Former ‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Subpoenas Patricia Altschul in Latest Custody Move Against Kathryn Dennis

“The odds of me helping you are less than the odds of me ever making my own martinis.”

As the never-ending custody battle between Southern Charm exes Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis continues, Thomas has now called on show matriarch Patricia Altschul in an effort to win his case. 

However, court documents obtained by The Blast reveal that Patricia has asked a South Carolina judge not to force her to be deposed by Thomas after he filed a subpoena seeking to question her about Bravo allegedly encouraging Kathryn to file for custody of their two kids as part of a storyline for the show. 

Patricia is claiming that she is only “involved” in this situation because she appears on ‘Southern Charm’ and does not wish to be involved in the custody case for either party. She also says Thomas’ attempt to depose her is nothing more than harassment. Furthermore, her lawyer says his client is a female in her seventies “who should not be subjected to hours of questioning regarding issues that are totally irrelevant to this case.” 

The number of people Thomas has left in his corner.

A ruling on whether or not the subpoena will be shut down has yet to be made. 

As fans of ‘Southern Charm’ already know, Patricia is the mother of Whitney Sudler-Smith (who also appears on ‘Southern Charm’) and both are executive producers for the show. While Patricia has had a rocky relationship with Kathryn in the past, fans of the show saw the two women bury the hatchet last season and Patricia has since distanced herself from Thomas and those close to him.

As The Ashley previously told you, Kathryn filed for primary custody of she and Thomas’ children in October, in which she cited the sexual assault allegations against Thomas’ (which he will stand trial for) as leverage for her case. Shortly after, Thomas fired back at Kathryn with allegations of drug use, having various mental health disorders and more. 

Most recently, Kathryn has demanded that Thomas answer a series of questions under oath regarding his alleged use of private investigators, illegal drug use, sexual assault allegations and more. 

Thomas and Kathryn’s custody case is ongoing. 

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(Photos: Bravo, Twitter) 


  1. He’s as dumb as a doorknob and she’s the Kim Zolciak of Charleston, those poor kids. 🙁

    1. Thomas is clearly the shitter parent in this case. He allegedly raped a woman (the nanny) and the case seems very strong, which says a lot since sexual assault is difficult to prove.

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