Chris Lopez Claims MTV Tricked Him Into Appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Discusses Life with Kail Lowry & More On First Podcast Episode

“How ya gonna play me like that, MTV?”


Just when you thought Leah Messer’s podcast was the most-painful Teen Mom 2-related podcast to listen to…here comes Kail Lowry’s baby daddy Chris Lopez to take that title!

The elusive Chris—– who fathered Kail’s youngest son Lux and recently made his first ever, non-blurred appearance on the show a few weeks ago—– posted the first episode of his new Everybody Hates Lop podcast, where he talks about everything from his son, to how MTV screwed him over and why he doesn’t like “those people” who are on TV. (Although he talked a lot about Kail, he never once mentioned her name which is…interesting.)

Chris’ podcast was incredibly hard to understand (due to his tendency to mumble worse than Corey Tyler Simms with a mouth full of marshmallows!) but The Ashley took one for the team and translated some of the most-interesting parts of the episode for you!

Here’s what Chris had to say about a variety of ‘Teen Mom 2’-related topics!

On his feelings about ‘Teen Mom 2’:

Chris was very blunt while talking about how ridiculous the ‘Teen Mom’ shows are now, and why he doesn’t want to be a part of any of it.

“I honestly just don’t want to be on, especially that show. Gimme my own show,” he said. “Don’t put me on a show that don’t even follow the purpose of what that show is for. That’s not to knock them but it’s just true.

“Y’all are supposed to be promoting safe sex and s**t like that but, no offense, kid after kid is poppin’ out! That’s no shock. I’ve got a beautiful son out of the situation but…what’s the point of this s**t? Drama and storylines…people don’t want to be associated with that s**t. Maybe other people do.”

On how he says MTV tricked him into being on the recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode: 

Chris says he never actually gave permission to the show’s producers to show him at Kail’s Pothead Hair Care launch party, which was featured on an episode earlier this month.

“I trust that my mug will be blurred, right guys? GUYS?”

“I basically made my first official appearance on that show. But it was not something I agreed on,” Chris said. “I want to make that clear. I made it on the show, or whatever, but it wasn’t something that I wanted to be a part of or something that I signed off on. They found a loophole. They was thirsty, and when you’re thirsty enough or hungry enough, you’re gonna do what you’ve got to do to get it.

“I’m not mad, because, you feel me, they caught me. I was [attending Kail’s event] out of love and support so I’m not mad about that,” he continued. “But I ain’t gonna lie; if you had told me, ‘They can film you and they can unblur your face,’ not gonna lie, I might not have shown up. No disrespect, but I’m just trying to let people know that I just don’t want no part [of the show].”

Chris went on to explain that MTV told him that, because he was at a public event, they didn’t need his permission to show his face in the footage from that night.

“My head is a bit confused because it’s like, y’all have been blurring my face out for two years and now all of a sudden you can randomly unblur me,” he said. “They say it’s a public event and that’s why you can unblur my face. To me, how was it public? They said it’s a ‘public’ event.

“They put me on the show before and they blurred my face out…But the event I went to where my face was shown, that was for a launch party, I guess. That wasn’t really a public event, though. That was kind of a private event. You had to RSVP and they was checking names at the door to see if you was on the list. So that ain’t public. That is a private event.”

(The Ashley wants to interject here to explain something. Any time the ‘Teen Mom’ crew— or any show for that matter– is filming at a public place, signs are posted at the event door informing everyone who enters that filming is happening and by entering the venue, they are consenting to be filmed. So Chris did not read the signs.) 

On the possibility of him making future appearances on ‘Teen Mom 2’:

Chris assured his listeners that that appearance was the one and only time they will see his mug on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“I really don’t want nothing to do with the show,” Chris said. “Stop reaching and respect that. I feel like that’s where problems come in. People don’t respect certain s**t.”


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Phillies n shit

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“For future reference, for everyone saying ‘He’s going to be on it now,’ I ain’t gonna be on that s**t no more!” he said. “I’m trying to make sure they can’t even get me on there with my face blurred! I’m over it. That’s all I’m gonna say. I’m trying to move on from the situation…I want that s**t to be dead.”

Chris added that he understands that, because he decided to spawn with a ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member, he will always have to deal with MTV drama.

“I will always be bound, tied into it because I’ve got a child with that person and that’s their life, but understand, that’s not mine,” he said. “I don’t want that. Just because that’s their life, doesn’t mean that’s got to be mine. That’s [Kail’s] life and that’s going to continue to be their life.”

On not taking the money he was offered to do ‘Teen Mom 2’:

Chris said he has been offered a ‘Teen Mom 2’ contract several times, but he has never accepted it and signed on.

“Not all money is good money, people!” Chris said, before assuring us that he’s not hurting for cold hard cash. “I have touched money in my life. I might not have touched that much money in my life but I was never really pressed for money. I get money regardless. I ain’t gotta sign my soul away.

“That’s how I feel; I feel like I would sell my soul for a f**king MTV check that wasn’t even worth it,” he said. “That check was some bulls**t. I could probably sell articles to magazines and s**t and make more money what they were about to offer me. I could probably do like to interviews with Radar Online or something and make the money that ‘Teen Mom’ was about to offer me.”


Chris then stated that he never signed the contract with MTV, and is angry that they still showed him on the show regardless.

“That s**t was weak, and I still got their contract. That’s what is so funny to me. Unsigned. And I’m like, ‘Damn these n***ers got me on TV and s**t,'” he said.

On dealing with Kail and having his dirty laundry aired on the show: 

“I’m not gonna lie to y’all. Dealin’ with a person who is on TV and s**t, it left a bad taste in my mouth,” Chris said. “It just made me feel like the things people do is strictly for TV. And that’s sad.”


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Lux’s parents 👱🏼‍♀️

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On how things that “famous people” (cough, Kail, cough) do affect his life:

Chris apparently has little use for people who are on TV or just famous in general.

“That’s what I mean about public figures—- or whatever they call themselves these days—- famous people, TV people, when you associate yourself with that type of people, people like that, that’s in the entertainment business, I don’t think that they realize that the s**t that they do affects not only them but the people involved with them,” he said.

Chris then implied that people around the famous person in his life (who we can assume is Kail) often tell her whatever she wants to hear.

“If it embarrasses you, what makes you think that the people that you deal with aren’t going to be embarrassed for it?” he said. “If you do something embarrassing and your people don’t check you, then those aren’t really your people. If you’ve got a bunch of ‘yes men’ in your corner, that’s not good for you. You need some people that’s going to check you and tell you you’re f**king up.”

“You can only deal with so much,” Chris added. “I feel like it’s even more frustrating when you’re a person that don’t wanna deal with the spotlight, or the bulls**t or the drama that comes with that TV show. So, you try to stay away from it but it’s constantly brought to your attention. You’re dragged into s**t.”

On having more kids:

Kail has repeatedly stated in the past that she’d like to have another kid with Chris (and was even considering asking him for some of his sperm to create another Spawn ‘o’ Chris), but it sounds like Chris is not interested in any more procreating.

“I don’t want no more kids right now, I’m good,” Chris said. “I’m just going to focus on mine. I’m honestly just focused on my one kid I’ve got right now. I just want to enjoy that. Maybe later down the line, hopefully when my son can talk and can give me some feedback; he can actually tell me if he wants another sibling or something. For now, I think I’m just going to focus on him, and maybe becoming a better dad.

“I’m not in the right place for another kid right now,” he added.


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On his current relationship status:

Chris confirmed that he is not currently dating Kail— or anyone for that matter. (However, with his ability to incorporate the word ‘s**t’ into each and any sentence, he should have the ladies lining up to date him in no time! #Talent)

“My relationship status, I’m single and it’s weird…being single is weird as s**t right now,” he said. “For the first time in a long time I’m like ‘single single.’ I ain’t got nobody. That s**t get lonely and s**t. But I’m trying to figure my s**t out.”

Chris then implied that “people” need to stop bugging him to date them. (Hmmm…I wonder who he’s talking about?) 

“I think I’m done with the dating game for a minute, though,” he said. “I don’t think people understand that I just don’t want to date. It’s not like I’m just shutting everyone out. I’m not going to let my bad experience f**k me up and let me be shut down, nah…but it’s gonna be a little while. I don’t want no rebound s**t.

“Don’t pressure me,” he added. “Don’t put no timetable on me. Pressuring me into doing s**t. I don’t work well when people try to boss me around and tell me what to do. Do your thing and I’ll do my thing and leave me the f**k alone.”

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(Photos: MTV  Anthony Serrantonio); Instagram; MTV)


  1. He certainly doesn’t mind riding the coattails of this show, and constantly speaking about said show on his podcast tho….

  2. It is so painfully obvious that Chris wants nothing to do with Kail in the relationship department. She is so desperate. I will never forget her comment about Chris being the “first love of her life”. I’m sure her kids (especially lincoln) will love to hear that one day, knowing she was married to his (Lincoln’s ) father..

    Also remember when kail told Jo she was pregnant with Lux, he asked her if Chris was going to be her boyfriend/sticking around, and she VERY reluctantly said yes. She wasn’t even able to convince herself of that. Lol

  3. I have a few questions.

    How the hell did he graduate College when he cant form a coherent sentence?

    He says he doesn’t need the money, yet he has no job, & pays no child support?

    Why would anyone in their right mind raw dog the hulk??

    Crusty out.

  4. So he thinks TM2 Money is dirty but he could do “interviews’ with Radar Online for the same money. So if he means selling stories to ROL, not sure that is less dirty and the cast of TM2 can now be wary of anonymous stories about them that show on ROL. If he means that ROL will want him to interview him without being on TM2, well, good luck with that superstar.

  5. These trashy people are just over the top. She’s nothing more than a Wh@re and pops kids out from any stranger that comes along. It’s rich that he’s saying MTV TM is supposed to be all about safe sex but they just keep popping out kids LOL.

    1. So he will do photos with Kail but draws the line at videotaping? That doesn’t make much sense to me. He is correct though, the show is petty and dumb. But he’s fine to associate (and procreate) with someone from the show, he needs to stop complaining. Kail needs some self esteem and ditch this “man” who is constantly dogging her. She needs to focus on her raft of kids.

  6. He says MTV should give him his own show and that he’s single. Is he angling for his own reality dating show?

  7. Kail’s willing to be THIS dudes doormat?? Well, ok then…whatever floats her boat. While he doesn’t seem to be the most…articulate…he has made it crystal clear that he doesn’t want Kail. He’s acting like she’s Voldemort or something, won’t even refer to her by her name.

  8. Regardless of what Chris mumbles, he willingly slept/had a relationship with a girl on TV (Kail). He also is currently profiting off that exposure from MTV because he now has a short-lived podcast.

  9. There’s gotta be some skeletons in his closet he doesn’t want to get out. Otherwise it makes no sense to be all anti-MTV Cash but at the same time trying to get all kinds of followers and doing a podcast. Just let them film you being boring and watch your bank account add up. They can’t force you to be all in the drama. Something’s off with this guy.

  10. I’m pretty sure that when your point of reference is Javi three-timing Marroquin, even this guy looks good.

    1. That was really gross that Javi was trying to get at least 1 out of 3 girls pregnant, and the first one who got pregnant, that’s who he chose to be with. What’s in the water up there in Delaware? These girls get pregnant and chase after these guys that make it blatantly obvious they’re not the guys 1st choice.

  11. Kail looked so pathetic these past couple episodes wanting to be with this dude trying to make them a thing so bad 😂

  12. Not gonna lie…I drop F-bombs like he drops the ‘S-word”. But he sounds like he could be bought for the right price. Saying he could make more selling a story and that he should have his own show. The only reason anyone would even listen to his podcast is because of Kail. I don’t get why she is head over heels for this dude. Maybe I’m missing something.

    1. I agree I can use it a lot too but we also know when it’s not proper or acceptable to use it. Sadly he doesn’t

    2. So my take is that he does like money and popularity, but knows that he would have to fake date Kail to be able to make good money off it. He would get paid to appear, but he would have to be a full time cast member to do it as a job. Definitely not enough worth losing his only leverage to keep some boundaries with Kail. Normally, I would think a man who implies that a woman is trying to trap him into a baby for money is probably just a dick, but Kail has openly said she wants him to give her another baby?

      1. Maybe he doesn’t want the exposure because of his 420 business.
        Isn’t it strange Kail came up with ” pothead”
        When she threw such a fit over Vee getting high?
        Plus his other hoes would see him too.

  13. Oh please! Like we can’t see through to the truth here? MTV didn’t offer him ENOUGH money, why take the contract and hold onto it? He was insulted at the offer.
    Like he has sooo many morals sleeping with a married woman while her husband is over seas making a stand for you and the rest of the country, all the while you rest your head on his pillow at night. Nasty mother fu*kers, Chris and Kail both.

    1. Oh ffs, that NEVER happened. Even Javi has admitted it publicly! They were split long before he went overseas. MTV put the story out as if they were still together when he was over there, but they weren’t. And Javi was overseas hanging out bored watching You Tube and going to the gym twice a day and the bars at night, he wasn’t fighting for crap. Not every trip overseas is some heroic feat. Javi joked about it several times. And the third thing Javi has ALSO admitted is that he cheated on Kail more than once. Some people have so much blind Kail hate they are still hanging on to the cheating military spouse tale that never happened.

  14. Good God Leah!! What’s next Sugar bear getting his own Podcast?
    When are the Easons getting one? I honestly can’t believe UBT- hasn’t signed up yet, he loves to hear himself talk.

  15. This is the guy Kail is losing her mind over? Sigh. I will say though that I respect that he hasn’t given into the MTV money. Can’t really think of anything else nice to say

    1. Yeah, I had respect for that aspect too… but then MTV *tricked* him into showing his face, and I’ll assume he didn’t get paid for it? I mean, yay morals, but why wouldn’t he want to at least get paid if they’re going to show him/his face anyway? Something doesn’t add up, wondering if it really is that hard to hang out with Kail or he’s hiding something and doesn’t want his face out there.

  16. I respect that he doesn’t care about MTV Teen Mom money. It at least shows he has good character. Maybe needs to stop saying “sh*t” every other word but he seems like a decent enough guy.

  17. He acts like he doesn’t want the fame but he’s using his little bit of “fame” to get ppl to listen to his podcast. Why else would anyone listen to him lol

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