‘Counting On’ Stars Joe & Kendra Duggar Expecting Second Child: Find Out the Weird Way Kendra Broke the News to Joe

“A new bowl to lick clean AND a baby?! What a day!”

The Duggar spawn spawnfest continues! 

Counting On stars Joe and Kendra Duggar just announced that they are already expecting their second child, less than a year after they welcomed their son Garrett.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the couple— who have stated that they are allowing God to decide how many spawn will shoot from Kendra’s gentleman gobbler— talked about their excitement for Baby No. 2.

“We are ready to double the fun at our house!” Joe and Kendra told the magazine on Thursday. “Being parents has already proven to be a greater joy than we had hoped or imagined. We love getting to parent together and are loving every moment and milestone. We are very happy that our little family will welcome a new addition later this year. Children really are a blessing from God!”

Joe and Kendra’s son Garrett is currently only 10 months old. The couple became immediately pregnant with him after their wedding in September 2017.

In a video made for TLC, Joe explains that Kendra “just surprised me with the news that we’re expecting. I was really excited. She really surprised me good this time.”

It appears that Joe and Kendra made this video literally right after Kendra informed Joe of the baby news, as they are both wearing the same clothes in the video as in the photo montage of the baby news reveal. (We can assume that the TLC camera crews were hovering at the door or something.)

In the photos, we see Joe and Kendra eating some sort of food out of bowls. Kendra—- knowing that Joe frequently LICKS.HIS.PLATES.CLEAN—- put his food into a bowl that said “Baby Soon” at the bottom. When Joe got to the bottom of the bowl, he read the message and realized Kendra had Blessing No. 2 in her oven!

“I’m not necessarily an emotional type but I definitely am super thrilled that we’re going to be having another little one around the house,” Joe said.

“I’m not much for the emotions and such…”

Kendra said that she was “at first really shocked” when she found out she was expecting again. (During several recent ‘Counting On’ episodes, Kendra expressed her desire to wait for a while before getting knocked up again…but The Lord wants what The Lord wants, I suppose.) 

Joe said that he hopes the new baby is like Kendra and has a “sweet personality.”

The couple did not give an exact date as to when Kendra is due, but she won’t be the only Duggar offspring to give birth this year. Joe’s older sister, Jessa Seewald is currently pregnant with her third child with husband Ben

“You’re up next, Joy-Joy!”

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Watch Joe and Kendra talk about Baby No. 2 in the video below!

(Photos: TLC, Instagram)


  1. She’s 20, she will be 21 probably when she delivers the baby. She’s younger than Michelle who had her first at 22. WTH.

  2. Not unless she’s due within the next two months…

    My first and second are Irish Twins (eight days shy of a year apart) but my second and third have the sort of spacing theirs will have (got pregnant when second was about nine months and they’re 18 months apart).

  3. No surprise any of them are pregnant again. I’ll place my bets on Jessa and Ben having the most children. Jessa needs as many people to boss around as possible, that’s why she married Ben.

  4. Hmm. Well I got pregnant when I had a 2 month old, but it had nothing to do with god, just that my husband didn’t move fast enough.

    Theirs aren’t even close to Irish Twins, Irish Twins both have to be born by the first one’s first birthday. Seems like they just had their first baby, but he’s already 10 months – eh, not too crazy. Tons of people try to have their kids only a couple years apart.

    She really has a unique face. It looks so square and short in some pictures, but in others it doesn’t.

  5. It makes me sad they lick their dishes, makes me feel like there wasn’t enough food for every one..

    1. Nevermind it was probably a chore so that way they didn’t have to waste water scraping off the dishes for the dishwasher

  6. So sad that this is the kinda shit that truly excites them— or at least, excites her.

    Also, w this family, when you down a bowl of Cheepio’s and the bowl reads “baby soon”, do you even notice?

    Would you not assume that was just an everyday family “heirloom”? Recycled from any of your siblings’ knocked-up notifications??

  7. I love how people are so “shocked” to find out they are pregnant. Like if you didn’t use any form of birth control, even condoms, how can you be shocked to be pregnant!? You didn’t do anything to prevent it

    1. Nope, Irish twins are both born within a year. This baby won’t come until after the older one turns one.

    2. I thought that was only if they were both born in the same calendar or academic year – yes I went to school with a pair (born nine months apart)

    3. Not unless she’s due within the next two months…

      My first and second are Irish Twins (eight days shy of a year apart) but my second and third have the sort of spacing theirs will have (got pregnant when second was about nine months and they’re 18 months apart).

    4. So true. When people don’t use birth control, you just can’t say you are shock or didn’t mean to get pregnant. You didn’t do anything to avoid getting pregnant!

  8. I’m confused by the weird “birth control pills are evil” argument, but none of them seriously breastfeed. I have hippie friends who don’t use bc, but their kids are spaced out 3 years or more. When I was exclusively breastfeeding, it took a long time for my period to come back.

    1. When JB and Michelle were first married, she was using birth control. She got pregnant anyway and they lost the baby. They read a Bible verse that said children are a blessing from God. So, they put two and two together and decided that God was punishing them (the miscarriage) for keeping Him from blessing them with children by using birth control.

        1. I didn’t say I agreed with their theory. I just answered the question as to why they don’t use birth control.

  9. Is there an actual reason they don’t use the word pregnant? They seriously act like it’s a dirty curse word.

  10. Poor girl is going to have a clown car vergina like Miscelle. It’s crazy that she is aiming for so many kids so young and in the 21st century.

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