Jenelle Evans’ Ex-Fiance Gary Head Tries to Get in Touch With Her Via Social Media; Jenelle’s Husband David Eason Threatens to Break His Neck

“‘Member me?”

One of the many former soulmates/fiances of Jenelle Evans has resurfaced and is trying to get a hold of the Teen Mom 2 star… and her current soulmate, David Eason is not happy about it! 

Gary Headwho was engaged to Jenelle from April 2012 to June 2012— posted on Twitter on Thursday that he was in desperate need of having a “civil and mature conversation’ with Jenelle. Gary denied that he was trying to get back into Jenelle’s britches, and stated he just wanted to apologize to his former fiance for what happened between them in the past.

“I need Jenelle to reach out to me ASAP,” Gary tweeted. “I need to have a civil and mature conversation with her. Time heals all wounds except this 1. If any of my followers can make this happen. It would really mean a lot.”

Longtime ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers will remember Gary as the military guy who started dating Jenelle and, within a few months, ended up getting matching mugshots they got into a physical fight and Jenelle claimed he strangled her with a bed sheet…or something. (I mean…if you didn’t end up getting matchy mugshots with Jenelle, did you guys really even date?!)

“Hey, we all make mistakes, guys. At least I didn’t get her pregnant though!”

The last time Gary surfaced was in late 2017, when he appeared on the ‘Teen Mom’ “Ex Files” special, in which several of Jenelle’s former soulmates were gathered to discuss their relationship with the ‘Teen Mom 2′ star. 

Anyway, many fans assumed Gary was itchin’ for some Jenelle lovin’ but he denied it.

“It’s nothing like that,” Gary wrote. “She has her life and I have mine but I need to have this conversation. We’ve had each other blocked for years…I’m not trying to be slick or go behind [David’s] back. He can listen in the whole time.”

Not surprisingly, David did not take Gary up on his offer. In fact, David basically threatened to kill Gary for trying to reach out to Jenelle. 

“Awwe time heals all wounds little bitch” David wrote on Snapchat. “Would it heal your broken neck too?”

David was obviously not amused…

Gary assured everyone that he was just trying to correct some of his past mistakes.

“To anyone I’ve wronged I’m sorry. #ThatIsAll,” he tweeted. “No I’m not in any type of rehabilitation. I needed info on a [dog] breeder and if I was allowed [I wanted to] apologize for how things ended. I would have. Only because that’s the mature and right thing to do.”

When a fan tweeted David’s neck-breaking Snapchat message to Gary, he seemed upset.

“David angry. David break neck of Gary.”

“What part of time heals EVERYTHING did he not understand?” Gary posted.

“Who would of known trying to make a change would of caused such and uproar. #ImOut #TooGrown4Drama.”

Jenelle has yet to comment on Gary’s attempt to contact her, or David’s neck-break fever. 

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram) 


  1. CANT STAND DAVID.. but honestly, its so stupid for Gary to try to reach out to her. First, its public knowledge that david is crazy to anyone that tries to speak to Jenelle and just to anyone in general. Second, you are exes for a reason… you were both arrested together. third, he doesn’t even have a valid reason to talk to her…he says he wants to know about a dog breeder? wtf. Google or I don’t know, go to the shelter. I know this is gonna get down voted but Gary just wanted attention.

  2. I have to wonder: When David is in public, watching all these other people interacting politely with one another, with respect and patience, with not a single threat to be heard, does he find it baffling? Or does he just figure they’re all effete weaklings?

  3. Would HAVE. Uh these people.
    Also wtf does he need a dog breeder for? Check the shelters mate. Don’t be an idiot if you’re trying to improve your life.

  4. David is so full of dog crap by now his eyes are a deep, dark brown. He’s called Nathan a little bitch too in the past, remember? But with all the drop offs of Kaiser where I know David is either doing the dropping off himself or at least waiting inside the car — how many times has he broken ex-Marine Nathan Griffith’s neck?

    Seems that without his arsenal of weapons (and besides occasionally attempting to break Jenelle’s collarbone), he’s no more than just a lot of hot air and empty b.s.

  5. I heard my boy Kieffer is next in line to reconcile with her. True story, thank God. #kiefferrules #pipebusinessisgoingstrong #hegotahoodie #heisstillhighhighhigh

  6. Seems like David thinks anyone that’s dated Jenelle is a “little bitch”….well he married to her, so what does that make him?…When is karma going to come and smack this POS in the face??

  7. What part of he doesn’t want her back does this twat not understand?! LOL, you can speak to your ex without wanting them back like………ever. He is just a very VERY jealous moron. (I wonder if Jenelle had any male friends would there already be necks broken………it is a rhetorical question guys)

  8. Of course he felt threatened, someone knows his meal ticket could be taken away then poor ugly Pervy uncle David would have to get a job. Poor guy with that beard and attitude no one will ever touch him again. Gary could steal her back np?

  9. Who would of known trying to make a change would of caused such and uproar. #ImOut #TooGrown4Drama.”

    It’s would have known, not would of!!!!

  10. Why do I get the feeling that David’s gonna beat Jenelle up for this, bc he’s gonna accuse her of cheating? Not saying I feel horribly sorry for her coz she chose him and defended him after that 911 call, but my God, those poor little children living there, witnessing abuse possibly every single day… Breaks my heart.

  11. Who would of known trying to make a change would of caused such and uproar. #ImOut #TooGrown4Drama.”????
    🤦🏻‍♀️ Wow an illiterate editor 🤦🏻‍♀️

    It’s who would have known, not of known.

        1. You couldn’t be more wrong.
          Why is every comment you dislike, from chinelle or Ubt?

          My name is Chelsea, and their are more people in the world with the same name as myself?

          I don’t know why Chinelle would want to be me?? I’m in a happy relationship, I work and I own my own home, which isn’t located on a sinking Swamp.

  12. Jenelle’s little bitch is sooooo insecure with himself… He must have the tiniest penis to be this angry and wanting to smash things, throw uppercut, break necks and STILL need guns in his pockets to feel ADEQUATE for his wife’s stretched out and overly used since atleast age 16 vagina. I guarantee she fakes it and he probably knows now. Must suck so bad to be David knowing your wife “loved” so many guys before him… David is disgusting white trash and it really shows… He has nothing to offer Jenelle.
    How does it feel when a “manly man” has to depend on a woman to get by??

  13. Why do I get the feeling that the Teen Mom 2 producers are behind this, hoping to make Jenelle’s story line a little more interesting.

    1. This whole thing is definitely suspect, I’ve been trying to figure out what his motivations are here. If he’s a recovering addict (which I don’t think I’ve heard about Gary) reaching out to make amends is a step in recovery. But you’re also supposed to be respectful of the other person you’re seeking amends from – like if they have you blocked, and don’t want to talk to you, you’ve got to respect that and leave them be.
      And I’m not shocked at all David had to threaten violence to someone because of his own insecurity. I wouldn’t doubt MTV is eating up this drama, free advertising, and I’m scared for those kids – if anything happens, this is on MTV either way for enabling Jenelle

    2. That was my first thought too! Why all of a sudden would two old boyfriends of Janelle be trying to get back in her life. The producers are trying to find a story line !

    3. I was going to add that he must have seen Andrew on the show and is trying to get some money from being one of her soulmates.

  14. My fave Gary Head + Jenelle memory is when she briefly got back together with him while married to Courtland. She made a huge deal on Twitter about the Valentine’s Day gifts Gary got her. Flowers, a stuffed bear, some balloons.

    Later that day she learned that he sent the same gift bundle BUT BIGGER for his ex-gf Jade.

    I love thinking about his thought process when picking out something for the ex gf he was banging, and then picking a better one for the ex gf he wanted back 😂

  15. David has some serious rage issues. Someone needs to check in on Jenelle and the kids after this. No doubt they will endure his rath.

  16. Gary, probably wants some teenmom money after seeing janells first baby daddy on the show. Gary , you should’ve got her pregnant.

  17. I wish they would just fire her already. Then maybe David will slither away and go back under the swamp rock he belongs. Duh-Nelle is a disaster. I feel the only way she will get her life together is to actually hit rock bottom and lose everything wo/an MTV paycheck to fall back on.

    1. Ahh David.. when will he learn?
      Coming out strong with his talking words.

      Big threat, little dick 🤷🏼‍♀️

  18. Gary needs to report that to the police. Threatening people is illegal and David needs to punished for breaking the law.

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