Chris Lopez Reveals His Third Son’s Unique First Name, How Well He Gets Along With Kail Lowry’s Other Baby Daddies & More In New Podcast Episode

“We’re just one big, happy family now! Haha, just kidding!”

Chris Lopez brought his first podcast—Everybody Hates Lope— back from the dead recently, after a two-year-plus hiatus. Although Chris now podcasts with his toasty pal Bread for their P.T.S.D podcast, the Everybody Hates Lope podcast only features Chris. On the new episode, it’s obvious that Chris has come a long way from the muttering mess that was his last episode, which was posted in September 2019.

During the new episode, Chris chatted about his newest son, the status of his co-parenting “relationship” with Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry, and how he feels about Kail’s other baby daddies.

“A lot of stuff has happened [since I did my last episode],” he tells his listeners, before listing all of his, um, accomplishments since 2019.

“I got arrested! Got a little record, got some probation, made some bad choices,” Chris says.

“Um…you’re welcome for that!”

“I’ve actually had two kids since I’ve been gone [from this podcast],” he adds.

As Teen Mom 2 fans know, Chris has two kids with Kail Lowry: sons Lux and Creed, the latter of whom was born last year. More recently, Chris spawned with a not-yet-disclosed baby mama who was not Kail.

“I’ve had two boys since then, Creed, my little white boy. That’s what I call him,” Chris said. “And I just had my third son.”

Here’s what Chris revealed in his new podcast episode:

On the uniquely spelled name he gave his third son:

“I ain’t so good with the spelling and such!”

Chris went on to reveal that like Lux and Creed, Son No. 3 also has a unique, one-syllable name.

“His name is Trew,” Chris said. (And, no, The Ashley didn’t spell it wrong. That’s apparently how Chris decided to spell this kid’s name. Sigh….)

Chris previously stated that Trew’s middle name is “Christopher,” which is why he calls him “CJ” which is short for “Chris Jr.”

“I wouldn’t really consider him a Junior, I just liked CJ,” Chris stated.

Chris said that, for Trew’s pregnancy, he didn’t have to worry about the name like he did with the kids he has with Kail. (As ‘Teen Mom 2′ fans know, Kail has changed Lux’s last name from Lopez to Lowry after his birth. Creed was given Chris’ last name; however, in recent weeks, she has changed his last name on the Instagram account she runs for him. It used to be @CreedLowryLopez but is now @MelloLowry. This has caused fans to speculate that Kail has now changed Creed’s last name to Lowry, but she has yet to confirm or deny it.) 

“Being part of the name [decision]…and sitting here knowing I don’t have to worry about this mother**ker’s name changing. That s**t hurts. I don’t want to go through that s**t. That s**t’s stressful.

Earlier this month, during an episode of his PTSD podcast, Chris talked about all of the last-name-changing.

“ … My 3 kids were all born with the last name Lopez.. ain’t much I can do if ppl decide to change it but my first born is the only one who doesn’t have my last name now,” he said, referring to Lux.

On how much easier it is to deal with his second baby mama than Kail:

“Much like our children’s last names.”

Chris went on to talk about Unknown Baby Mama No. 2’s pregnancy with Trew.

“With this pregnancy, I got to experience a little bit more than I’ve gotten to experience with the previous pregnancies [of my boys],” he said. “It’s just a different dynamic. Not shade to anyone, but I got to enjoy small things that I didn’t necessarily get to enjoy in the past [pregnancies].”

It appears that Chris’ relationship with Baby Mama No. 2 is in better shape than his relationship with Baby Mama No. 1, Kail.

“It’s just peaceful,” he said of his relationship with Trew’s mom. “That’s been my main goal since I understood what was going on…make this as peaceful as possible.

“Some bumps in the road came, but I just went over them at the same time,” Chris said. (Could he be talking about this “bump,” when Kail took the liberty of announcing the pregnancy before Chris even did?)

“I’m not gonna lie, though, s**t don’t be funny,” Chris said of some aspects of his personal life. “This s**t ain’t funny. I try to limit what I do share. Everything ain’t for the Internet,” he said…on the Internet.

Later, though, Chris said he thinks he can get to a good place with his co-parenting (with Kail, assumingly).

“So don’t hold your breath, Bro!” 

“Yeah, I definitely feel like I’m gonna get to a good place. I always say, if they can do it with others, they can do it with me.”

(Chris is referring to the fact that— at least currently— Kail has a decent co-parenting relationship with her other two baby dads, Javi Marroquin and Jo Rivera.)

“It’s just going to take time. I know it’s no overnight process.”

On how he feels about Kail’s first and second baby daddies:

Raise your hand if you literally could care less, just as long as everyone leaves you alone…

Chris said that he is cool with Javi and Jo.

“I see them, and we say ‘what’s up?’ and we say hi to each other and we keep it moving,” Chris said. “It’s just a respect level, I guess. Our kids rock with each other.”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Chris started, um, “rocking” with Kail while she was still technically married to—but separated from—Javi. Things between Chris and Javi were not good for a while, due to what happened.

Now, however, Chris says that all has been forgiven. In fact, he doesn’t even blame Javi for how he reacted.

“There’s no problems. That goes for each one [of her baby daddies]. There’s no problems. I know we started out bad, but when I really sit back and thought about things, I understand where a man was coming from…it was more the principle of things and how s**t went down.”

You can listen to the whole episode of Chris’ podcast below.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

33 Responses

  1. Who would want to scoodilypoop that guy? No job and two kids with a mentally unstable woman. Good luck to baby momma #2.

  2. How do this guy keep having kids? Yo bum don’t work and support these kids. Don’t get me started on that gorilla Kail! Makes me sick

  3. Here’s the thing: Kail is doing this deliberately. Chris is a POS, yes but she deliberately had another baby with him knowing he will be one. She is a control freak. And now she can play the victim! (And yes, there will be times when she will talk smack about Jo and Javi again…just wait and see!)

  4. So I just got done binge watching season 3 and 4 of teen mom 2 (ashamed) and I cannot believe how I didn’t realize how awful Kailyn was and still is. She rotates men, almost daily. And I never noticed how angry she was that Jo moved on from her. She stalked Vee on SM, stalked Jo on SM and demanded they live according to her rules. She demanded that Vee not go to Jos house. I was in shock at how toxic this trash bag is at such a young age!!!! Some people NEVER change.

    1. Lol I did the same — Netflix gave a great present with these next 2 seasons!

      Kail was so jealous of Vee, like unbelievably cruel to her. She treated Jordan like trash and treats Javi like trash.

      We know it ends with 4 kids, 3 dads and no man.

  5. Kail let Chris be the father to her kids twice. What a joke. Javi is a caring loving father but she wouldn’t have anymore of his kids. Kail wants everyone to think Chris is a POS but I think Kail is messing with the kids mental state more than Chris. Here’s your fathers name. No here’s the names together. No here’s my name. Chris doesn’t take it like the other 2 baby daddies. Chris isn’t a ass kisser.

    1. She definitely is! The paperwork alone that they’re going to have to fill out as adults is going to drive them crazy! But when they ask her “why?” what is she going to tell them? That their dad is a POS so she decided to have another child with him and then he continued to be a POS so she changed his name too? Not to mention all of the things they’ll find online just by googling their own names, and that goes for all of her children.

  6. I still dont understand that there is actually women who wants to do sex with this guy AND give birth to his child? How? Why? Who hurt you?

    And calling your child a mf, dude come on ?

  7. This guys nothing but a walking stereotype. How embarrassing for anyone who associates with him. He’s absent from his kids lives, he has awful looking tattoo’s, kids with multiple women, a record, no education or career. He checks every box and then some. I hope his son’s grow up to be nothing like him.

  8. Welp that’s the first time I’ve heard a man call his newborn son a mother**ker.
    And it’s Kail we’re supposed to think badly of?
    Ok, loser.

  9. Calling his son a “mfer.” This guy is disgusting. I picture him doing his broadcast from the basement of his mom or grandma’s house. Probably pays no child support for the third kid, and will go on to create more with little to no responsibility.

  10. I bet Kail is super pissed yo find out he’s not as miserable as she is! If she’s not happy, no one around her is allowed to be happy in her book and it’s definitely eating at her that he was actually a part of his new baby’s pregnancy. Kail doesn’t know what a peaceful relationship is and unfortunately, will never know because at this point in her life, with her 18+ months of therapy, she still hasn’t learned to pick her battles, she’ll never learn. Kail should just change her last name to Bitter and leave the kids’last names alone. End rant.

  11. Kail was willing to give both the boys his last name. Then he wanted to… not be a dad. She wanted him to be more involved…she begged him to be more involved. He wanted no parts of that. He only has himself to blame. She literally asks him for HIS part and he bitches and complains that SHE has the money. Yeah she does…but that doesn’t mean she should be the only one putting the money into the kids. Dad’s can literally do the minimum and get 50/50 in court. They no longer even have to pay support. They just have to express a want in court…even if they don’t really want it outside of court.

    1. Nah. Karl knew what she was getting into. She thought she would have total control through coercion. And Chris fought her more than she expected. He’s no perfect father. But she made her bed.

  12. “ I don’t have to worry about this mother**ker’s name changing.” So he just called his new baby a m-f?! Way to keep it classy. Good lord, why have at least two women decided to procreate with that imbecile?!

  13. I kinda love the name True. I don’t if I would ever be able to name my own child that but I seriously don’t hate it. I wouldn’t use the spelling Trew though. To each their own

  14. Who exactly is this guys audience? Besides bitching about Kail, what else does he have to offer? I mean, I know he has the whole sexy bad boy “unprotected sex” thing down(Waving to Dr Drew and its YOUR sex life DOT COM!!!), but are there more hidden talents coming our way on this podcast from Mumbles down the line?

    When this whole Teen Mom thing ends, and I think we are all seeing the end of it coming sooner than later now, what’s this guy gonna do?

    I hate when these pseudo-“celebrities” use their platforms(in this case podcast) to push their narrative, and disparage their child’s other parent. These two have been having this pissing contest since he decided he wasn’t into her, and she changed her hurt to anger.

    Meh, lets be honest…He’ll never stick to it anyway. I give it 2 months MAX.

    1. Same audience David Eason has.


      I take that back. David is no one- trick pony. He burps, cusses, talks nonsense and is on drugs.

  15. I don’t really know what to say… I kind of hope Chris learned his lesson with Kail (although there’s way more to come) and does find some peace with this new baby.

    But I’ve also hoped Kail would have matured over all these years and it’s clear MTV created a bunch of little monsters. I don’t see Kail’s attitude and perception changing until she faces some consequences of her choices.

  16. Rewatching the new episodes on Netflix or old teen mom
    And watching Kail’s b!tch flower bloom is spectacular. She never is truly done with a man before hoping to the next and she always feels completely justified in her nutty thoughts. I would LOVE to Smirnoff Susie’s take on everything, even though she is a terrible mother/person I feel like her experience of what was going on at that time would provide insight on present day Kail.

      1. Smirnoff Suzi probably drank BECAUSE of Karl. I want to drink just watching her entitled bitchy selfish ass on TV

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