Thomas Ravenel Bashes Bravo Network in Custody Court Paperwork; Calls Appearing on ‘Southern Charm’ the “Worst Mistake of My Life”

“Drat this reality TV fame!”

Thomas Ravenel is coming at Bravo hard in an effort to keep his baby mama, Kathryn Dennis, from talking about their brutal custody battle on the upcoming season of Southern Charm. In a rare Thomas move, the former reality TV star even admitted that he made a mistake (gasp!)…by agreeing to appear on ‘Southern Charm!’

The Blast obtained court documents from the case in which Thomas stated that signing a deal with Bravo not only embarrassed him and his family, but also made him a magnet for camera-hungry folks.

“The worst mistake of my life was agreeing to be the star of the reality TV show ‘Southern Charm,'” Thomas wrote in the documents. “It amplified my past notoriety, showcased my wealth I accumulated through decades of hard work, and made me a walking target for men and women eager to get in front of the camera. Most importantly, it caused embarrassment and pain to my parents, my sisters, and my children.”

“Wanna know the worse mistake of MY life, Thomas? Choosing to procreate with you. Just sayin’!”

Thomas was also adamant that Kathryn be ordered not to talk about the custody battle on the show or on social media, because he doesn’t want Bravo and Kathryn to make money on it. (Thomas has already asked the judge to seal the court case docs.)

“I do not believe Kathryn and Bravo should profit from this litigation and from the pain and suffering it has caused me and will inevitably cause our children,” Thomas wrote. “Sealing this case will do no good if Bravo and Kathryn are allowed to discuss this litigation on TV or social media.”

Thomas continued to take aim at the network, stating that Bravo has already portrayed him so negatively that his children may come to view him differently should they end up watching the show someday, especially if the bitter custody battle is televised.

“Bravo and Kathryn will be at liberty to control the public narrative of this litigation and shape the story as it suits them, and my children will bear the shame of being fathered by a man the public believes is a monster, an abuser and a narcissist,” Thomas wrote. 

“I want them to see me for the man of class that I am!”

As The Ashley previously told you, in November 2018, Thomas filed a lawsuit against Bravo and ‘Southern Charm’ production company Haymaker Media, Inc., in an effort to keep Kensie and Saint—- the children he shares with Kathryn—- from appearing on the upcoming season of the show. The lawsuit also accused Bravo and the show’s producers of encouraging Kathryn to file for custody as part of a storyline.

Bravo responded in February, stating that the lawsuit was ridiculous, given that the network has nothing to do with the custody battle between Thomas and Kathryn, and requested the lawsuit be dropped.

The network and producers also claimed that they attempted to resolve the issue by agreeing not to air previously unaired footage of the kids on future episodes of ‘Southern Charm’ without Thomas providing consent. After Thomas filed his lawsuit, Bravo accused Thomas of trying to unlawfully impose restraints on a media company in violation of their first amendment rights.

In his new court docs, Thomas demanded that the lawsuit continue, and slammed the network for airing fake info on its shows.

“Bravo IS NOT a news organization,” Thomas wrote. “It does not publish truthful information pertaining to public discourse, and it has zero interest in broadcasting truthful information about the minor children, this litigation, or Ravenel on ‘Southern Charm.’

“Bravo’s business is not the truth. It profits from the dramatization and fictionalization of crafted, non-scripted events that it airs to the public as ‘Reality TV.’”


“The truth!? Good one, Thomas! Oh…wait…you’re serious?”

Thomas even recently subpoenaed his former ‘Southern Charm’ co-star Patricia Altschul to get her answer questions regarding Bravo and the producers allegedly encouraging Kathryn to file for custody of their two kids as part of a storyline for the show. Patricia has since asked a South Carolina judge not to force her to be deposed by Thomas.

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9 Responses

  1. Wait Whhh? NOW it’s a problem? It wasn’t a problem when Kathryn was losing custody and being drug tested and slut shamed ALL for his kids to see when they get older?!? Is it somehow less embarrassing and less painful if it’s their mother being vilified instead of their father? Please Thomas, explain the difference. Smh.

  2. He is a total narcissist, abuser and over all vile person and his behavior of woman and the “man” he called his friend is no different. He needs to go to jail. His biggest mistake was but being on a reality show but thinking his money entitled him to act like the pig that he is and get away with it. Scum bag is putting it nicely. He’s gross and disgusting and Ashley just wanted her 15 minutes! They deserve each other!!!!!

  3. Did he think Bravo was a news organization? Was he ignorant about the “reality” tv industry? Did he think he was entitled to a generous edit? If the answer to any of these is “yes”, I will somehow think even less of him, which is a surprise since I thought my opinion of him was already rock bottom.

    He’s an abhorrent human, which is exposed through far more ways than just the show. His children will think less of him because they will get old enough to see it for themselves, not because they see it on tv. His family is embarrassed because the tv show exposed his horrible character, not because it fabricated it. Before the show they lived in a bubble where only a few hundred people knew how wretched he is, I can understand if they all wish it would have been kept that way.

    And if he was ever serious about wanting to avoid being cast in a negative light, he made the Wrong choice in Ashley, and continued to make the wrong choice in berating the mother of his children on camera, and standing smugly silent while his vile girlfriend did the same. Over and over.

  4. Being on TV was the worst decision of his life, but assaulting, intimidating, and manipulating women isn’t?? He’s such a LOSER.

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Ummmm…..years of hard work???? Unbelievable that TRAV thinks he’s EVER did hard work. And on “a man of class” comment…. HA…. A man of class would have friends his own age…. and not impregnate a woman young enough to be his DAUGHTER! The family court judge needs to FOCUS on where his children lived and with who while in TRAV’s care. He drove his “baby mama” to drugs! Probably introduced her to them and supplied them

  6. Thomas Ravenel is a miserable human. He is despicable; continuously accuses others for things he is guilty of. His first lock up obviously didn’t teach him much. Maybe the upcoming
    lock up will. Just sad that J.D will not be his roomie. Lets move on with this trial so everyone can move on with there lives….. without Thomas Ravenel.

  7. His excuses are so pathetic. I guess all the a**holes just go back to the tried and true “my children will suffer” for sympathy now. Also, no one has to portray him as anything, his abhorrent behavior that was caught on tape is enough for anyone to think the dude is scum.

  8. I guess his worst mistake wasnt sexually assaulting all those woman. Or going out with that pos Ashley. Or being an overall horrible person. I guess he doesnt count those as mistakes.

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