A Bromance on the Rocks, Some New Faces & One We Hoped to Forget: Get Your First Look at ‘Southern Charm’ Season 6

“We’re back, y’all! Well… most of us are.”

The new season of Southern Charm premieres on Bravo May 15 and, based on the trailer that was just released, we’re in for yet another season that’s heavy on the drama and very light on the “charm.”

In the first Season 6 sneak peek, viewers get but a few seconds of calm before the down-south shenanigans begin, starting with an apparent Craig Conover/Shep Rose feud—not a huge surprise to longtime viewers of the show who have watched these two teeter the line between bromance and frenemies for years.

In a much more surprising part of the clip, we learn that Kathryn Dennis and Whitney Sudler-Smith allegedly rekindled their Season 1 romance (at least for a night), despite Kathryn having two kids by Whitney’s former best friend Thomas Ravenel.

Speaking of Thomas… even though he has departed from the show, viewers will still get to see the aftermath of his sexual assault allegations play out on screen this season byway of Kathryn. In the clip, Kathryn emotionally talks to Craig about Thomas’ legal issues and the potential jail time he is facing for his crimes.

“If he goes to jail, I’ll be a single mom,” she tearfully tells Craig. “It’s just overwhelming.”

Our feelings about this whole damn season…

The most shocking and cringe-inducing part of the preview undoubtedly comes in the form of a return that no one asked for: Ashley Jacobs. Despite announcing last year that she would not be coming back to ‘Southern Charm,’ the on-again/off-again girlfriend of Thomas apparently weaseled her way back onto the show, for what we hope to be a one-episode stint. (She is shown being hauled out of a party after showing up uninvited and trying to talk to Patricia Altschul.)

While Thomas is (thankfully) out this season, fans will get to meet a few new faces as Eliza Devereaux Limehouse joins the cast and Craig’s ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo introduces her new boyfriend to the group.

We’ll also get to see Austen Kroll spark up a romance with someone who isn’t Chelsea Messiner, and see Chelsea open up about her own relationship—– a long-distance one that her dad doesn’t seem to be very fond of. Viewers will also get to watch as Cameran Eubanks settles into mama mode after giving birth to her daughter Palmer last season.

Cameran looks to be handling mom life quite well…

‘Southern Charm’ Season 6 premieres Wednesday, May 15 on Bravo. Check out the sneak peek below!

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7 Responses

  1. Of course this Ashley chick is back, it’s just sad that the producers fell for what she’s selling. It’s obvious she wanted to come on this show (or probably any reality show that would have her) and make her name as the villain, boring, next. I have to say I am kind of sad to see the old guard go. Though Thomas and his sidekick that owned the jazz club were scum, I miss the presence of the older stars in the main cast (including Whitney, Ms. Patricia and their awesome butler) because without them this show really just becomes like the myriad other reality shows about young people and their love lives, but with a southern drawl.

    1. I’ve always liked Kathryn too…she was really young the 1st few seasons, but there was something about her flip outs that made me think she was being manipulated by Thomas. Honestly I liked everyone (with the exception of Thomas) until Ashley came around…She’s not even a likable villain.

      1. ditto…and I get her flip outs being young and probably being so angry and hurt by him while he just plays cool and acts nonchalant. very manipulative. I always felt her pain during those moments instead of thinks she was a nutjob lol.

  2. I cant wait! although hearing ashley is in it makes me not want to watch! that disgrace of a human being deserves no part of this show! go back 2 cali!

  3. I’ve been salivating for this new season!! Loving the clip of rolling thru the McDonalds drive-thru in a Bentley ? ….. One can only dream….

  4. Ughhhhh Ashley’s back??? The girl is PSYCHO. Nobody likes her, at all….and yet she keeps popping up trying to “apologize” and defend Thomas. Even if the producers asked her to come back, it shows how nutz she is…Girl creates her own storms and gets upset when it rains. I can’t stand her.

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