Jeremy Calvert Blasts MTV For Making Him Look Like a Bad Dad on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9: “How About Showing the Real Side of Things?!”

“How you gonna play me like that, MTV?!”

Hell hath no fury like a Teen Mom 2 dad scorned!

Jeremy Calvert is speaking out following a series of Season 9 episodes in which his ex Leah Messer and her new boyfriend Jason Jordan have discussed his less-than-stellar parenting skills, arguing that he’s getting a worse edit than some of the show’s notoriously bad dads!

Jeremy– who shares six-year-old daughter Addie with Leah– ranted on Instagram Stories on Thursday, writing that, despite having to go out of town frequently to work, he is still a good father who takes care of his kid, unlike some of the show’s other dads.

“I’m getting more s**t than Adam [Lind] while I’m raising and supporting my family, while working away but still paying my child support and still taking care of my kid as much as possible,” Jeremy wrote. “How about showing the real side of things @MTV @TeenMom?”

MTV done got Jeremy PISSED y’all!

Jeremy pointed out he feels he is being clumped together with them some of the other dads who have been featured on ‘Teen Mom 2’ who have extensive legal rap sheets and/or drug issues.

“When I go to prison or jail and abuse drugs then you’re more than welcome to call me a PISS [POOR] DAD!” he wrote.

This is not the first time Jeremy has taken to social media to express his anger over the way he’s being portrayed on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9. Last week, he disputed the claims that Leah made on the show that he fails to call Addie while he’s out of town.

“Ok screw this, I call my child a lot more than what’s showed on this bulls**t show, so MTV editing can kiss my a**,” he wrote on Instagram.

He added that, unlike many of the show’s stars, who don’t have jobs outside of MTV, he is not dependent on his MTV paycheck.

“I don’t need to lick their a** for my paycheck,” Jeremy oh-so-eloquently wrote. “I have a normal f**king career WORKING, not [filming] kids to make it more exciting. So here’s to you MTV, blow me! Don’t like  [it], get f**ked!”

“I don’t know when MTV is going to realize I don’t need the play money they send me, it’s f**king pocket change at this point. I love my job and my career, it’s something to be proud of and the family I have at work. People and MTV have no idea until you live it. Working people make this country great. Not a bulls**t television show,” he wrote in another post.

Despite what viewers may think, most of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ dads actually work outside of the show. Leah’s other baby daddy Corey Simms works a full-time job, as does Cole DeBoerJavi Marroquin owns his own Crossfit business, and Jo Rivera flips houses for profit. Devoin Austin is also currently employed.

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  1. I can understand both sides. On the one hand, you can’t have children and then hardly see them without some potentially very negative consequences. On the other hand, people have to work. Period. There has to be a balance. Unfortunately Jeremy has a job that keeps him away for long stretches of time. That’s just the nature of the beast. Instead of complaining about it on television, Leah needs to just help her daughter understand why daddy is away, what he’s doing when he’s away and that it’s for her benefit, ultimately. Explain it in a way a young child will understand. As she gets older hopefully she’ll come to appreciate her dads work ethic.

    As for Jeremy, he needs to make sure that when he IS home, the time is quality, uninterrupted time with his child. He needs to make sure if he says he’s going to be with her on such and such a day, that he makes good on the promise. When he’s home, he had to be PRESENT and in the moment, making sure she has his full attention.

    There IS a way to navigate this situation without any damage or resentment from the child. Families manage this kind of situation all the time.

  2. Ya i think this boy has a a point not because leah have a boyfriend meaning he love her and have percussionist to talk bullishits to het father child leah sick drugs cheating scandals she forget that maybe don t do that to jeremy leah ok ur only a piece of shits and i warm u this ir dode dude for me is only there to TV and ecploiting u open ur eyes if u wanted ??

  3. A very close friend of mine lives in WV . Guess what? He works out of state as well because in state jobs lack good money . He sees his kids, but for awhile he’d be gone weeks or even months at a time . WV is one of the poorest states with a median income of 30k. MTV will be gone soon, and im curious what a few of these girls will do . Leah will have child support I guess, but no other skills or education. She shouldn’t bite the hand that will feed her for the next 13 years …

  4. I wish there were some actual facts to back up Leah’s storyline. I understand Jeremy’s away working a lot, but there should be facts on how many days a week does he work, how often is he home, how many times per week does he call Addie, how often does Jeremy see Addie when he’s home. I think these facts are missing. I understand working long hours and being exhausted at the end of a day (I work 13 hr days at least 3 days a week). I don’t think Leah, Jason, or Jeremy are to blame for the storyline. Leah needs something to talk about, but she should actually give some facts. Instead of saying generalized things like, “Jeremy was home and barely saw her.” It’d be nice if Leah’s storyline focused as well on her going back to school, like she was supposed to….Leah needs something solid to fall back on monetary wise, as this show is on its last leg and she has no schooling beyond high school.

  5. Being there for your children is a choice! I am sure there are plenty of jobs around that would keep you around home!

      1. Yeah, the pickings are slim in that area. Jeremy hit the jackpot. He doesn’t have an education yet is making more money than most college grads, and at least 5 times more than the average medium income in WV. I can understand it from both sides. He does very labor intensive work and must be exhausted at the end of the day and cherish his breaks home since he doesn’t have weekends off like a typical job. But it’s totally understandable that Leah wishes he would put in a little more effort to call Addie. I hope they can find a happy medium.

  6. What’s the real side your gone all the time working & not with your daughter? Not seeing that they are painting you as a bad dad. You do get vac I am sure why don’t you take some & spend it with your daughter!

  7. I agree with him and have always admired his ambition. He could have got his thoughts across without being so vulgar , guess he’s beyond pissed.
    I have to say in this case he needs to post more blame on Leah for CONSTANTLY bringing it up to anyone and everyone that will listen.. except him. How did Addie know her daddy was home but too sick to see her? Apparently Jeremy was sick at the doctor, wouldn’t have been better all around to tell Addie her daddy will see her on Saturday rather than saying he is home and you have to wait another day?
    As far as Jason goes, he needs to back off of getting a thrill from Leah being upset with Jeremy. I don’t find Jason convincing at all when he portrays to be dad of the decade…what kind of scrutiny do your children get from you running around with a girl nearly old enough to be your daughter! May I add , I question his sexual preference.

  8. Leah’s boyfriend has absolutely no right to comment about Jeremy. That really bugs me! She needs to quit talking about all of this stuff with him. Seriously! At least Jeremy has a good job w/o mtv,

  9. While I don’t blame him for his anger at all – screaming like this isn’t helping him or the kids. He’s gotta realize that the kids are involved in filming and his attitude toward it should involve them more than him. Verbally destroying something they’re involved in is not healthy for anyone. I totally get the anger! Even the spelling mistakes! Lol But he needs to think about the girls and only the girls. I think that would bring him home more. The problem is, that MTV isn’t feeding those feelings to his daughter. They’re merely capturing it. I think some of his frustration is that he really feels guilty for choosing work above her – which really can’t be challenged as fact. Kids truly don’t care or even think about child support. They want their dad. Maybe he could adjust his schedule, since mtv’s large checks are pocket change.

  10. Leah is the only girl from the whole franchise that has not just 1 but two really good baby daddy’s. She’s the mess and pill popping, cheating, can ravioli eating trainwreck. She has to project and find a problem with the fathers otherwise her storyline would focus on her f+ckups, and she cant have that.

  11. I’m team Jeremy on this one…it’s not like he’s from Silicon Valley with an Ivy League education…he’s from West Virginia and has managed to carve out a very lucrative career for himself that requires him to work damn hard. I get it he’s away a lot but I give him props for doing such a hard job and working to provide for his family.

  12. Now if he had another job, for example military, I doubt MTV would spin the absent dad narrative. I don’t mean the Javi-type military. I am talking about long deployments, constant training, long work hours, multiple moves etc. He might not be enlisted but, he does work a job that has similar expectations (constant moving, demanding hours, etc).

    I get Leah’s frustration over the situation but she complains about it while being filmed and MTV gladly airs the drama.

  13. Honestly, he’s not wrong. It’s not like he’s out dicking around, letting someone else raise his kid, and being a deadbeat dad. Guy has a job and works hard. You can tell he cherishes the time he has with his daughter. There’s very few people on this show that DONT deserve the rap that they get, and I’m all for shitting on people when they deserve it…but he doesn’t deserve it.

  14. Addie is developing clear attachment issues as her dad is in and out her life. Yes its for work, yes its great he’s supporting her financially. But i remember the episode where she went swimming with Jeremy and she was balling her eyes out about leaving him, because every time she leaves him she doesn’t know when she will see him again. He is in no way a deadbeat dad, but he’s a fool if he doesn’t recognise his absence is having an affect on his daughter.

  15. Also, “Devoin Austin is currently employed” there’s a statement that The Ashley probably never thought she’d say. I think this is the first example of MTV playing UP one of the Dads…and it seems like it’s only to make Luis look worse in comparison….or maybe they had no choice bc they’d been kicked out of every Texas Road House in Florida for fighting.

  16. Don’t blame MTV. You love your daughter and provide for her well financially but you are rarely physically there. Don’t be upset when your daughter wishes you were here more, or her mom is upset that she has to deal with her daughter missing you so much. It is what it is….

  17. How amusing is it that Devoin (who seemed to do nothing with his days but smoke weed prior to this season) is gainfully employed, while David shoots at tin cans all day long?

  18. He ain’t wrong.

    I know I like to remind these knuckleheads that they can’t edit in something that wasn’t really said. In this case, they aren’t giving him an edit of him saying and doing terrible awful things (a la Junhelle/UBT and Ambien), they just aren’t giving him an edit. When he is there, he doesn’t seem so bad – he’s asking about school, talking to her, not texting and driving as much as Leah…

    Leah needs to stop whining all the time about him. Sure he’s not there all the time but even if she was my guess is she would still whine, so that guy really can’t win for losing.

  19. He should be annoyed with Leah. She’s the one saying he works a lot, out of town, etc… Then Leah fake-ass boyfriend makes a really ignorant comment. Oh, he should quit his job. Find a job closer to home. Yeah right… I’m sure W. VA is bursting with well paying jobs…. just my observation.

  20. I’m so tired of these people complaining. If you hate MTV and their edits then leave the show. It’s that simple. Plus, I don’t even understand why he’s blaming MTV for this. Leah is the one saying he doesn’t call Addie enough. How is that MTV’s fault??

    1. You know the producers are the ones directing the conversation – they always are, so I think that’s what he means. In this case even if he leaves the show they’re still going to talk about him because what else would Leah’s storyline be?

      1. Agreed Uglywhispercry (love the name, btw??)

        At least by being on the show a little, he has a chance to show his side of the story. Because you know it would be way worse otherwise. (Leah could say whatever she wanted…and she would.) I actually think it’s wrong to trash the dads who aren’t appearing on the show anymore. Whether what’s being said is true or not, its just kind of a shitty thing to do. Especially since the children are so old. And its never fair to only tell one side.

  21. Yeah I’m surprised we didn’t hear from him sooner on this one (maybe he hasn’t had access to cable at work the last few weeks). I’ve been disappointed with the angle they’re running on him. He has to work a lot, far away-he never said he didn’t. There are lots of Dads (and Moms) that do. He’s not a deadbeat, come on.

    1. Yeah, its lame AF. I grew up in southeastern KY (very similar to WV). And it’s damn near impossible to find decent employment in places like that. (I HAD to leave.) In his situation, he just cant win. If he takes a lower paying job, hes a broke loser. If he moves away for a better job, he doesnt care about his kid. Its just wrong to criticize someone for working. People HAVE to earn a living somehow, and at least he seems to be trying. (Something Leah would actually appreciate if she had any concept of life and work in the real world.)

    2. This exactly. From thier first date, at least what MTV filmed, Jeremy told Leah he works a lot and that includes alot of out of town and away from home. He asked if she would be cool with that and she agreed that she would. Now that’s become his sole storyline, and has been for YEARS now – “Jeremy is always gone”.

      Good grief, he works, he spends his time off with his kid when he can, otherwise he pays child support to the mother of his child to take proper care of her. Whereas Leah… glass houses girl

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