Jenelle Evans Makes Statement About “Not Filming” After Getting Back Together with Husband David Eason ( Exclusive Details!)

“I’d cross any swamp to get back to you, babe!”

Teen Mom 2‘s most tumultuous couple is back together!

Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason have reunited, after splitting last week (and making the breakup well-known on social media.) The Ashley can confirm that they are, indeed, back together, although Jenelle was reluctant to discuss the breakup (or make-up) with her social media followers on Thursday. 

Jenelle and David have removed most of the signs of their breakup from their Facebook pages. As The Ashley previously reported, each changed their relationship status on Facebook during the breakup, with Jenelle even posting “Single AF” on her personal Facebook page after David left The Land

(While many of the show’s fans are accusing Jenelle and David of staging the breakup for attention, The Ashley’s sources tell her that the breakup was real and they did not actually sell any stories to tabloids, etc. about it so they did not benefit financially from the split.)

“Whatever, dude. I mean, all married couples break up and post all about it on social media and then get back together. It’s normal!”

Anyway, when Jenelle was asked on Instagram if she was still “Single AF,”  she got snippy. (The Ashley is leaving Jenelle’s response just as she wrote it…)

“I’m not entitled to tell anyone anything about my relationship,” Jenelle wrote. “Since it’s not being filmed I’ll share what I want, when I want. There isn’t rules.” 

In regard to filming, The Ashley can share a few behind-the-scenes details she has learned over the past few days. According to The Ashley’s sources, Jenelle did not film during the breakup.

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle had a major meltdown while on the phone with a show exec early last week (pre-breakup) in which she claimed that her life and marriage was being ruined more and more with every episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that airs. 

The Ashley can share that Jenelle is scheduled to film this weekend, as she is scheduled to go visit her friend Jamie in Kentucky. However, it’s unknown if the trip (and the filming) is still on, now that Jenelle and David are back together, but The Ashley’s sources tell her that the shoot is still on the books for this weekend.

“Why would you want to go to Kentucky, Jenelle, when you can hang out on The Land and watch me prune my beard hair?”

Currently, the show’s producers are desperate to get more “Jenelle” footage, since she has filmed so little this season.

“Before the big breakup [happened last week], David had somehow manage to ruin nearly every shoot they had set up with Jenelle,” a source shared.

In addition to refusing to film, Jenelle has made things even harder for producers by trying to restrict who could film. According to The Ashley’s sources, Jenelle has specifically demanded that Nathan Griffith (who is the father of her son Kaiser) not be filmed at all for the show. 

“She has been trying to get [producers] to agree to stop filming with Nathan ever since he posted about Kaiser’s bruises,” the source said.

“They are still filming with Nathan, but now they have to do it behind Jenelle’s back or she will flip out and refuse to film again.”

“And, dear Lord, please protect Kristen when Jenelle finds out they’ve been down here filming me…”

The source added that a film crew was flown down to film with Nathan earlier this month, and instructed not to mention it to Jenelle. 

“They didn’t want to jeopardize any scheduled shoots,” the source added.

Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram) 

77 Responses

  1. It’s very strange how this show’s Producers and Execs love to be treated like crap from the same ingrates they made rich. None of the No longer a Teen Moms have jobs, don’t have to work like the average teenage mothers and are given fame on top of everything else! They’ve created monsters with Farrah and Jenelle and the more they disrespect and cuss them out, the more they bend over and kiss their backsides begging for more. Fans dnt even like Jenelle and didn’t like Farrah yet they keep coming back every season. Jenelle & David need a dose of reality. Fire their *bleeps* and let’s see how they survive. Seeing David working at a Home Depot and Jenelle juggling orders at the McD’s drive-thru would be a dream come true!!

    1. How about cancelling the horrible show? Give Chelsea and Cole a spinoff show for civilized people that are tired of bottomfeeders.

  2. If David is ruining all the shoots why do they even bother keeping Jenelle on the show? I can’t imagine the constant headache and drama is worth dealing with these two idiots on the regular. These girls that talk about Teen Mom ruining their life…..GET OFF THE SHOW!! Damn.

  3. Why don’t they just get rid of Jenelle? I record all the episodes of both Teen Mom series. I fastforward through all of Jenelle’s segments. I do not care to watch her. She is nothing but a train wreck. I would much rather watch Nathan with Kaiser.

  4. What’s the big deal with Jenelle’s filming? If she wants to quit, let her silly butt quit. It’ll be a better show without her!

  5. Is Jenelle’ mom still fliming with teen mom? I hope so maybe she can keep evryone inform about Jenelle and childern hope she change her mind

  6. I didn’t think the break up was fake because the fall out would have been soooo much worse. I think that David planned on it being temporary so he could gain more control over Jenelle and further isolate her…and he succeeded.

  7. Oh Lord, Janelle is not going to quit filming, she wants more money, has nothing to do with David, and did anyone really expect them not to get back together! these ppl r driven by money & drama, if J didn’t have us to get snippety with, what would she do all day.

  8. Hmmm says doesn’t have to explain her relationship well quit putting it out there ! Personally they both have addiction drugs and alcohol ! We have all witnessed her behaviors over the years especially how she treats her mom! First clue on how she will always treat others ! No different on a man how he treats his mom is indicator of being as a husband ! Lady’s and gentlemen pay attention please ! Meanwhile Jenelle and David deserve all the their kids removed from their home ! Alcohol esclates it and pretty sure they popping adderall ! That caught on video wasn’t first time ! Oh David needs to shave he looks like a backwoods Redneck !

  9. Jenelle need a wake up call in her life. She need to quit be a drama queen.if it wasn’t for the fans and tv. She would have her nice home and money in her hand. She need to be nicer to people.her and David need to grow up. Like I said if it was for the fans. She would have the life she has. If everyone would treat her the same way she treat everyone. Then she might change her attitude. I use to be on her side. But lately I see the other point on the people that hate her and her husband. You can act like that and think everyone going to stand by and let it happen. I see why she have hater.

  10. Let’s hope these girls can ride this gravy train of a show for as long as possible because good GOD!! Between Farrah speak and whatever it was that Janelle wrote, there is no one above a McDonald’s pay grade that will hire them! Did any of them actually graduate high school?? They have got to be the biggest group of inarticulate morons on TV. The funny thing is they seem like they are TRYING to sound smart but they don’t use words in the correct context whatsoever and sound dumber than if they were just to use their horrible hillbilly talk. Good luck in a job interview if you ever need to have one …:

  11. Why does she post it in social media if she does not want responses from anyone? They complain everyone is in their business yet they keep their business very public. All this just for a paycheck. They have no shame, values, or goals and it’s really sad that they don’t mind going through life without accomplishing anything accept having MTV film their everyday lives. I’m glad I have goals and I have accomplished them
    I actually work for what I want. I don’t think I would trade places with any of them just because they get a huge paycheck does not mean their life has meaning to it.

  12. FIRE THIS BITCH…….. you don’t honor your contract that you signed—there will be consequences. How TF does she get away with all this??? Unf___inbelievable…. MTV. Grow some…..!!!!!!!

  13. They should stop filming her altogether and just film who they want for their agenda. IF fired she cant say a thing about anything and have to cover her own behind on social media. Which no one would believe. Ultimate karma

  14. Now now, let’s not lump Jenelle in with real homeschoolers in the comments… there is a difference. A big difference.

  15. THey should stop filming (and paying) Jenelle, stop jumping through hoops and feeding into her bullshit, and just film Barbara and Nathan. She would COMPLETELY lose her shit to lose her income and have to see people talking about her on the show and know she’s not a part of it.

    It would be better for the show, and for the production company, and her resulting social media meltdowns would be entertaining for us all.

  16. If she quit the show then they are two crazy unemployed drug addicts neglecting and abusing children in a sinking house full of guns. Can cps step in now?

  17. Yeah like they have a steady job outside MTV ? Well Juhnelle, those pills, “the weed” and trips to StThomas cost money. You know, that thing most people get for working? When they have a job? Oh, and newsflash, stay at home moms don’t usually sit at home alone because their newborn is in daycare already.

  18. God bless these two. I hope they work it out. Marriage is not always easy, their love for each other will get them through this ruff patch. I’m pulling for them.

  19. I think its time for Jenelle to grow up. And actually all the drama that surrounds her life, i think its time for mtv to cut their losses and completely cut Jenelle and family out completely. So tired of hearing about her. Poor kids! What a life.

  20. What a stupid b**** I can’t believe she would get back with that dumb ass he’s going to kill her if she doesn’t know that she’s crazy this girl needs help bad this man needs to be put away

  21. Poor Kristen, should Jenelle choose to film this weekend.
    Kristin will need a camera attached to her body to film all the verbal abuse she’s going to suffer from Jenelle for the courts.
    MTV should put their foot down, film or pay for the damages.
    Why do they not get a restrainingg order for David? He is harassing them.

  22. Yeah, I didn’t actually think this breakup will last. They are both very codependent.

    Also I love how MTV didn’t tell her they are filming Nathan, haha, she can’t always have what she wants!

    1. Agreed. However, I DON’T like that they seem to placate her the way they do. These entitled gals need to learn how disposable they really are…

  23. Cant we petition to fire J for good. Her drama was interesting but now it is just annoyance. She fills my news feeds with garbage stories that are all speculation and I think were just way over her. Get rid of her! Lets invest in someone who actually lets us in to know her life!

  24. Wow, she really has not learned anything or try to do better for her kids. She is as much out of control as Farrah, it’s time to put a stop to this. She does not want to film fire her and put someone on that deserves this chance. Without this show she will either sink or swim but I bet David won’t be around long after she’s off the show.

  25. Quit giving her so much power and attention. She’s not a role model. If anything she’s a perfect example of what not to be. 3 kids and 3dads is disgusting. I thought this was a show to teach and show this is not the road to go. All you do is glorify it. It’s repulsive

  26. I guess the good news is that the kids will at least grow up rolling in all the money they’ll be making from their “tell-all books” about life on THE LAND with these two idiots.


    1. The only thing she’s teaching that girl is how to grow up and find a man to abuse her. She’s normalizing the behavior; it really is a cycle. Its beyond the point of being entertaining. It’s sad – those kids barely have a chance growing up in an environment like that.

  27. Good God, so sick of hearing about Janelle and her funky ass choices in end!! She totally lied about having gun in her car when her “son Jace” told his “mom” about it! How convenient she had nerf gun with her!! Get rid of her like Farrah, she has no other income!!

  28. You may as well say MTV are pussie’s Jenelle is CEO of MTV. Why they havent sacked her yet is a joke. She has no storyline anymore. They just film her on a bench with Baaaarrrrbbbbbrrrrraaaaaa. Get rid of her.

  29. This is totally for attention. You don’t need to benefit financially in order for it to be an attention seeking event. Look at the guy from Empire that was just arrested for paying 2 people to assault him. If you aren’t looking for attention you don’t make a huge deal of it on Facebook when you have a big following

  30. It’s totally for attention. You don’t have to benefit financially in order to want attention. We learned that quite recently when it was found out that the actor from Empire arranged a physical assault on himself. If she’s not looking for attention why make a big deal out of it??

  31. EVeryone knew that Janelle was full of BS and this entire break up was nothing more than a PR stunt. When will MTV wise up and fire the lot of them?

  32. “There isn’t rules.” But, but, I thought she had a medical degree and is the principal of Maryssa’s Hillbilly homeschool charged with giving her a quality education better than any transgender-loving public school? Idiot. No surprises as far as them “getting back together”. Chaos and attention aphrodisiacs for Jenelle and no way Lurch is giving up his meal ticket without a fight.

    1. I’m so glad that somebody touched on this, idk if I missed this whole period of TM2 or just don’t remember. Does she have an actual associates degree?? I’ve often heard Barb say “ she graduated top of her class” , what class????
      The state I live in requires that those who assist in medical ( take your vital signs, clean your bed, measure urine , etc.) have a certification. These certified medical assistants take a rather short course that is offered at a lot of community colleges as well as private , the key word here being certificate as they do NOT get a degree. If this is the case with Jenelle then Barb needs to hang up the pipe dream … a certified med assistant works HARD and takes orders all day. Jenelle doing this? Pft, forget about it.

  33. Can someone please tell me how she is NOT in breach of contract by refusing to film? MTV should fire her ass and then sue it!!!

  34. Lmao!
    Wow. Did NOT see this coming…
    Fire her already so she can start saving lives and he can weld again…
    This is what weakness looks like folks.
    Yea, pretty ugly. They deserve each other.

  35. If she refuses to film, then STOP FILMING HER!!!! Get her ass for breach of contract, OR replace her with one of the new idiots from OG! I don’t understand the producers of this damn show. If they can add two new moms out of nowhere for OG, then do the same for TM2. Maybe a superb idea would be to CANCEL these shows, jfc!

    1. The question is why doesn’t mtv change the contract where these situations would be subject to ramifications. It’s evident that both sides can stop filming with little to no notice, how many of them have refused to film and walked out of reunions. MTV booted Ryan and David at the first sign of their actions bringing scrutiny and drops in ratings
      I do agree with you that mtv needs to get control already, it’s very interesting to me that this continues. I think it would benefit mtv to put the hammer down on this nonsense… to come after one of these arrogant assholes for everyday they are costing the show money would hit them hard.

  36. Let her go. Jenelle needs counciling and David needs rehab. The children need to be taken care of in a stable environment.

  37. I knew that was going to happen! David is a manipulator. It was his way of controlling what Janelle says and does while she’s filming. These two deserve each other! I just feel bad for the kids!

  38. How is this an exclusive? All this information can be found on Twitter and facebook. We all know that she doesn’t want Nathan to film.

  39. Why doesn’t MTV just sue Jenelle and the other moms who refuse to film for breach of contract? These mom’s think they poop gold. It’s past time to remind them who’s in charge.

  40. Idk why they are desperate to film her. I think at this point most viewers are so sick of her they want her off the show. She acts like an entitled bratty diva because MTV lets her. Get rid of her and move on.

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