MTV Announces ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Premiere Date: Watch the First Nostalgia-Laced Trailer

“‘Member us?”

The rest is still unwritten… until June 24, that is!

According to E! News, after much anticipation, The Hills: New Beginnings will make its MTV debut in June, bringing with it quite a few familiar faces from the OG cast.

To get fans excited about the upcoming season, MTV released a teaser earlier this week, complete with some favorite moments from the original ‘Hills’ as well as some new footage of the cast. While the teaser didn’t reveal much in terms of what’s in store for the rebooted series, we do know who’s in store (and who isn’t).

As The Ashley previously told you, returning for the reboot are original cast members Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Frankie Delgado, Heidi Pratt, Spencer Pratt, Stephanie Pratt, Jason Wahler and Whitney Port.

Joining the OGs will be Brody’s wife Kaitlynn Carter, Frankie’s wife Jennifer Delgado and Jason’s wife Ashley Wahler. Rounding out the group are new cast members Brandon Thomas Lee and Mischa Barton.

In addition to former-leading-lady Lauren Conrad and her trusty sidekick Lauren “Lo” Bosworth both opting to sit out on the reboot, Kristin Cavallari is not slated to come back either, though she is open to the idea of a Very Cavallari & ‘The Hills’ crossover episode.

Another person not expected to turn up on the show is Audrina’s daughter, Kirra, whom she shares with ex-husband Corey Bohan. As The Ashley recently told you, Corey has announced that Kirra will be kept off of TV and off of Audrina’s paid social media posts, per a judge’s ruling.

Despite the expected no-shows, Heidi has assured fans that ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ will be full of diversity—follicly speaking, of course.

‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ premieres Monday, June 24 on MTV. Check out a sneak peek below!

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14 Responses

  1. Why on earth are they bringing this back? All of the people that have agreed to come back are only coming back because they thought they would be famous after the Hills ended. That did not end up happening so they jumped at the chance to be on this very fake show again.

  2. I always thought that Lauren was a little miss perfect, that was no bit of fun in her. She could do with developing an addiction or two.

  3. I saw a recent interview with Kristin, and she said that Speidi have actually calmed down a lot, because they don’t want to be the most hated couple in America anymore, and that Stephanie is going to be the shit starter, which makes sense, because she was a shit starter on that Made in Chelsea show….and Brody and his wife are having problems.

    Honestly, I’ll give it one episode…and if it’s trash then I’m not going to keep watching it. The only originals that are coming back that I liked before are Whitney, Speidi and Audrina…everyone else was expendable…especially Brody and Frankie…The fact that Frankie dated Lo, and Brody dated that crazy Jayde girl just proves they were weird…maybe they’ve matured.

  4. Oh please. They’re going to make it look like Audrina and Justin-Bobby might be getting back together? That’s CRAZY.

    I look forward to seeing the spouses of these folks, especially those we don’t know like Brody’s wife, Frankie’s wife and Jason’s wife.

  5. Or so I didn’t Heidi was actually involved in the making of the rumour. Spencer really ruined her self respect. Her relationships with family/friends,her face/body. She had so much potential pity she didn’t kick to the curb.

  6. Question what did spidei do to Lauren again that got her so pissed. Was it a rumour that she did a porn movie or something. I thought that she really over reacted but I not a prude.

    1. They started a rumor that she had made a sex tape. It got back to her parents and she flipped out.

      1. Correct and the fact Heidi was still Laurens friend. There were multiple confrontations between Lauren and Heidi about it. Heidi always denied it and defended Spencer.

        I’d be upset too if I was Lauren. She also has multiple businesses and does not need the MTV money or drama.

        1. I agree, I get why she was so pissed…at that time, a rumor like that could have been detrimental to her reputation and career…then the fact that Heidi knew Spencer made up that lie, but she would constantly lie about him making up the lie…I would’ve cut her off too if I were Lauren. Heidi also never seemed to condemn Spencer for it, but still wanted to be Lauren’s friend…yea I’m still team Lauren with that one. Once she met Spencer, Heidi wasn’t a true friend to her.

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