenes Details of the Upcoming Season

“Cheers! We’re baaack!”

Little Women: LA fans rejoice! 

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the long-running Lifetime reality show will be returning for an eighth season.

A source close to the cast tells The Ashley that Terra JoleTonya BanksElena GantJasmine Arteaga Sorge and Christy McGinity-Gibel will all appear on the upcoming new season, which has been filming for the past six months.

“A lot of the [Season 8] story lines will focus on the ladies building their brands in various ways,” the behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “Christy’s story lines will mainly focus on a fashion line she’s been working on.” 

(In fact, a film crew was present at a fashion show that was held last night in Inglewood, California, for Christy’s new line of vintage-inspired lingerie!) 

The source said that Season 8 will also cover Tonya trying to break back into the acting world, and Elena releasing a children’s book.

The ladies were also filmed taking a sexy pole dancing class. The footage will likely be shown during Season 8 as well.

Lifetime recently announced that Little Women: Atlanta will be returning next month, with a revamped concept

From what The Ashley hears, the new season of ‘Little Women: LA’ will premiere in April!

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  1. What channel they are coming on because it stop coming on after little woman Atlanta so we’re are they what happened

  2. Too much little women Atlanta. Need more little women la. Won’t watch again until little women la comes back on. Trying too hard to sell little women Atlanta

  3. Love them but they need to act like ladies.. They are a voice for little people.I think they make not only little women look bad, but females in general.

    1. I live in the UK, I have just found this program Little women LA. I love, love it, they are so beautiful and feisty. When is it back on our tv in the UK?

  4. I have been wondering what had happened to the Little Women franchise. Dallas was my fave, even though I’m from Atlanta. At least the cheeks are back in Atlanta! Maybe some of the other interesting girls like Caylee will follow OR move to LA.

  5. Christy I can tell from some of your pics that you have slimmed down. I’m proud of you!!! I dont know where that leaves you & Todd. But I really think he did you dirty. He lost his weight with your guidance and thought he was a stud muffin. Then showed no support for you. That was lame & disrespectful. Love you!!!

  6. Liked previous seasons of this show. But last season didn’t keep my interest and this next season sounds like one long infomercial or QVC session.

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