WEtv Releases Statement Regarding Drug Arrest of ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ Stars Mama June Shannon & Geno Doak

“You know you still want this, WEtv!”

Mama June Shannon‘s actions have already caused her family to lose out on one reality TV show—TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo— but, so far, it doesn’t appear that June and her clan are in danger of losing their current show, Mama June: From Not to Hot.

On Tuesday, WEtv– the network that airs June’s show– finally broke its silence on Mama June’s arrest last week for possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Although the network didn’t comment as to whether it will be taking the ax to ‘From Not to Hot’ due to Mama June’s drug bust, WEtv did state that it is worried about the reality star and her family.

“We share our viewers’ concerns for June Shannon and her entire family,” the statement, which was posted to the network’s Twitter account, reads. “We are monitoring events as they occur and are focused, as always, on the entire family’s well-being.” 

If WEtv decides to cancel ‘From Not to Hot’ because of Mama June’s actions, this would be the second time she and her family were booted from their reality show. Back in 2014, June began dating her ex-boyfriend, who had previously been convicted and imprisoned for molesting June’s daughter Anna when she was only eight years old.

 TLC cancelled June’s family’s show ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ after that news broke, but June was later given a second shot at reality TV fame by WEtv, which airs ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot.’

That face you make when you think your mama is about to cause you to lose yet another reality TV show…

The third season of ‘From Not to Hot’ premiered on Friday and, while June and some of the show’s other stars live-tweeted the episode, no one mentioned June and Geno’s crack bust that had occurred only two days before. 

According to TV By the Numbers, the season premiere’s ratings were pretty good (650,000 viewers), so WEtv would probably be rather unhappy to have to cancel the show.

As The Ashley previously reported, Mama June and Geno were both charged with felony drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, and Geno received an additional charge of third-degree domestic violence/harassment, due to a physical altercation he got into with June right before they were arrested. (During that altercation, Geno allegedly threatened to kill Mama June, according to court docs.)

According to The Blast, Mama June is facing a year behind bars if convicted of both the felony possession of crack cocaine charge and the misdemeanor possession of a crack cocaine pipe.

While ‘From Not to Hot’ fans will have to wait to see if the show will be getting axed, they can enjoy Mama June and Geno’s sexy (and sneering!) mugshots from their arrests last week. Mama June, as always, delivered an A+ mug, while Geno just looked generally confused (and like he could use a good hose-off, as per usual).

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(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images; Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images; Twitter)

31 Responses

  1. WOW !!!!! We only go a couple of episodes here in Australia of “Not to hot” and I loved it ! It’s a shame to see that ANOTHER mother has chosen men/ drugs over their own child!

  2. Out of curiosity I watched. These are nasty, immoral, ignorant people. Now crack cocaine? What a model for families ?!!. That child needs someone normal raising her. I know most Americans like to watch people wallow in their stupidity and vulgarity….I’m disgusted.

  3. Out of curiosity I watched. These are nasty, immoral, ignorant people. Now crack cocaine? What a model for families ?!!. That child needs someone normal raising her. I know most Americans like to watch people wallow in their stupidity and vulgarity….I’m disgusted.

  4. I hope they get the help they need and come back stronger. I hope they do not cancel it because I like it and it’s real and not fake. Not everyone’s life is peaches and cream. I love pumpkin and her daughter and her hubby. They are too funny

    1. I think if they cancel the show they will do a spin off with pumpkin and her family and mama wont be allowed on it but maybe a scene her and there or phone calls… AMD either honey booboo will move in with her or resent her mom forever! But I doubt the latter because those kids love mama so much and are blinded by her. Although I think pumpkin is starting to see it. She may just keep her in her life so she can continue to be on the show… I also think she moved out bc of the crack addiction and that’s the real reason alana stayed at the house w her for a couple days… cause she knows how bad off her mom is…

  5. Although I love the show Mama June from not to hot. I think it’s pathetic that they would keep these now cockroaches lowlife drug addicts on TV. What kind of message are we putting out to everyone in the public. Obviously her boyfriend has just been using her and her money which should actually be going some of it to her children for drugs and that should not be tolerated. So she’s worried one show and sit and say that her behavior is okay is not okay. I personally will no
    longer be watching her show which I found trashy but comical.

  6. Y’all screaming cancel the show. They’re druggies! Heck we’re watching reality TV. This is reality for so many families. I hope we get to watch her flush her life down the toilet. Now that’s a dose of reality.

    1. That’s a really good point! Considering REALITY TV , Is apparently scripted, I would be interesting to see how it all unfolds !

  7. I waiting for this guy to cross over to Dr. Pimple Popper to get that neck lypoma removed. I doubt June ever tried Crack before this guy. He’s just another loser. I really had hoped that all the crazy we see is an act. I saw an interview w/Alanah and she was calm and made some sense. Wish i could renember where i saw it. It gave me a tiny bit of hope that they weren’t totally gross ALL the time!

    1. He does seem to care about Alana and she does seem to care and trust him. Which I thought was nice but wondered about his own children.

    2. WHAT the HELL IS that thing on his neck anyway? Does anyone know?
      I’m actually a bit surprised by this revelation, I never suspected for a second that Geno was in to drugs ! My husband picked it, and I kept saying ” NO WAY”

  8. This is so sad. Watching someone with drug abuse is awful on its own, but its made even worse when there are little children depending on them for support. I hope she is able to get and stay clean.

  9. That is very disappointing on the network’s pay. They’ve been spoon- feeding her her addiction and they don’t give a shit as long as they fill their pockets. It’s disgusting. Disgusting on both parties and they clearly don’t give a shit. Oh well. Those poor kids don’t stand a chance

    1. They never did. She knew her eldest was getting molested. She dated the molester again when released, also exposing her youngest. The only fruits these kids have ever seen are by way of flavored candy. All but 1 are over weight. Every one has gotten knocked up in their teens. No fathers in the picture and mama is a crackhead. Endless cycle. The kids kids will repeat it too.

    1. Of course the kid is a nightmare
      She was paid to act/be crazy & out of control. I would hate to see her in a few years, especially after the show & money is long gone.

  10. Next season will prob be Mama June going to rehab. The network may force her into it to keep th show, the network looks like it’s doing something which will placate the viewers as it will “be for the benefit” of the whole family. JMO

    1. I also see it as them just waiting for the ratings on this – I indeed wonder if people who weren’t watching before start tuning in to watch the trainwreck. So if it works out, ratings boost, they may keep her employed but I’d imagine just for insurance sake theyd have to *encourage* her to go to rehab. And I wouldn’t put it past the network to film that either. But I would 100% be down with a Intervention style Mama June episode.

  11. Got to keep that weight off some way.Not judging but she’s struggling with eating right so I guess she needs
    “Extra” help.

    1. Have you seen Tracie from Love After LockUp? Cracked definitely had her drop half her body weight in no time, but it aged her about 20 years. And that mug shot of Mama June doesn’t exactly make me think she was just taking the fall for her bf

      1. Omg! Traci looked like a skeleton! It was unbelievable! I’m sure the “food” was that bad in jail lol

  12. Trust me, if they cancel the show then I would be shocked. How many times has Jenelle Evans been arrested for drug charges and she’s still on Teen Mom 2.

  13. Last time, the cancellation was totally justified. What she did, dating her daughter’s abuser, was disgusting

    This time, she’s only hurting herself with the drug abuse. So as much as I roll my eyes at her constant mistakes, at least this time she’s the primary victim of her stupidity

    They won’t cancel her, because the ratings will only go up. Everybody loves a train wreck, it makes them feel better about themselves

    1. What??? Her drug addiction is only hurting herself? What a terrible misguided statement.

      Have you ever lived with an addict parent?

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